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Mac Fashion Sets was a big hit last year and this year they’re at it again with even more sets! They brought out new shades in sets of nail polish, lipstick, lipglass, lip liner and eye shadow. It looks like Mac is bringing the whole matchy matchy thing to a new level. We sse a lot of brands doing matching lips and tips but Mac goes a step farther with eye shadows. If you want a monochrome look, well this is your thing! If you’re not, no problem! You can mix and match it just how you like it. The colours are bright and summery so be ready to go for some serious colour infusion! I received Mac Heroine eye shadow and Embrace Me lipglass which are both really stunning shades. Let’s take a look!


mac heroine eye shadow collage


I’ll start with the eye shadow first. You know the drill and if you don’t, don’t worry because here are the short details: Mac eye shadow singles come in a round pot of 1.5g and they go for 17 euro. In the Mac Fashion Set you will find four limited edition shades: a light pink shade, an orange shade, a bright pink shade and the shade that I will review now.


mac heroine eye shadow swatch


Heroine is a medium to light cool blue shade with a purple undertone. It’s a bit like a pale blurple shade if you want and a shade that is quite interesting and rather unique. The finish is a bit puzzeling. On the packaging it says it’s a satin shade but on the website it’s described as a matte. However, in my opinion it’s a satin. It has very tiny silver and blue shimmer and that’s what creates the very subtle satin finish. Blue shades are not easy to make, especially when they have some purple in them. When I swatched Heroine it was powdery, a bit patchy and rather dry. The coverage is quite sheer and you really need to build it up.


mac heroine eye shadow eye look 3

mac heroine eye shadow eye look 2


So I started my look with Heroine and zero expectations. It turned out that it’s a bit of a different story when you use a brush. I guess the brush picked up more product. I’m happy to tell you that applying this shade is actually nice. The brush applied it even and there were no issues. You do have to build it up a bit because this shade is a bit sheer. I also suggest using a base if you want more brightness. What I love about Heroine is the shade itself, it’s interesting and I bet this will look slightly different on everyone. On me it leans a bit more purple. In the look I created I also used Urban Decay’s Evidence in the outer corner to deepen the colour a bit.


mac embrace me lipglass


Next up we have the lipglass. Lipglass comes in a tube of 4.8g and go for 17.50 euro. Typical to these lipglosses is the texture, it’s incredibly sticky, like glue. Do not wear this out when you have a windy day combined with a full luscious hairdo blowing in the wind majestically because this lipgloss will just find all your hairs and let them stick to it! Apart from that they are awesome. Incredibly moisturising, well pigmented and actually really long lasting for a lip gloss. Add a yummy scent of vanilla and we’re sold!


mac embrace me vs girl about time lipglass


left: mac girl about town, right: embrace me


mac embrace me vs girl bout town lipglass

left: mac girl about town, right: embrace me

Embrace Me is a cool toned bright fuchsia with the most subtle blue pearl. When I opened up the packaging it instantly reminded me of Mac Girl About Town lipglass. So I compared them to each other. In the tube they look quite similar. Embrace Me looks brighter and a bit more pink. When swatched you can see that they actually are very different. Girl About Town is warmer and a bit more toned down. It also contains slightly bigger golden shimmer. Embrace me is a lot brighter, cooler toned. The pigmentation is just like Girl About time, it has a good coverage, it goes on even and it gives your lips a high amount of shine! On my lips it looks a bit more like a very bright pink instead of a fuchsia. The wear time is excellent, I’m actually still wearing it while typing this post!


mac embrace me lipglass lip swatch

mac fashion sets look 2

mac fashion sets look 3


So how do you combine a pale blue eye shadow and a bright pink lipgloss without looking like you want to go back to the 80′s or went into full-on Barbie mode? The secret is to use a good amount of eye liner combined with a darker eye shadow shade. It also helps a lot to not have blond hair, lol! Just kidding tho, it’s fine, just don’t use a bright pink blush because I can’t help you then! I’m actually really pleased with both products especially the lipglass because they are just awesome. Heroine is a great shade too, it requires a bit more work than the normal eye shadow but it’s a beauty to have. Mac Fashion Sets will soon be out here in stores and I really encourage you to tke a look at the lipsticks and the lipglass, they are bright, bold and beautiful!


