dior addict extreme in diablotine extreme 2


Together with the new Dior Addict Glosses and the Le Vernis nail polishes they also came out with four shades that matched the four nail polishes. Remember the pretty Spring Ball? Well It also comes in a matching lipstick. We are seeing four names: Spring Ball, Delice, Diablotine and Princess. What’s even better, they come out in two lipstick formulas: the Dior Addict and the Addict Extreme. So depending on what you want you either go for soft sheer shades or a more pigmented version. Guess what this girl went for? Yeah, you know me just too well! I went for the Addict Extreme because I just simply love the pigmentation and the impressive wear time.


dior addict extreme in diablotine extreme

dior addict extreme in diablotine extreme detail


The Dior Addict Extremes come in a blue version. It looks more grown-up and chic. When you open the lipstick you will see the typical slanted tip. Dior Addict Extremes have a slight sweet scent but it’s very subtle. A lipstick contains 3,5g and they gor for around 31 euro. Typcial to the Dior Addict Extreme is the texture. It’s soft without being buttery. It does not melt away like the Revlon lip butters on a hot summer day. They are smooth and glide on with ease. The pigmentation of these lipsticks are interesting because the colour looks sometimes quit intimidating when you look at it. However, when you swipe it on your skin you will see that it’s more sheer than it looks. I recommend to always try them on first because the colour ends up looking quite different than in the tube.


dior addict extreme in diablotine extreme swatch

dior addict extreme in diablotine extreme lip swatch


Diablotine Extreme 643 looks like a medium red with the slightest coral pink tone to it. It has a creamy finish, no glitters or shimmer. When you swatch it it will turn into something else. On me it turns into a slightly lighter orange red with coral (yeah that’s a lot of colour right there!). What I love about Diablotine Extreme is that it pulls a bit more orange on me. I often find that most corals look rather pink on me and that’s not the case with Diablotine Extreme. I do suspect that this will look a lot more red on lighter skin tones. On darker skin tones it will look more like a lighter coral. The pigmentation is amazing with Diablotine Extreme. It’s one of the more pigmented Addict Extremes in my collection. It also applies very even and I find that it’s less shiny in finish than the average Addict Extreme.


dior addict extreme in diablotine extreme look 2

dior addict extreme in diablotine extreme look 3


I don’t know if this is the same with the other Dior Addict Extremes that came out in this line but I found that Diablotine Extreme was slightly more hydrating on my lips than my other ones. The lipstick range is already smooth and comfortable on the lips but when it wears off my lips sometimes feel a bit dry. This was not the case with Diablotine Extreme. It wears very well and the wear time is just as amazing as all the Dior Addict Extremes I have. I’m relaly loving the new shades that have been released, I’m already eyeing another one! Diablotine Extreme is great for anyone who likes a summery fun version of red. It’s also a greta shade if you want to get into redder shades because this can be sheered out to a nice hue of light coral red.


dior addict extreme in diablotine extreme look

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  1. Diablotine! It looks so gorgeous on you! I absolutely love it. For a bright and bold shade I’ve been getting so much wear out of this one personally, it’s very wearable. xx

  2. This is a very pretty red! One I might even dare to wear out in daylight ;) Never tried one of these.. I like the finish though!

  3. vind het echt een hele mooie kleur! heb zelf de naegllak in deze kleur gekozht :)

  4. So bright! So pretty! I really like how this looks on you! I love DAEs (too lazy to type the name out LOL)

  5. Love how this shade looks on you, very summer-y!

    This is shade has been on my to-buy list for a while and it’s about time to get it. :)

  6. I haven’t used any of the Dior products. I like the color on the shade you reviewed. I want to add some Dior to my reviewing because they have some gorgeous stuff.

  7. Oh really lovely color sweetie.

  8. Such a great shade! I feel like this would be fabulous for summer! I think some shades do pull orange on me, more so than pink…but that’s what I prefer, anyway :D

    • Oh, that’s just great Larie! I actually love both, but since everything looks pink I kinda wanted a change, lol. It’s a great red for summer, it’s not like you’re totally glammed up, it has this casual feel to it, that’s why I love it :)

  9. Haha, you have the total opposite problem! I want a coral that will pull PINK because everything pulls orange on me :) Glad you found it in Diablotine. You should try my Riviera next time and see how it fares on your skin tone :)

  10. Wat een mooie kleur!

  11. Sooooooo pretty! I knew this would look lovely on you :-)

  12. LOVE Dior Addict Extremes. Loved it since they launched last year! This shade looks great on you. I have to test it on one day :-)

    • Yeah you do! But be careful because they have awesome shades. I kinda get this annoying urge to buy them all, lol! :p

  13. heel erg fan van de gewone Addict :) de extreme heb ik nog niet geprobeerd

  14. *sigh* so pretty on you–the shade really suits you! The Dior Addict lipstick formula will be my next sheer lipstick purchase! I’m hoping I’ll like it more than the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines!

    • I hope you’ll like it! I honestly prefer them to the Coco Shines but that’s just my opinion ofcourse. They stay on so much longer ^^.

  15. Ik heb enkele Addict Extremes en die zijn allemaal heel fijn van textuur. Deze ziet er precies wel wat glanzender uit dus geen idee of ze er iets aan gewijzigd hebben.

    • Dat vroeg ik me dus ook af! Diablotine Extreme voelt nog beter op mijn lippen dan mijn andere Extremes.

  16. Amai, duur zeg! Maar wel méga mooi van kleur. Had ik er ‘t geld voor, dan zou ik deze zeker willen. En je staat er ook echt goed mee! Maarja, je kan alles hebben haha! ^^

    • Super lief van je Frauke ^^. Ik snap wel dat ze duur zijn, zeker als je nog student bent, ik was toen altijd blut, hehe. Gelukkig hebben we hele goede alternatieven hé ;). De L’oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks zijn een pak goedkoper maar zeker zo fijn!

  17. Ziet er mooi uit ! De kleur lijkt inderdaad erg fel maar eens aangebracht is het erg draagbaar.

    • Jep, dat is heel erg typerend voor de Addict lipsticks. Daarom moet je ze dus echt wel swatchen ^^

  18. mooie tint, staat natuurlijk :D

  19. super pretty color! I’m a big fan of the dior addict formula but I have never tried the extremes before.

    • I have both and while I love the shiny finish of the Addicts I just prefer the long lasting power of the Extremes. The Extremes might be slightly less creamy but they are similar, maybe just more pigmented.

  20. This shade is *gorgeous* isn’t it? I love the addict extremes so much, diablotine was my first choice, it looks amazing on! I really like those pictures where you are looking slightly up :D we have a different skintone but it seems to suit a lot of different skintones, that is what I like about this shade. And I just adore the colour <3 You look amazing as always Teri :)

    • I loved how we picked the same shade, haha! I instantly loved it ^^. Thank you so much for loving it on me, Claire!

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