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Today I’m doing something completely new to me: using a tanning product! Yep, never tried one, I actually like my skin tone as it is but ever since exploring into the world of bronzers I do start to see the beauty of a tanner. I can’t commit to a tanning product for more than a day so the new Caudalie Divine Legs is just perfect for us people who like to have a tan for a day. I’m already madly in love with the whole Divine range, the packaging is gorgeous and the scent makes me just so happy!


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The idea behind Divine legs was to cheat a bit. Mathilda Thomas wanted to make a products that gives you the look that you just had a nice vacation with a healthy tan. Your friends don’t have to know that you were actually lounging on the couch watching tv, hah! So a product that gives you tanned skin in just seconds? Well sign me up!


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The Divine Legs comes in a glass bottle of 100 ml and goes for 28.16 euro. It has a pump system, so it makes applying just easy as pie. Divine Legs is a tinted body lotion and you can use it over your whole body, not just the legs. It comes in one shade for all skintones. In the bottle you can see that product, it’s a dark golden brown shade with golden tiny shimmers. It might look very dark and slightly scary but once you apply it you’ll see how nicely it blends into the skin. Divine Legs has that typical gorgeous smell of the Divine range, it’s warm, with a hint of vanilla, roses, musk  and the typical grape scent. It’s comforting and it gives a positive boost.


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So Divine Legs is not the typical self tanner, see it more as a tinted lotion for the body. The ingredients consists out of 92.8%  all natural ingredients. Chicory roots is the ingredient that makes the skin look tanned. Extract of carob  will make the skin ready to tan en it also elongates the tan. We also see grapeseed oil and rapeseed extract that moisturises the skin. Amber and copper pearl will give your skin that divine glow. What I always love about Caudalie is that it’s free from parabens, mineral oils, sulphates and it’s not tested on animals.


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So let’s see how it worked. If you see the product on your skin you’ll see it’s pretty dark. It feels quite light and it’s not creamy but more like a lotion. Using the product is incredibly easy, just pump out some product in your hand and start working it into the skin. You’ll notice how easy it blends into the skin, it’s pretty much effortless. No streaks or patches, no weird lines. It’s such an excellent formula. Another big plus is the feeling of the lotion. It’s incredibly lightweight, you can’t actually feel it, it’s literally like second skin. I think it’s because the skin absorbs everything completely. Caudalie stated that this is for all skin tones and this might be the case. It’s incredibly natural, it adds some warmth to the skin without looking like it is too much.


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In the bottle you could see quite some shimmer but it doesn’t translates to a shimmery mess. In fact it’s barely noticeable, there is some shimmer and it does add to a beautiful glow but it doesn’t travel around and it is very subtle. Divine Legs is quite buildable, you can you for one layer or you can go for more. However, this will not give you a dramatic tan, you know, looking like you baked in the sun for days?


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A thing worth noting is that Divine Legs does not contain SPF and it’s not waterproof. After a day of wearing it you can just go home, take a shower and it’s gone. With the depressing weather in Belgium I had the perfect opportunity to try it out. First I was a bit worried, will it move or will this transfer? I eventually forgot that I was wearing it because it feels like nothing on the skin. At the end of the day I suddenly remembered that I was testing it and it was all still there. No strange patches, nothing! And let’s not forget the awesome scent, I’m really head over heels in love with the scent! On the pictures you can see that one hand has product and the other one is just bare. My natural skin has quite some red in it, looks more pale. With Divine Legs it looks more golden, bronzed and it also has a beautiful glow.


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All I can say is ‘yes, this is great!’. For all of us that want a quick and easy fix, no strings attached. For the beauties that loves themselves a product with all natural ingredients. For sexy divine legs!


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