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Good news for you lip gloss lovers because besides new nail polishes Dior also came out with four new lipgloss shades. They all have shimmer in them and you know that Dior does shimmer very well! The four shades are the same shades as the nail polishes, so it’s great to have the same lips and tips! This seems really a trend this year, all the hot brands are doing it! I got quite excited when I got wind of these because I love Dior Addict glosses, the formula really works very well on my dry lips and they are possibly the most hydrating of all glosses that I currently own. As for the sparkles, I already tried the Dior Addict Gloss in Lamé Gold and I was amazed by the beautiful effect that it gave on my lips.


dior delice collage

dior delice applicator


Dior renewed their Addict lipgloss line and now it’s called Addict Gloss instead of Addict Ultra-Gloss. The packaging remained the same but we’re now getting 6.5 ml instead of 6.3 ml and they go for around 25 euro. Besides the 4 matching shades with the nail polishes, there will be 24 new shades added to the line. We see light hues of pink and beige going to bolder shades of red and orange. Some have glitter and some don’t, so I think we have something for everyone! The glosses still have the same applicator and the feel and the texture is still very much like the old formula. The new colours are something that gets me very excited though!


dior delice lipgloss swatch

dior delice lipgloss lip swatch


Delice is described as a bright coral red. I find it to be more of a soft coral leaning more orange. It looks a bit like Spring Ball Vernis but the latter is more pinky toned. Delice contains delightful multi coloured sparkles. I chose term ‘sparkles’ because to me they are really little flecks of sparkling glitter. The glitter has this iridescence feel to it, and that’s exactly why I love Dior’s take on glittery nail polish and lip gloss. It’s not like little blocks of square glitter but it blends in nicely with the lipgloss itself. We see flashes of gold, pink and silver and together they create a beautiful sparkling effect on the lips. Delice is quite sheer and it’s the same story with the other 3 lip glosses. They gives you a slight hue of their colour, just like Delice gave me a hint of soft coral on the lips with quite some shimmer.


dior delice fotd 4


Dior lip glosses aren’t the longest wearing lipglosses because they are so lightweight on the lips. On me they wear around 3 to 4 hours before they wear off. The shimmer stays though and I’m happy to report that it doesn’t travel around the face at all. Delice gave me a very subtle tingling sensation which was actually quite pleasant. When Delice wore off I still had hydrated lips and that’s the reason why I favour these glosses. No peeling or uncomfortable feeling but soft and pretty looking lips!


dior delice lipgloss collage


Now these glosses are a great addition to the line. If you are looking for a pigmented coral lip gloss you might not find it in Delice. People with very pigmented lips might see less pigment on the lips. However, these glosses are excellent for layering over other lip colours. They give a subtle tint to the other shade and add the most pretty sparkle ever! In the right picture you can see me wearing it over Dior Addict Fire, a very vibrant orange shade. Delice tones down the orange tone a bit and adds glitter to it. That’s exactly how I like to wear Delice: over a lipstick. It makes drying lipsticks less drying so it’s definitely worth a try!

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  1. I love that it matches with your nails :)

  2. Ah…I’ve wanted to try the Dior Addict glosses for awhile, but for some reason always forget to check them out when I’m near a counter! Need to remedy that!! These colors look beautiful on you!! I really want to swatch Delice :-)

  3. Ah…I’ve wanted to try Dior Addict Glosses for awhile, but for some reason always forget to swatch when I’m near a counter. Need to remedy that! These colors look beautiful on you!! Really want to give Delice a swatch :-)

    • Oh yeah, I’m familiar with the problem. I always make a list of things that I want to check out, otherwise I forgot about half the stuff at least! ^^

  4. Ooh Delice! It looks Devine on you! I also love it for layering and toning down brights. Are you going to share with us what is on you eyes? I must know! I hope a post is coming up. xo

    • Yes, it will be up tomorrow! And yes, I love layering lip products, they give such a beautiful effect, don’t they? :)

  5. Wat een prachtige foto’s! Dit kleurtje staat je echt supermooi!

    • Dank je Marijke! Ik was echt superblij met de kleur, echt mijn ding hé ^^. Binnenkort eens kijken wanneer ze in de winkel liggen, ze zijn super!

  6. It is gorgeous on you! Man, these new Dior Lipglosses will be the death of me. I already want so many shades! And the excellent and favorable reviews don’t help! ahahaha

    • Lol! That is exactly how I feel too Annick! ^^ I’m really interested in one of the darker shades, so pretty!

  7. Lots of shimmer! I think it looks really pretty on you, but I am afraid it wouldn’t look right on me. I always go for heavy eye make-up, and a super shimmery lip like this can make the total look look a bit OTT.

  8. OMG, you look amazing!Well, you always look amazing :P I love the Dior gloss formula, and I debated buying this one too when I picked up Paradise. T_T

    • Aaaaw, Larie, you are just way too sweet! ^^ Paradise is so pretty as well, I’m going to check it out soon!

  9. Love all the shimmer in the Delice gloss. Really pretty. Oh and i really love the your eye makeup, it looks great!

    • Thank you so much Marisa, the shimmer definitely steals the show here, haha! ^^ More about the eye make-up tomorrow!

  10. Delice looks pretty!! I was skeptical with the shimmer. Now I need to check it out.

    • Yeha, same here, but the shimmer is very fine and pretty, it’s not even close to those full on glittery messy things, lol :p.

  11. Over the lipstick, it’s perfect! I adore the combination!

    • Thanks Alison! I needed to try this over a Dior lipstick focourse, lol. The combo turned out just fine! :D

  12. OK. You’ve convinced me. I have to go check out Delice when I have the time! You look gorgeous!

  13. hi just yesterday found your blog …it is really amazing all of sudden i scanned all forty pages!!:) i love the looks your create and also i think my eye shape is similar to yours so your way of applying eyemakeup really guides me waiting for following posts …from Turkey

    • Aaaw, thanks you so much! I know that feeling too well, it’s always great to discover something new and fun ^^. And yes, I love following ppl with similar eye shape or skin tone as well, it makes things easier, right? Thanks a lot for reading!

  14. Mooi! Staat je goed! :)

  15. Not crazy about the color :( maar het staat jou wel :)

  16. Pretty sparkle for the win! Delice is such a pretty shade on you <3 I'd love to check out the entire line-up to see if some of them pack a bit more pigment!

  17. heel mooi over die lipstick :) die bouncy curls staan je goed!

  18. super pretty met die shimmer er in :D

  19. Mooi! Kan perfect over een andere lipstick of alleen gedragen worden als je slechts een sheer maar sprankelend effect wilt. Ben de laatste weken weer helemaal into lipgloss :)

  20. Delice looks so pretty on you, Teri! I want a color like this but opaque. That would be perfect :) I’ve never tried this formula but I’ve literally loved all Dior makeup I’ve ever tried I think, so I definitely need to venture into their glosses soon :)

    • You really should! The formula is divine, love it! There must be a more opaque version of this somewhere, I’ll look into it! ^^

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