guerlain colour lacquer and le top coat gel


Guerlain will be coming out with a brand new line of nail polishes and I’m sure a lot of us were waiting for this. Well, I definitely was! No need to tell you that Guerlain is one of my absolute favourite brands and all what was really missing from the line was a permanent nail polish line. And now they have it and boy do I love it! Get ready for this guys because it’s as good as it looks! Today I will reviewing the gel top coat and one of the nail polish shades that I received. I got another one coming too, but I reserved it for a vampy look, stay tuned for that one!


Guerlain le top coat plus la petite robe noire

guerlain colour lacquer brush detail


Guerlain is coming out with 10 nail polish shades, a base coat and a top coat. They all come in a long square glass bottle with a black cap. The black cap is removable and under this you will find the actual cap with the brush. Good news for us nail polish noobs because Guerlain took not from other brands and came out with the ever so popular wide flat brush. Each bottle contains 10 ml of product. The nail polishes will be priced at 24.45 euro, and the same story goes for the base and top coat.


guerlain la laque colour la petite robe noire


I’ll start off with La Petite Robe Noire, how fun is this, they made a nail polish shade out of it! La Petite Robe Noire is a pale frosted mauve with very subtle shimmer. The formula is great and this shade can be worn in different ways. When applied in one coat, La Petite Robe Noire gives the nails a more sheer glowing look to the nails. The subtle shimmer will come out more this way and the frost is not very apparent. This is actually my favourite way to wear La Petite Robe Noire, it’s very understated but chic and your nails look very polished and pretty. For the pictures I wanted to show you the ‘full-on’ effect of La Petite Robe Noire so I applied three coats. The frosted finish will become stronger, but it’s not like a high frosted finish but just enough to make things interesting. It applies very well, the formula is just right and I find that it dries down really nicely.


Guerlain La peite robe noire nail polish


I don’t have any colour close to La Petite Robe Noire, maybe because I was worried about it clashing with my skin tone? This is not the case as you can see, it works perfectly fine and it will work on a lot of skin tones. Guerlain did a great jon on the right tint of mauve, it’s not too cool, otherwise it will look off on warmer skins. I think a lot of us will enjoy this colour, it’s very Guerlain for sure!


Guerlain le top coat gel


Let’s talk about the top coat! Gel top coats are hot this year, I’m seeing lots of brands coming out with their version. However I did hear reports that some make your nail polish crack and all that, which is definitely far from ideal.Le Top Coat Gel is none of that, it’s pretty perfect. Some of you might have noticed that Dior came out with a gel top coat as well, let me tell you that these are exactly the same!  So what’s the difference with a normal top coat? The Le Top Coat Gel gives more than just a shiny finish to the nails, they actually give more of a squishy jelly finish to the nails and adds a bit more dimension to the nails. The texture also feels thicker than a normal top coat and if you go over your nails it will feel ‘softer’ too.


Guerlain La petite robe noir plus le top coat gel


The Gel Top Coat takes a bit longer to dry but besides that it does a great job on protecting your nail polish from cracking. It definitely helps with stretching the wear time of your nail polish but the thing that I love the most is the finish. It makes your nail shine bright like a diamond, and who doesn’t love that!


guerlain top coat gel comparison collage

left without gel topcoat, right with gel top coat


So yes, I’m very impressed with the Guerlain nail polishes. The cool thing about them is that some of them match the Guerlain lipsticks and I’m just a big sucker for that! On the list are Nahema and Champs-Elysees because I love those lipstick so much! The nail polishes will launch on May 1 here in Belgium and in April in the US. Get ready girls!


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  1. Van waar heb je de top coat gel? Want ik heb die van mijn mama per ongeluk laten vallen en wil haar nu een nieuwe kopen :)

  2. Zo’n mooi kleurtje!

  3. I haven’t tried this, but I love Dior’s gel top coat. I have the original one too, and did a comparison… which reminds me… I have to write about it. Hahaha!

  4. i doubt i’ll pay that much for a polish but this guerlain duo looks pretty great :)

    • Yeah, it does eh? I wasn’t willing to pay that much for a nail polish either a while ago, but now I’m just totally corrupted, lol! :p

  5. I am not surprised that Guerlain has a gel top coat as well, since Dior and Guerlain belong to the same company :D they often do come out with ‘similar’ products, nevertheless, I adore this shade, it’s the one I want the most, I think because of the name, haha. I don’t think it clashes with your skintone at all, looks beautiful, maybe not the most unique shade ever but still beautiful!

    • I actually never really payed attention to it until now, and yeah, it’s true. I do love how they each have their own version and style and I seriously adore both brands. The name is so cute eh? Thanks a lot for reading Claire, I miss your blogposts!

  6. Ooh I love this shade! Everyone seems to be coming out with a Gel Top Coat, I picked one from Nails Inc recently and it looks really good at first but the bubbled. So I’m still looking out or a good one. I can definitely see how shiny the polish is from the top coat! Looks beautiful :-)

    • Yeah, gel top coats are hot right now and I can see why. I haven’t tried too many other gel top coats but I can assure you that the Guerlain one is really good, it does not mess with the nail polish and it’s so smooth! The only little downside is that it takes a bit longer to dry, but that’s it!

  7. Oh really lovely nail polish color.

  8. La Petite Robe Noir is beautiful! I’m suprised that for such a frost finish, it doesn’t apply streaky at all. And topped with the gel coat is is so glossy and pretty. Love them together!

  9. Love the color, but don’t love the finish as much I am afraid :-(

    • Yeah, I can see that, it’s a pearly finish that has a special effect that’s not for everyone. I unexpectedly love it though!

  10. Met de topcoat is hij net iets mooier vind ik! Al ben ik eerlijk gezegd niet gek op die metalic finish. De kleur op zich is dan weer wel een schot in de roos.

  11. Met de gel topcoat vind ik hem net wat mooier, alsof de kleur ietsjes oplicht! Ik vind de nagellak trouwens lijken op Silk Teddy van Too Faced. Mijn favorieten highlighter! Goddelijke kleur, dekt ook best netjes. :)

    • Oh ja, je hebt inderddad gelijk, nooit aan gedacht, hihi ^^. En de gel top coat licht het idd wat op, de finish ziet er gewoon zo mooi uit ^^.

  12. I don’t normally go for frosty/pearly nail polishes, but with that gel coat La Petite Robe Noire looks pretty darn amazing! I’d definitely have to check the gel coat out!

  13. ik vind het wel een apart maar toch mooi lakje :D

    • Het is echt apart hé. Ik vind het echt ver Guerlain, de kleur en de finish. Heel erg mooi gedaan ook, classy as always ^^.

  14. die gel top coat ziet er echt goed uit :)

  15. Ik ben niet zo’n fan van zulke finishes, ieee. Maar wederom: PRACHTIGE foto’s Teri! Je hebt er een nominatie voor de Blog Awards bij ;)

  16. I’m not particularly fan of the pearl finish, but it does look pretty

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