dior 1 colour eye gloss in zenith


Today we’re having a look at another product from the pretty Bird Of Paradise collection. Now this one is very unexpected. When I received it I was a bit like ‘hmm, looks amazing but what do I do with it?’. Now let me tell you that the 1 Colour Eye Gloss is a new thing for me, I never tried them before because the words ‘eye gloss’ slightly worry me in all honesty. I will assure you that I was worried about nothing because this little baby is amazing!


dior 1 colour eye gloss

dior eyegloss in zenith


The 1 Colour Eye Glosses are not part of the permanent line but you do see them often popping up in the limited editions. In the Bird Of Paradise collection we see two versions: Golden Sand and Zenith. They both come in something that reminds me of a lip gloss tube, it contains 6 ml of product and it goes for 28.10 euro. The applicator looks like one of a lip gloss, it’s doe footed and it makes the application of the eye gloss really easy. It claims to be water resistant but I would’t really go take a swim with it. These 1 Colour Eye Glosses are very creamy, almost liquid. They contain a huge amount of shimmer and give the most amazing sparkle.


dior 1 colour eye gloss zenith swatches 2


left to right: Catrice don’t touch my mosserati, zenith layered over mosserati, zenith

dior 1 colour eye gloss zenith swatches


Zenith 740 is a warm copper shade loaded with all kinds of shimmer, ranging from gold to warmer gold to copper ¬†and even red. The shimmers are very fine and there is a lot of it. If you put on one swipe of it you get quite some coverage and you will see the copper base quite strongly When blended out it looks a lot sheerer and wearable, but still with a whole lot of shimmer. The formula is really good for a product like this. It could go horribly wrong and a crease-y mess but it’s not if you use it wisely. Thin layers are key here otherwise you get creasing within an hous. It applies very creamy and smooth but it dries down fairly quickly. Another big plus is that it applies very evenly, I think Dior did a perfect job on this formula! If you use an eye lid primer and use thin layers you will not have a problem with creasing.


dior 1 colour eye gloss zenith eye look

dior 1 colour eye gloss zenith eye look 3

dior 1 colour eye gloss in zenith look 4


So I tried Zenith the second I got it, I was intrigued by the idea and I just wanted to see how it worked. First I used this on it’s own (I was at my parent’s and walked around with one coppery shimmery eye and nobody moved, hah!) without a primer in a thin layer. This really exceeded all my expectations because it did not crease at all, even after half a day! Now Zenith is pretty warm with the copper tone going on, so this is not wearable for everyone. On me it looked already really warm so I needed to maker this a bit more wearable. And I found a great purpose for Zenith too! I actually noticed that the eye gloss is amazing for layering purposes. In the look that I’m wearing I layered it over a pretty forest green shade and look at what it does! It turns into a beautiful antique golden green now and the effect is just incredibly intense! Trust me when I say that in real life the effect is so much prettier, the golden sparkles contrast beautifully with the green and the copper turns the green into a golden green. You can also layer this over any other gold, brown shade, maybe even other shades, it’s amazing!


dior 1 colour eye gloss zenith look 2


The way I use it is to first apply the eye shadow like usual. Then you dab three little dots on your eye lid and you gently pat it over the eye lid. This way you will not get an uneven finish or anything. Also you need to pat it to a nice thin layer and you will not experience any creasing. Do not worry about all that shimmer, it does not travel around, it sticks nice to the base. Overall this is a great product if you use it right. You will have a lot of fun with the layering, it adds an insane amount of gorgeous shimmer! Great for any evening look!


dior 1 colour eye gloss zenith look

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