Chanel le vernis taboo 583


Chanel recently released another small collection and this time it’s all about lipglosses and a nail polish. It’s not just any nail polish though, no. This little gem looks like it has the entire galaxy in a bottle. It is so pretty, complex and stunning to look at, Chanel really did it again!  Now I don’t know what is such a taboo about ‘Taboo’ because in my opinion everyone should know about this beauty! it’s interesting to see it being released at this time of year and it’s nice and refreshing to see. I always love summer collections but a stunner like Taboo is a welcome sight!


chanel le vernis brush detail

chanel taboo le vernis 2


Chanel nail polishes are really getting to me. I wasn’t very convinced at first. Like why do I want to spend 23 euro on a nail polish?  Let’s forward to a good half year and here we are. Chanel does amazing colours and they are great at setting trends in the land of nail polish. Graphite, Peridot, Paradoxal anyone? Chanel nail polishes come in a big square bottle of 13 ml and they go for 23 euro. Now that is actually not that expensive if you compare it to other high-end brands. The only minor thing about the nail polish is the classic brush, I am not the best with it but I know some people love it. Take a look at Chanel’s pretty selection of nail polishes because they really do carry some unique stunning shades.


chanel le vernis taboo 2

chanel test


Taboo 583 has a very dark deep purple base. It’s infused with different sized shimmers going from electrifying blue, to intense red to glowing purple. Taboo is not just a shade, there is so much dimension to it and you could just stare at it for hours. The overall effect on me is rather purple with hints of blue and red. I’ve seen how it looks more red on others, but on me it really is a deep shimmering purple. It becomes even prettier in the sunlight. You will see the deeper layers glow and sparkle in the light and just like that you have the entire galaxy on your nails. Taboo has a gorgeous formula, it is pigmented in just one layer and you can make it more intense with two layers. It is not too thick either and it dries down really nicely.


chanel le vernis taboo

chanel taboo close-up

Chanel taboo nailswatch


It will come to no one’s surprise that Taboo quickly became a rage on the beautyblogs. I can not fault it, it is beautiful and the formula is perfect. I don’t have anything even close to Taboo, it’s an interesting mix of blue, purple and red. Taboo is just pretty for any occasion, use it to vamp up your outfit for the night or you can even wear it over day. It’s an easy colour to wear, it doesn’t scream for attention but it will catch the attention of those who have an eye for a beauty like this. You can find Taboo now in the stores, take a look at it, it is a dreamy deep wonderful shade!


chanel taboo nail swatch 2

chanel taboo le vernis nailswatch 2

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