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We decided to go for a rather unusual theme for April: black. When I think of April the colours green and yellow comes to mind so black is definitely an interesting choice. With all those light pastel shades everywhere you’d almost forget that you can rock black any time of year. Or that’s at least how I see it. So the theme is black, it could be anything, preferably a bit more dramatic. So bring it on!

I knew what I wanted from the start, I was thinking something with Mac Club eye shadow. I have had it for so long but I kinda neglected it because it’s not that easy to use for me. Depending on your skin tone it will look more brown or green with a red tone. On me it looked very red brown, so it scared me off. But now I wanted to challenge myself to make it work!


femme boulevard eye detail 2


I started off with the base. I used Mac Blacktrack Fluidline all over my eye lid and under my eyes. The reason why I used Mac Blacktrack is because it dries down very well, it’s not too creamy and makes a very good black base.


femme boulevard eye detail


Over the black base I started to layer Mac Club. On a black base it turns into a deep emerald green shade and when blended outwards it turned into a red brown. It’s great for a very easy quick smokey eye because you get two shades with just one eye shadow.


femme boulevard eye detail 3


For a little bit of highlight in the middle of my eye lid I used Mac Sumptuous Olive and on the outer edges a very thin subtle layer of Urban Decay Evidence. Very important is to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, else your eyes will look too flat and dark. Finish off with some major falsies and the eyes are done!


femme boulevard april lip detail



Dramatic eyes need to be balanced out with some subtle natural lips and I just had the perfect lip shade for that. I’m not a fan of nude lip shades, I feel like a walking corps when I wear them so I always go for a few shades darker. Lipstick of the day is Guerlain Rouge G in Garance, a rosy beige shade. I worked it into the lips with just a light layer. You see how well it goes? not too nude but not making the look too overwhelming.


Femme Boulevard playing with black 2


For the face I wanted to keep it natural. Subtle colours like beige and peach and some contour. The perfect product and my very well loved Edward Bess Quad Royale in Monte Carlo was my first choice. It highlights the face and gives it a subtle glow with a hint of peach.



Femme Boulevard playing with black


I think this goes so well with brown eyes or green eyes (well any eye colour really). Don’t be scared of the warm red brown because the green balances it out. I had a lot of fun doing this, it’s been a while doing a good smokey eye and I guess I needed my fix, hah! I think the overall look is really well balanced. The eyes are definitely the centre of attention but the lip fits perfectly with the eyes because it is there but just slightly.

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