dior coral glow duo bronzer blush


Today I’m showing you one of my absolute favourite piece of the Dior Bird Of Paradise collection: Coral Glow! At first I wasn’t entirely convinced because this is a blush and bronzer duo in one. I don’t really do bronzers although it is growing on me lately. But when I saw the first swatches I was lost, Coral Glow be mine! Dior already has the Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow in it’s permanent range, but this differs because it also carries two blush shades. It’s limited edition so if you want it you better get your hands on it now! The Paradise Duo comes out in two versions: Coral Glow 002 and Pink Glow 001. They both have a coral tone to it but Pink Glow is just even more pink.


dior coral glow compact

dior coral glow 2


Diorskin Nude Tan in Paradise Duo come with a very cute little kabuki brush. It’s actually really nice and comes in it’s own little velvet pouch too. The bristles are soft and dense and I find it perfect for contouring because it’s not too big. For applying blush it’s a bit too dense so the pigment comes off a bit too strong. The powder itself is housed in a gorgeous silver compact with the Dior quilt. When you open the compact you will see a mirror and the powder. The powder is divided in four sections, half of it are the bronzers and the other half are the blushes. A compact carries 9.5 g and they go for around 56 euro. The powder itself has a faint smell of fragrance but once on the skin you can’t detect it.


dior coral glow detail

dior coral glow swatches

dior coral glow swatches 2


Now let’s take a look at those shades! The powder has the work ‘Nude’ embossed in it and the letters have a different shade than the section it is in. I’ll go over the shade from the left top counter clock wise to the right top shade. First we have a light warm beige shade. It’s nicely pigmented and it’s actually a bit darker than it appears in the pan. It has a soft satin finish. The other bronzing shade is more golden and has a bit more sheen to it. The texture feels a bit drier than the previous shade but it’s still really nicely pigmented. Next we have a bright warm medium coral with a satin finish. The other shade is a pinker shade but it looks very close to the coral shade. It also has a satin sheen and the texture feels very similar. If you use all four shades together you will get a more coral peachy shade with a bit more shimmer but still in a very subtle way.


dior coral glow look 3

dior coral glow look 2


The possibilities with Coral Glow are endless. You can mix them to make them warmer or more subtle or just use them separately. The way I used Coral Glow is by using the bronzer shades as contour because the finish is perfect for that. It works really well because the shades are not too orange on me. I used both coral shades as a blush (obviously) but I’m still playing with all the variations. Coral Glow has amazing staying power, especially both coral shades. The thing that I love most about Coral Glow is the satin finish. It’s subtle enough to not make your pores appear larger but there is enough sheen to give your skin a beautiful glow. Most blushes I have have a slight frost finish so this is a much needed change from it. I think a lot of people will like the Paradise Duo’s because of that, they have four shades, the packaging is just gorgeous, it comes with a really cute little kabuki and the staying power is perfect!


dior coral glow duo

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  1. Hi Teri!
    You look beautiful in here! I have a question, do you think the bronzer side is too orange for you? I have similar skin tone, so I am wondering if it would work for me or if I should go for Pink Glow instead… (I secretly want both though…)

    x Rica

    • Hi Rica,
      The bronzer side is not orange at all, in fact it is a great colour for contouring too! Pink Glow is so pretty as well, it is so hard to decide, right?
      Well, whatever you decide, you will love it, promise! ^^

  2. Wow! You look stunning, great pics. I just have to have this coral glow :) Which lipstick did you use? xo

  3. HOW did I miss this! SO GORGOEUS on you!

  4. [...] du tout l’achat de cette poudre alors même que j’étais plutôt tentée par celle de Dior « Paradise Duo » (qui semble un peu trop intense pour moi avec le recul). Malgré son prix, je sais qu’elle me [...]

  5. Coral glow is gorgeous and I really would like to get it. Unfortunately, only pink glow is available in Singapore.

  6. EEEEEEE. Teri. You make this look like fabulosity. I didn’t realize there were two! Coral and pink, hm?

  7. Its so beautiful I got the coral glow this week and have not touched it yet because it looks so beautiful in the pan I do want to ruin it LOL Thanks for this beautiful post makes me extra happy I bought this.

  8. You look incredible! I am not a powdered bronzer person, but your pictures are telling me otherwise. :) Lovely!

  9. It’s. Just. So. Pretty!!!!

  10. This is such a gorgeous shade & it’s looking absolutely beautiful on your skin. :)))))


  11. This is super gorgeous! We won’t get Coral Glow, so we’re only getting the pink one. However, Tracy’s post on how she made coral out of the pink got me excited. Can’t wait for May :-)

  12. oh I LOVE THIS!!

  13. Oh boy! The packaging is gorgeous. And I love the coral shade. I will definitely have to get my hands on this one.

  14. sooo pretty. love dior blushers a lot. have not tried their bronzers though.

  15. Great photos (love the green reflection) ! I totally thought it was the promo picture of model when I first scrolled down.

  16. Omg, I need it! The ‘NUDE’ lettering is so beautiful and that coral!

  17. So pretty on you, Teri! I think I’m going to hold out on these because there’s a Guerlain bronzer I’m eyeing right now, but these are undeniably beautiful!

  18. Prachtig product en hele mooie foto’s weer ! Jij hebt daar toch echt talent voor hoor :)

  19. MUST.HAVE.THIS ! omg it’s gorgeous !

  20. Wat een prachtige foto’s! En wauw, deze ziet er zoo mooi uit! Staat hoog op mijn wishlist! :-)

  21. Prachtig!!!! Need this in my life <3

  22. Noooo I’m gonna need this now and I haven’t even finished the Aurora one from 2 years ago (yeah I’m slow with bronzers) ARGH

  23. I adore it! Ik wil hem, staat op de wishlist, maar ik weet niet of ik er nog op tijd bij geraak. Ach ja, ik kan alvast wegdromen bij de foto’s… :)

  24. Waaauw Teri, als eerste wat een supermooie foto’s, maar wow, wat zie je er super uit, you’re so pretty!!
    En dit product, WANT, big time, het is echt zo mooi, helemaal mijn kleuren en het ziet er gewoon prachtig uit!!

  25. Oh I want this SO much. Your swatches are so gorgeous, and it looks amazing applied on you.

    I wish it wasn’t limited edition!

  26. I need this in my life, it is so beautiful I might break my no buy for this baby

  27. YAY so glad you like it as much as I do Teri–it’s gorgeous on you!! :D

  28. Gah, dang it! NEED. THIS. NOW!!! I like how generous the portion is as well. Not that I have ever hit pan on a blush though to be honest ;)

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