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We are starting off the week with a stunning taupe by Le Métier De Beauté! Yes, more Le Métier De Beauté love on the blog, just because its a gorgeous brand. My second purchase was a True Colour Eye Shadow because well… I just really love eye shadows and the brand offers a real pretty selection of various colours. I initially wanted to buy Bordeaux but since it was out of stock I settled for Corinthian, one of the more popular shades from Le Métier De Beauté. I guess one of the reasons is because it’s very close to Mac’s Satin Taupe. So I had to see this for myself ofcourse!  Let’s take a look!


le metier de beaute corinthian eyeshadow

le metier de beaute corinthian collage


Le Métier De Beauté True Colour Eye Shadows come in a round black packaging. Just like the Crème Fresh tints these come in a black rubbery plastic material. It’s a bit like the Nars packaging but this material seems to not attract all the dirt that comes near it. It feels surprisingly light-weight and you get 3.8 g for around 28 euro; which is not a bad deal considering the positioning of the brand. The eye shadow also holds a little mirror which can be handy but honestly I don’t really see myself travelling with a single eye shadow. But besides that the packaging is from great quality and you get everything you need. I do hope they release some sort of free palette system which a lot of brands do now a days, just because Le Métier De Beauté has quite an extensive range of eye shadows and it would be great to be able to collect them all in one palette. Yes, I know there are options like Z-Palettes, but I hate the look of those *runs*.

le metier de beaute true colour eye shadow


Le metier de beaute corinthian swatches

from top to bottom: mac satin taupe, le métier de beauté corinthian, Inglot 402


Corinthian is a medium cool toned taupe which leans to grey. It has a frosty finish. So first of all, let’s get the dupes out of the way. I compared it to Mac’s Satin taupe and Inglot’s 402. When you look at them in the pan you can see why people think they are so close but the biggest difference is the finish and the silvery blue grey pearl that you can see in Corinthian. Yes, it makes all the difference because it gives the shade so much more complexity to a point that it looks almost like a duo chromatic eye shadow. But it’s not. It only looks like that in the pan. The colour pay-off from Corinthian is slightly sheerer and it has more of a translucency while Mac and Inglot is pretty straight forward. The difference is most noticeable when I apply Corinthian on one eye and Satin Taupe on the other. Corinthian has more different aspects in terms of colour. You see the base, a slightly warmed up taupe shade, almost leaning to bronze, which sounds a bit crazy. You can see how my skin colour seems to pull out the purple/red undertones in it. And on top of that you get an amazing glowing silvery pale blue pearl. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the big difference between Satin Taupe and Corinthian! In the swatches it looks like Corinthian is a lot cooler toned but on my eyes it’s slightly warmer.Talk about being an interesting shade huh!


le metier de beaute corinthian eyelook collage

le metier de beaute corinthian look 4


Like I said, the pigmentation is slightly sheerer but it’s perfectly buildable and it’s just an amazing shade to layer too. The texture of the eye shadow is smooth and it works incredibly well when you try to blend it. What I love about Corinthian is how easy it is to use. It’s interesting and complex enough to use as just one wash of colour or you can layer it under or over other eye shadows, whatever you prefer. In the pictures I used corinthian over a black base and blended it out. This is to show you how it looks on its own and over a darker colour.  The staying power is excellent and they stay true to colour a whole day long!  If you are looking for a taupe with that extra dimension, go for Corinthian. If you like Satin Taupe you will definitely love this one too. In fact I think anyone will love this, it’s just that amazing!


le metier de beaute corinthian look


le metier de beaute corinthian look 2

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  1. I haven’t tried anything LMDB yet… and I’m keeping it that way for a while :-) Too many temptations!! You look gorgeous as usual, babe!

  2. I have this and LOVE it! It’s much warmer on my skin tone than on your GORGEOUS EYES, CHEEKS, FACE…:)

    • Oh yeah, I can see how it pulls warmer on some skin tones! Tracy, you are such a doll, thanks for your sweetest comments! ^^

  3. This is a totally gorgeous eyeshadow. I really appreciate the comparison swatches – too bad I like this one (the most expensive one!) best!

  4. I love this taupe! It’s definitely more cool and complex than Satin taupe and I love it on you! I’m still thinking about the LMDB creme tint

    • Yaaay, thanks hon! ^^ I have no idea if there are any counters near you to swatch, but the formula of the cream is fab!

  5. So pretty! I have Satin Taupe here, so I’m kind of loving this too ;) Great pictures as always!

  6. inderdaad erg gelijkaardig aan Satin Taupe. Je staat er heel mooi mee !

  7. Your eyes look so sultry and beautiful! :D thanks for posting this look!!!

  8. You can never go wrong with a good taupe! I approve of this.


  9. Hi Teri, what a beautiful shade — in the pan and on you! :)

  10. This color really looks like satin taupe by MAC. I’ve never heard of this brand before but the pigmentation is amazing!


    • Its like Satin Taupe but in a more sophisticated way. I love both but Corinthian is definitely my new favourite!

  11. Wat een prachtige kleur!

    • Dank je Vera :). Je moet het echt eens van dichterbij bezien, de complexiteit van de kleur is echt prachtig!

  12. dit is een kleur die ik vaak zou dragen :)

  13. Oookay, I REALLY need this one! Can’t believe I forgot to add it to cart last time I went on a shopping spree on Zuneta! The dimension this shade has!!!

  14. Mooi voor natuurlijke looks!

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