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Dior did an amazing job again this year with the upcoming Bird Of Paradise summer collection. Think peacock colours, greens, blues, teal, turquoise and everything in between! On the lips we are rocking beautiful pinks, corals and orange and the eyes are dressed up in intense deep shimmering peacock shades or beautiful glittering golds and copper. When I saw the promo pics I knew this would be good, it’s such a fresh breeze between all those bronzer inspired collections. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself some bronzer but this collection really stands out! I was very lucky to receive one of the nail duo’s in the gorgeous blue/teal shade. It was one of the things that I was eyeing in this collection and I’ll just tell you, it’s gorgeous!


dior birds of paradise samba vernis 2

dior birds of paradise samba brush detail


Dior comes out with two versions of the Summer Nail Lacquer Duo, Samba and Bahia. According to Dior it’s the new thing to mismatch your nail colours and wear them on your fingers and the toes. Pink on your nails and turquoise on the toes, why not? It’s all about creating contrast and that’s why Dior came out with these pretty duos. The Duos come in a 2×7 ml bottles (regular sized bottles contain 10 ml) and a duo goes for around 31 euro. The bottles looks exactly the same, just a bit smaller. The brush is different, it has the classic shape instead of the wider regular version.


dior birds of paradise samba vernis 3


Samba 001 consists out of two shades. The first shade called 402 is a creamy light to medium neutral teal with a strong green tone to it. It almost leans to a pastel but it’s just a tad too dark for that. It has a slight muted tone to it, just enough to make this not a bright shade. The formula is just perfect, not too think and not too thin. For the perfect coverage you just need two layers. Now this is a shade that I would totally wear on my toes. I’d wear it on my nails too but it’s also a great ‘toe nail shade’. Now some might wonder, is this close to last years popular Dior Vernis in Saint Tropez? If you see them separate you might think so. Good thing I own Saint Tropez so here is a side by side comparison. You can clearly see that Saint Tropez is more blue while  402 has more green to it.


dior birds of paradise samba swatch teal

Dior saint tropez vs 402


The second colour (794) is just amazing. It’s kinda hard to describe to me. It’s a teal with a lot of blue going on this time. It’s not a turquoise because it has too much green. It has a slight metallic finish to it with the most amazing shimmer. It has a lot of blues and greens and sometimes it’s like you are seeing something gold too. It’s definitely an interesting shade and probably one of my favourite shades for the summer. The formula is a bit more sheer with one coat, but with two coats you get a perfect finish. It applies without any streaks and the metallic finish combined with the shimmers gives a beautiful glow to the shade. Now this is a shade that I want to flaunt on my fingertips! I can’t get enough of it, it’s just that pretty!


dior birds of paradise samba nail swatch

dior birds of paradise samba swatch


Dior did a great job with this duo, it was everything I hoped for! Let’s just hope I don’t run out of those two pretty shades too soon. The colours go perfectly well together, you can wear both on your fingers and feet or just gor for one shade. The possibilities!  I’m not always into greens and blues, especially when it comes to make-up (on the nails I’m fine with it) but Dior did a very convincing job with the collection. The Dior Bird of Paradise collection will be out on the 17th of April (Belgium) so get ready!


dior bird of paradise samba close-up

dior birds of paradise samba swatch 2

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