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Chanel will be coming out with different smaller collections over the year. First part is the Avant-Première De Chanel and this collection is all about the Rouge Coco and Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. Along with this collection are 4 shades of Chanel Le Vernis. This collection is a tribute to the fragile grace of movie icons and the shades are all half shades. What I love about this collection is the variation of colours and finishes. I think everyone will find something they will love. They all have something timeless and they are versatile as well. Your mother will love it but also your younger sister. Now let’s take a closer look at Cinema.


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chanel cinema brush detail


Le Vernis from Chanel comes in a square big bottle and contains 13 ml of product. That’s more than the average nail polish so you will get a long way with these. Chanel did an excellent job on the packaging, it embodies the spirit of the brand perfectly. When you take off the cap you’ll see the actual cap with the brush. The brush is a classic longer brush but luckily it does works well.


chanel cinema nail swatch 2

chanel cinema nail swatch


Cinema 581 is described as a half-tone red brightened with a touch of orange. Well I honestly have to say that I don’t see any orange in this shade. To me this is more like a medium cool toned red with a touch of pink. The pink is more like a berry pink and it gives the shade an interesting colour. It’s not the usual berry pink red but something gives it a slightly muted moody touch. When I said that I don’t really understand why Chanel described it as a touch of orange I had to look at Cinema in different light situations. In some lights you can see this red turning slightly into something warmer  but it’s very subtle and you have to look at it the right way. The finish is delightful and has great pigmentation. With one layer you get a lighter shade of Cinema and it looks more like a jelly finish. With a second coat you get a more intense red but still with a wonderful glossy finish.


chanel cinema nail swatch 3


The formula is just perfect. It goes on without streaking and it looks very even. I’m really happy about the level of pigment and the finish. I love how it looks with one coat, it’s more playful and modern. With two coats it instantly becomes more classy and dramatic but still with a modern touch. Overall I’m really impressed with Cinema, it looks so simple in the bottle, but it’s more than that! If you are looking for a shade that you’ll always love because this shade will never go out of style, right, you really have to consider this beautiful red with a touch of pink!


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