mac fashion sets look

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  1. You wear everything SO well.. This looks honestly so good on you! The fashion sets are nay for me, but this one is totally yay for you! :)

  2. Wat een mooie kleurtjes! De oogschaduw geeft zo’n mooie kleur!

  3. Wat ben jij toch prachtig! En die foto’s zijn zoooo mooi door de goede kwaliteit ervan. Dat is echt een meerwaarde bij een artikel vind ik. Door jouw foto’s zou ik echt verleid kunnen worden om een (voor mij) veel te duur product aan te schaffen :)

  4. I was crazy about MAC once, and then it got meh and more meh. It might be the 22304989340xxx new collections, or the inconsistent hit or miss quality, or because I’ve found something so much better, I dunno. All I know is that when I see MAC, my heart doesn’t skip a beat anymore >_<

    • Lol! Yeah, it’s hard to keep up! Mac got me into cosmetics, so it will always have a bit of a special place in my heart so to say. I don’t go crazy for every collection but they still have some that make me go ‘oooh’.

  5. Ok-I LOVE THIS. It’s super pretty! I have to see if I can still get this eyeshadow!

  6. OMG–You look so cute! You don’t look like a Barbie, silly.

  7. I love the gradient eye. The color looks so much less intimidating to me when swatched. Those lip glasses look gorgeous! I havnt tried one of those in years, I always found them just too sticky. The whole look is just so stunning Teri!

    • Thanks hon! I always love a gradient eye, it’s so easy to do ^^. And yes, Mac Lipglasses are very sticky, but that makes them so longwearing too. I don’t mind it tbh, but I know some loathe it, lol!

  8. Oh phew, I thought Heroine would just be really really bad but it’s actually workable! Embrace Me is the clear winner for me here. Reminds me I should give Girl About Town some love too :)

    • It is workable! Not bad at all, just a bit sheer, but some prefer it that way. It’s great if you combine it with a darker blue. And yes, give your Girl About Town some looove!

  9. I would never combine a pale blue eyeshadow with a bright pink lip (I don’t have Mattel stamped on my butt ;-)) but somehow you pull it off :-) That said, I like the lipglass a lot.

    • Haha! Yeah, I was a bit worried :p. The lipgloss is definitely a great gloss, it’s pink and it stays on for quite a while!

  10. ok, I am sold, that eyeshadow is a colour that is right up my alley, I need it! Is there a dupe out there? Too bad the pigmentation is meh and it feels dry :( love the last picture Teri <3

    • I looked it up and there are dupes but they all suffer from patchyness. Mac did quite a good job on this one, it’s a tricky colour to do. The closest next best thing is one from Bare Minerals, it’s in a duo!

  11. Wow, wat een prachtige kleur oogschaduw en mooie look heb je gemaakt joh!

    • Dank je Vera! Ik moest er toch even over nadenken hoe ik dit ging aanpakken, maar het was wel leuk om te doen ^^.

  12. oh my, nu wil ik Heroine hebben! Niet meteen een kleur die ik zelf zou nemen maar hij staat je zo ontzettend goed!

    • Het is een speciale kleur hé. Het is niet makkelijk om zo’n kleur te maken dus ik moet wel zeggen dat Mac het niet zo slecht heeft gedaan.

  13. Aww, Heroine looks disappointing. I wish the color payoff was better.

    • Yeah well, if you are looking for something opaque this is not for you. It’s a lot better over a base, but it will still have some kind of sheerness to it. I personally don’t mind but I guess it depends on your preference ^^.

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