guerlain l'heure bleue and prune zip 2


You are into a treat today because I’m showing you two gems of the upcoming new Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine and Colour Lacquer lines. Both look amazing together and that’s why I wanted to review them together. If you are looking for something more vampy and sexy you will love both shades that I’m sharing with you, they can be worn any time of the year and are great to give some elegance to your look. I honestly adore both the lip glosses and the nail polishes, they are amazing from product to packaging. A great treat for anyone who loves themselves some pretty make-up!


guerlain l'heure bleue and prune zip

guerlain colour lacquer in l'heure bleue detail


Let’s start with the Colour Lacquer in L’Heure Bleue. I already reviewed a Colour Lacquer here, and I’m delighted to say that L’Heure Bleue is another stunner. The Colour Lacquers come in a pretty square bottle of 10 ml and they go for 24.45 euro. What I appreciate is the brush, it’s really wide and flat, a bit more flat than the Dior nail polishes so I find them a bit better.


guerlain colour lacquer in l'heur bleue 3


L’Heure Bleue 168 is a deep dark berry red with the finest micro shimmer ever. You will not really see it in the bottle but once you start applying it on the nails you will notice a hint of shimmer.It makes it slightly different from most berry reds because this shade has been done by a lot of brands. It’s simply a classic. The first layer is a bit uneven and sheer so you really need a second layer. The second layer makes it all good though, you get a beautiful opaque cream finish with a nice amount of shine. The brush is a dream to work with for me because one swipe for every nail is all you need. The formula is great, It’s everything I want in a nail polish.


guerlain colour lacquer in l'heure bleue


What I love about L’Heure Bleue is the good amount of pink berry in it. It’s not the dark brown red kind of shade, but an almost blood red colour that is a touch lighter. It’s definitely sophisticated because of the pretty hint of shimmer in it and it’s a must-have for anyone really! The formula is perfection, I can’t say anything bad about it honestly!


guerlain gloss d'enfer in prune zip


Next up we have the Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine in Prune Zip. I already reviewed two of them here. They come in a square tube carrying 7.5 ml of product and they go for 29.75 euro. The applicator works perfectly well. The lipgloss has a nice light scent of violets. The Gloss D’Enfer lip glosses give your lips a nice shine, but not as in super glossy and the glosses are quite pigmented. The pigmentation is interesting because it’s a bit like the Dior Addict Extremes. They are semi-sheer but when they wear off you can see how well pigmented they are because they leave a nice hint of colour on the lips.


guerlain gloss d'enfer in prune zip swatch

guerlail gloss d'enfer prune zip lip swatch


Prune Zip 471 is a medium berry fuchsia shade in a shiny finish without glitters or shimmer. In the tube it looks more like a darker berry red shade but on the lips it will transform to a berry fuchsia colour. You can build it up if you want and go for a more daring look or you can just sport a hint of pink fuchsia for a more subtle look. I definitely think this is a great shade for a lot of people, it’s pretty versatile, you don’t need to go all vampy with it. I also love how even it looks on the lips and it wears really well!


guerlain gloss d'enfer in prune zip look 3


The formula of Prune Zip is the same as the two other shades I reviewed. It’s very interesting like a lightweight gel-like texture. Really moisturising and pigmented. I ate pizza with it and after that I still had most on my lips and even the shine was still there, now that’s pretty impressive eh (that or I’m really good at eating in a neat way, lol!). I really encourage you to try the formula, it’s so different from what I ever tried and I just really hope you will love it as much as I do!


guerlain l'heure blue and prune zip

guerlain prune zip and l'heure bleue look


Both shades are pretty timeless, it’s something you want to have in your collection. They are versatile and easy to wear. If you want to splurge on shades like this with a gorgeous package and a really good formula, try Guerlain because I’m pretty confident it will not disappoint!


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