Chanel stylo eyeshadow in moon river 2


Something new and quite interesting in the L’Ete De Pappilon De Chanel collection are the Stylo Eyeshadows with a fresh effect. Eyeshadow in the form of a stick seems to hot this year and Chanel brought out their own version. Chanel describes it as the idea accessory that you can bring with you. It’s compact and practical. These eyeshadows contain a high amount of water that leads to a cooling effect. You can use it as eyeshadow or eyeliner. When I saw that Chanel was bringing these out I knew I had to try one. Ever since I discovered the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick I’ve been loving the idea.


Chanel stylo eyeshadow in moon river tip

Chanel stylo eyeshadow in moon river


The Stylo Eyeshadows come in six shades. They are all inspired by nature. The shades vary from pale blue to black to pink to taupe.  The Chanel Stylo Eyeshadows come in a typical Chanel packaging. The Stylo is all black, but you can immediately see what colour it contains by the colour indicator below. When you open up the pen you will see a slanted applicator. This allows some more precision when you use it. However, this is only in theory. These Stylos are incredibly soft so it would be a challenge to draw a precise line. A Stylo Eyeshadow contains 1.4 g of product and goes for 28 euro. I do want to point out the short time of use. If you look at Laura Mercier’s Caviar Sticks you’ll see that they stay nice until 18 months. Chanel’s version though is only 6 months. Keep that in mind before you go crazy on these. I suspect the reason for this is the high amount of water that gets spoiled after a while.


Chanel stylo eyeshadow in moon river swatch



Moon River 07 is described as a platinum shade inspired by the sparkles of  by water surrounded rocks. Now this is very much a platinum shade. You can see a warmed up taupe with string grey undertones. It has a high shine finish with lots of sparkles. The pigmentation is quite perfect, you can sheer it out if you want or build it up. Depending on your skin tone this might looks warmer and browner or cooler and grey. On me it’s rather grey. The texture of the Stylo Eyeshadows are very soft, smooth like butter but with a very lightweight feel. This is also described as a fresh effect eyeshadow and it’s true. It feels a bit like a metal ball on your skin when you touch it.


chanel stylo eye shadow in moon river eye look 2

chanel stylo eye shadow in moon river eye look


Now this little dummy crashed her Eyeshadow Stylo while making pictures of it. It simply rolled of the table and the tip got smushed. This is the reason why I had to use it with an eyeshadow brush but I do want to let you know that the texture is so soft that you don’t want to put too much pressure on these because the tip might get smushed. It’s pretty easy in use. You just put it on your eye lids and start to blend out. It’s creamy and soft so blending is easy. Now these eyeshadows have a rather thick texture so don’t overdo it. If you have dry eyelids or you are a bit older, just be careful and it’s fine. Otherwise it will start looking dry and unattractive.


chanel stylo eye shadow in moon river look

chanel stylo eye shadow in moon river look 2


You only need a thin layer for a nice effect. The result with Moon River is gorgeous. You get brightened eyes with the most delicate beautiful sparkles. On me it feels very bridal in a way. It’s pretty much perfect for that, you just need one shade and it lasts amazingly well! Moon River is interesting enough to just wear on its own. You can add some darker shades if you want, but I prefer to wear it just like this! Overall I’m incredibly pleased with Chanel’s version of eyeshadow sticks. They gave these eyeshadows the most intricate shimmer that stands out of the rest of the bunch. I only wished these would last longer than a month though. Besides that it is pretty much perfect!


chanel stylo eye shadow in moon river look 3


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  2. Gorgeous! May I ask what’s on your lips in these pics?

  3. This color is AMAZING! I am dying to have a metallic smokey color! On my list wishlist for sure!

  4. It looks gorgeous on you! I’m so gonna get them right now.. Thanks for reviewing ❤

  5. Hi, after have used it for a while, did it crease onto your eyelids? I have this all the time with cream crayons…Shame it has fallen of the table (>_<)!

    • It doesn’t crease on me at all! I do recommend a primer though, just to play it safe. And yeah I was pretty pissed off when I broke it, lol! ^^

  6. It is very pretty! Love colours like this one!

  7. OMG hoe mooi is die?! *-* Just fell in LOVE.

  8. 6 months! That’s awful. I love the shade though, that shimmer is stunning! I hate when I smudge up a product before a photo, it makes me nuts.

  9. After reading this and Sunny’s post, I’ve decided that I must get my hands on Moon River. It’s such a beautiful and stunning color.

  10. This shade looks gorgeous on you! :) This color and the gold are my favorites in the collection. Thanks for including information about product expiration — I hadn’t thought of that and it’s good to keep in mind since it does take quite a while to use up shadows, especially for those of us who may have just a few too many cream shadows already ;)

  11. Pretty! I got the jade one and my daughter got the black one. I can hardly wait to play!

  12. looks pretty! i your hair is amazing

  13. This looks so beauti ful on you! I almost bought it at Nordstrom today, but its hard to justify $34 on one shadow for me!

  14. This is gorgeous – so sparkly!

  15. You look absolutely angelic <3 Who wouldn't forgive a little smooshing? :D I will make a note to be careful when these babies come out in the UK. Thanks to you, Moon River is top of my list!

  16. Wow, mooi! Staat jou erg goed :)

  17. Supermooie kleur!

  18. Och, zo mooi! Ik zou ook wel zoiets willen dragen maar dat past dus echt niet bij mij, ha.

  19. Beautiful shade :) Looks amazing against brown eyes!

  20. Hi Teri, this looks gorgeous on your eyes! I like the idea of a softer formula so it won’t drag across lids.

  21. oooh this shade is so mysterious and lovely!
    it would go perfectly with any lip shade.
    i really like that it still accents the eye look without being too smokey. :)

  22. Prettty! It sparkles like crazy and I love how the formula lasts on me. Let’s hope it doesn’t REALLY go bad after 6 months though.

  23. Very beautiful color. It makes your eye looks bigger and brighter. I agree with you on the shelf life, I hope it would have a longer shelf life.

  24. You’re looking picture perfect again :-) Moon River is a lovely shade, I am very tempted to pick it up.

  25. So lovely on you! And thank you for noting the shorter shelf life. That is really good to know!

  26. That colour is so so so pretty! And it suits you well Teri!

  27. Wow this is quite a bit more glittery then I thought it would be initially but I really, really like it! It’s tasteful yet sparkly and glam! Love this on you, Teri! :D

    • Yep, very Chanel! The finish reminds me a bit of the Illusion D’ombre eyeshadows, very sparkly in a tasteful way!

  28. een feestelijk kleurtje :)

  29. Erg mooie en draagbare kleur!

  30. Zo’n mooie kleur ! Wel jammer dat ze niet zo lang houdbaar zijn, voor zo’n prijs zou dat toch niet mogen.

    • Ik denk dat het komt door de hoge concentratie aan water. Het is idd wat zonde, maar ze zijn wel enorm mooi en zitten heel lang op de ogen!

  31. Oh neen, ik zou wel eventjes een traantje laten moest de mijne kennis maken met de grond.. wel echt een prachtig kleurtje!

  32. wauw prachtige kleur :D

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