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I think you might have noticed that Dior have changed their whole line of mono eyeshadows and for the better!  The packaging has a new look and they came out with a whole new range of shades. There are three types of eye shadows: first we have the nude shades, these are very subtle and natural. Then we have the pop shades, You will see bold and bright colours, definitely for the ones who like something with a bit of extra. And finally we have the smokey shades, for a mysterious smokey eye. You can use each eyeshadow wet or dry. Dior says if you use it dry it is perfect for over day, when used wet you get a more intense finish perfect for a night out!


dior diorshow ribbon collage

dior diorshow mono ribbon



The Diorshow Monos come in a simple and sleek case. It’s pretty big for a mono eyeshadow because it holds two little applicators and a mirror. While I really appreciate the eye for detail I would not opt for this if I’m gone travelling. Everything is perfectly sturdy, it doesn’t feel flimsy or anything. A Diorshow Mono contains 2.2 g of product and goes for around 28 euro. There is no way around it, this is quite expensive compared to other brands. I think you pay for the packaging and the fact that you can use these dry and wet. Diorshow monos come in 18 shades here.


dior diorshow mono ribbon detail

dior diorshow mono in ribbon swatch



Ribbon/Rubon 623 is a pale pearly soft vanilla pink shade. It’s rather cool toned. When used wet the finish becomes more dense and intense and you get a higher pearly finish with a very soft frostiness. The eyeshadow itself becomes some kind of smooth liquid  and it applies very evenly. The shimmers in Ribbon are outstanding, they are multi dimensional and have a lot of different shades. It’s very fine so you will see a pretty subtle glow but nothing over the top.  I used it both wet and dry and love both options. When used dry it’s more subtle and it can be used as a highlighter. When used wet it is more intense and also longer wearing. The texture of Ribbon is very soft and smooth, very much like the eyeshadows in the Dior quints.


dior diorshow mono in ribbon eye look 2

dior diorshow mono in ribbon eye look 3

dior diorshow mono in ribbon look


Ribbon is perfect as a highlighter or a brightening wash of colour on your eye lids. No need to worry that it will look too pink because depending on your skintone it will look more like a warm pale off-white shade. Ribbon is not highly pigmented, see it more as a highlighter shade.  What I mean is that you will not get the eaxact shade in the pan on your eyelids, and that’s a good thing because it would look too stark. The way  that I love to use it is applying it all over my eye lids with a darker shade in the crease. This will highlight your eyes and make them look bigger and brighter.  I really love the dimension of Ribbon so much that I will probably use it as my highlighter shade on my wedding! It’s very much a great eyeshadow and perfect for anyone looking for a pearly glowing vanilla shade in a very pretty packaging!


Dior diorshow mono ribbon look

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  1. Hi, sorry I know I’m a bit late commenting on this but I’ve only just come across your blog. Could you tell us what eye shadow you’ve used in the crease? Your makeup is beautiful.

  2. This one is pretty and I love how you just lightly contour your crease. It’s natural and defined at the same time :-)

  3. wauw, wat een prachtige highlighter!

  4. I love the new Dior monos so much, I just wish they would sell refills! such a waste of that ugly and bulky packaging :P You look beautiful as always Teri bear <3 I especially like your blush here :) xxx

  5. Ribbon is my fav from the new mono-eyeshadow line! Like you said, it’s sheer and shows up less pink than in the pan. It looks so cute on you!!

  6. Really pretty! Maybe this would help make me look more awake!

  7. OMG!!! This is so pretty. I super love the shade and how it blends well with the skin. I find it so light and natural. Perfect everyday makeup. Love it!

  8. Gooorgeous! Have you posted about your wedding makeup? :) Will you be doing your own? I’d love to see!

    • I’m going to post about it soon! I’m still torn about doing it on my own or let someone do it. I’m such a ball of stress when it comes to it, so uh, no good :p.

  9. I love how brightening Ribbon is on you! Not too sure I’ll splurge on it, but it’s beautiful nonetheless!

  10. So pretty on you–gorgeous as a highlight! I wanted to get one of these SO bad but the ONE shade I wanted the most, they don’t have here (Tweed). They actually only have 13 shades here, too. Shame :/

  11. Yeah, I wouldn’t use it as eyeshadow but as a highlighter shade. Puh puh preeeetty :-)

  12. Hele mooie oogschaduw!

  13. met zo’n kleurtje kan je niet missen :)

  14. Wat een prachtige oogschaduw :-) Erg subtiel!

  15. Ik houd wel van de kleur. Ben alleen niet overtuigd of ik de mono zo zou kopen, net omdat het echt wel een grote verpakking is. Maar ach, dat zijn details :)

  16. Hi Teri, I’m really enjoying the brightening effect of Dior Ribbon — very pretty!

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