Ichanel le vernis in azure and lilis


It’s probably not a secret that Chanel’s summer collection 2013 absolutely killed it in my opinion. It’s by far one of my favourites together with Dior’s Bird of Paradise. I love the vibrant teals, greens, blues, corals and Chanel even has yellow mascara! Turn your eyes into butterfly wings, and transform your nails into little creations of art with the magnificent electrifying blue nail polishes. I saw Azure and fell hard for it. Yes, let’s state the obvious, it looks similar to Dior’s Samba duo, but for me they are different enough to have both. And I might be just obsessed with this colour, that too. L’Ete Papillon De Chanel features three beautiful nail polishes and I received two of them. They are very different from each other but both embody the spirit of summer in their own way.


chanel le vernis lilis and azure

chanel le vernis brush detail


I’m not a stranger to the Chanel Le Vernis anymore. They come in quite big square bottles of 13 ml and these go for 23 euro. Chanel nail polishes still have those classic nail polish brushes. Now I’ll be honest here, I’m not a fan of those. They make it just a bit more challenging and colouring within the lines was never my strongest point to begin with. But I know people have very different views on nail polish brushes, I love the Dior ones, some loathe them and some prefer the Chanel ones. With that said, it’s the only minor point of critique for me and it’s a personal thing. Now let’s look at this pretty shades!


Chanel le vernis in azure 2

Chanel le vernis in azure


zure 657 is a glowing blue toned teal that shifts from cool blue to bright turquoise and everything in between. It has a gorgeous metallic duo chrome finish and it’s everything that I was hoping for. Sometimes it looks more green, sometimes it’s definitely blue and it all depends on the light and angle. It has a shimmering metallic finish. You will see the brush strokes but it’s easy to apply, so no need to worry. The formula is quite sheer with the first layer but everything becomes perfectly opaque with the second layer. I did experience a slightly slower dry time, but nothing out of the ordinary.


chanel le vernis azure nail swatch

chanel le vernis azure nail swatch 2

chanel le vernis azure nail swatch 4


Azure reminds me of summer, it reminds me of the sea and vacation somehow. I can also see the inspiration taken from butterfly wings, it has this iridescence and delicate touch. Azure is definitely a shade you have to see in person. It is so vibrant and it glows! It’s really hard to capture it in a picture because it’s so much more beautiful. Now this is one of those nail polishes that captivates you, you stare at it and you can’t get enough of it, it looks interesting and amazing at the same time!


Chanel le vernis lilis 2

chanel le vernis lilis


Lilis 647 is a mid toned orange shade with coral. It has a juicy creamy glossy finish. Now this is a coral that I can’t get enough of. It’s vibrant without being too bright (very Chanel), everyone can wear this, my mom, my sister, my niece, just think about it! It’s a gorgeous shade with warmer skin tones too because it gives your hands a beautiful tanned look. The skin tone of my hands suddenly looks warmer when I’m wearing this, great for summer! The formula was pretty much perfect too. Same story as Azure, slightly sheer in one layer but perfection in two layers!


chanel le vernis lilis nail swatch 3

chanel le vernis lilis nail swatch



Now Lilis might not look as exciting as the two other shades from this collection but I personally thing it’s a stunner, just in a different way. I love that it looks a bit more orange coral on me instead of pink coral. I also really adore the shiny finish, Lilis will shine bright on your hands that way! This shade is more wearable for most, I know it looks very dupeable but I just checked and in my own collection it’s still unique because I mostly own pink corals. If you are looking for a perfect summery coral shade than you will love this!


chanel lilis nail swatch


Overall I was really delighted with both shades. They are so different from each other but I honestly adore both. If you can’t decide between Azure and Samba you might want to look in to this. As a bit of a beauty nut job I had to have them both but I think most normal people will go for either Samba or Azure. Samba comes with a cream teal shade and isn’t as glowing as Azure. The finish is slightly more subtle and it leans more green. Azure is a lot more vibrant but has a high metallic finish. It has a stronger duo chrome effect. So you better run to the store and eat your heart out because this summer is going to be gorgeous!


chanel le vernis azure nail swatch 3


bonus pic!

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