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When I heard the new theme of the Lipstick Bandits I couldn’t be happier. Coral has been my thing for quite some time, I just love the perfect balance between it. Believe it or not, but some of the lipstick bandits don’t really think it’s a colour, or are quite confused about it. Maybe it’s just in my head but for me it’s something between an orange, pink and/or red shade. I guess I just see it and my ‘coral sensor’ gets off and before I know it I’m already at the check-out buying it! So yes, coral lips for this month. So what to choose? I got quite the collection going on, I’m showing you some really nice ones soon but I wanted to stick with the ones I already had.


coral lipsticks


swatches coral lips


from left to right: mac watch me simmer, guerlain gourmandaise, guerlain gracy, chanel en vogue, revlon coral reef, guerlain candy stripe


Here is a round-up of some of my favourite corals. We have a nice mix here: Mac Watch Me Simmer, definitely my brightest coral yet. Guerlain Candy Stripe is my newest lip gloss addition and already a favourite. In the middle we have Revlon Coral Reef, it’s one of my favourite lip glosses to layer over lip sticks because it gives a bit more warmth to my lip colour. Then we have Guerlain Gracy, my most worn coral, it leans more pink. Same story with Guerlain Gourmandise, it’s a bit brighter and has a matte finish but the colour is intense! And finally we have Chanel En Vogue, this one is a lot more sheer compared to the others but I love the balmy feel of this and the nice coral tint it gives to my lips.


products that go with coral



So what do I wear with a coral lip? It depends on the boldness of the shade but with something more bright I tend to go easier on the eyes. Golden, warmer shades or bronze shades are probably my top picks. Here you can see Burberry Pale Barley, a beautiful golden taupe, great pairing it with a bright coral. Then next to it you can see Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill in 26, an intense shimmering bronze shade. Great to pair with a more softer coral. On the cheeks I like to keep it simple, I usually go for a coral shade too, or something with a hint of warmth. My two favourites are the Burberry blush in Coral Pink, the name kinda gives it away, right? Perfect for any pink toned coral. Another huge favourite is the Edward Bess Quad Royale in Monte Carlo (I’m falling hard for this brand!), the peachy warm tones go perfect together with warm coral lips and it gives you a sun kissed look!


mac watch me simmer

mac watch me simmer with Guerlain candy stripe


So what did I go for? I decided on a mix of kind of everything! On the lips I used a very light layer of Mac Watch Me Simmer. Yes, yes I know, it’s a limited edition but I need to think of my fellow bandits, better not give them more lemmings right? ;p Over Watch Me Simmer I used Guerlain’s Candy Stripe, mainly in the middle to give the lips a fuller look.


lipstick bandits coral look 1


For the rest of my face I used the Edward Bess quad, I wanted to give it a summery feel. I just used it lightly to add some warmth but subtle enough to not overpower the lipstick (if that’s even possible with that bright coral!). On the eyes I used a mix of Inglot eye shadows together with a nice thicker eye liner. That’s it really, you don’t really need more than that, the bright coral does most of the work for you! I honestly believe there is a coral for everyone out there, you just need to find it at the right time, hah! Please do share your favourite coral lippie with me, or maybe not because I might buy them all, uh oh! ^^


lipstick bandits coral look 3


Don’t forget to check out the other ladies with their version of coral lips, if you love coral like I do, you neeeeed to click here!

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