bobbi brown tube tint in air kiss 2


Today we’re taking a look at the Bobbi Brown summer collection: Nude Beach. Now that sounds hot and racy, right? This collection is all about sun-kissed shades for face and body. The products are made to be used without too much effort, just swipe on some colour and you are ready to go to the beach. Now when I think beach, I think sand, wind, a lot of sun. You want to look effortless, and the textures you choose are preferably not too tacky or sticky. The collection consist of lipglosses, a duo bronzer, cheek tints, shadow sticks, a nail polish and a sunless tanning gel. As you can already hear this is all about the skin. The look is barely there but we a good amount of bronzer and glowing skin!


bobbi brown tube tint in air kiss

bobbi brown tube tint in air kiss detail


I received one of the four Tube Tints. These are all limited edition. So what’s a Tube Tint? They are basically lip glosses in a tube. Tubes are very practical on the go, you squeeze out some product and swipe it over the lips, and there you go. No hassle with applicators that possibly can fall down in the sand (yes, this can totally happen!). These are meant to give the lips a slight tint and add shine. A tube holds 15 ml of product and goes for 19 dollar (I don’t have any info about the European price).  The tube is pretty straight forward, it’s clear, you can see what shade it holds. The applicator is slanted and you have good control over the amount that you squeeze out. The Tube Tints are very lightly scented, you might not even notice it.


Bobbi Brown Tube Tint in Air Kiss swatch

Bobbi Brown Tube Tint in Air Kiss


Air Kiss is a pale muted pink with a beige tint. There is no shimmer or glitter. It’s a very natural colour that is slightly pinker than your lips. When you look at the swatches you will see that it comes out as the colour in the tube. On the lips however it looks a lot more sheer. Air Kiss gives the lips a nice shine, it’s not overly glossy, the shine reminds me a bit of the Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer lipglosses. The texture is like a gel and the shine looks like that too. The formula feels a bit sticky, it clings to the lips in a good way. It’s thicker than most glosses I own and the good thing about that is that it has great staying power.


bobbi brown tube tint in air kiss look 2


What I really love about the Tube Tints is the hydrating properties. My lips are actually happy when I wear these. I’ll honestly say that the Tube Tints are a really nice product but they are nothing ground breaking. They are easy and convenient, add moisture and shine, stay long and are very straight forward. I guess that is what Bobbi Brown had in mind with these. Easy, simple and good. If you are looking for a nice lip gloss in a tube that add a nice tint to the lips, this is for you. It’s great to take with you, whether it is the beach, a night out, a camping trip, you’ll always have a nice hydrated and shiny pout!


bobbi brown tube tint in air kiss look

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  1. Wauw, wat zie je er prachtig uit. Persoonlijk ben ik niet zo’n fan van gloss, alhoewel ik er tig veel heb.. ik snap het ook niet, maar ik ben wel fan van Bobbi Brown. So, who knows. Might be worth a try.. en anders is het gewoon weer een toevoeging aan mijn collectie. ;)

  2. I like how it looks on you, it’s very pretty.. And soft.. But nothing I’d ever buy myself. It looks sticky!

  3. I love a tube if gloss for summer! You look stunning in a nude lip. Might I ask what blush you are wearing here because I must have it in my life, the whole look is beautiful! You should be on magazines!

    • Haha, Taylor, you make me blush! ^^ I’m wearing Dior’s Coral glow, it’s so perfect! I should do nude lips more :p.

  4. Dikke plakkerige lipglosses, I LOVE IT. Daarom viel de dazzleglass van MAC bij mij ook zeer goed in de smaak. De nude tint vind ik wel wat hebben, altijd prettig om zo’n kleur aan je stash te kunnen toevoegen. :)

    • Ja, ik vind dat zo’n glossen altijd wat langer blijven ^^. En zo’n nude tint is gewoon een must-have! ^^

  5. It’s pretty! But I’m kind of disappointed that for a beach collection that there’s no SPF in the gloss. If it’s sheer anyways, why not put SPF in there so you get protection at least? OK, done ranting now hahaha….:)

    • Yeah, you definitely have a point there Tracy! It would make a bit more sense. That being said, it is still a nice product, hope they add spf next time!

  6. Ik vind het wel een mooie, alledaagse kleur! En sticky glossjes storen mij niet :)

  7. Het resultaat is wel mooi maar ik ben niet echt fan van sticky lipgloss

  8. Klinkt goed en ziet er leuk uit! Vroeger was ik helemaal fan van tube glosjes, maar nu gebruik ik ze eigenlijk nauwelijks.

    • Ik heber nooit veel gehad dus het is wel grappig om er nog eens eentje te hebben ^^. Super voor onderweg ;).

  9. EEEEE you are so gorgeous–I love the the smoked out eye with the simple, pale nude gloss! Gorgeous, Teri :)

  10. This is the first time I don’t like a lip product on you. I just don’t think it looks right. It’s sheer, but the little color that it has doesn’t seem to be a good match for you. That’s my own very personal opinion of course, so I hope you don’t mind me saying this! I still think you’re the lipstick and lipgloss queen! :-)

    • Oh ofcourse, I don’t mind at all ;). I review so many things, not everything you will see is what you like, hehe ^^.

  11. Een beetj te sheer voor mij, maar de kleur in de tube is prachtig!

  12. jammer van de verpakking

  13. This color would be SO pretty if it were more pigmented! But then again not everyone is after so much pigment. I learnt that much from blogging so maybe someone else will love it more ;)

    • Yeah, just a bit more pigment right? It’s a great layering gloss tho, it makes other lip products stick better and the hydration is so nice ^^.

  14. I’m not a fan of BB’s glosses because they’re sticky. That said, I just received their Lux eye palette from their Bridal collection and I can’t to try it out :-)

    • I actually don’t mind sticky lipglosses, they stay on so much longer. But yeah, it’s a personal preference. And oooh, I can’t wait to read about the Bridal collection!

  15. Wat een prachtige lipgloss. Je kunt zien dat deze iets dikker is qua substantie dan andere lipglosses. Fijn dat ‘ie zo goed hydrateert!

    • Hij is zeker een pak dikker, maar het heeft wel als voordeels dat hij vrij goed en egaal uitsmeert vind ik. En ja, hij is heel fijn op de lippen ^^.

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