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Le Métier De Beauté is a brand that is quickly becoming one of my new favourite brands. You might know them from their unique Kaleidoscope products, something you really need in your life if you are a serious make-up collector. The eye shadows are amazing as well and the crème fresh tints are definitely one of the products you should try if you want to try something from Le Métier De Beauté.


le metier de beaute poppy creme fresh tint

Le Métier De Beauté has rather sleek simple packaging. It’s all black, in some special kind of plastic material. I think it’s a bit like the Nars packaging, it looks chic but it’s not too heavy, it’s actually surprisingly light! The Crème Fresh tints come in very wearable shades such as corals, a soft pink and some really brown toned shades that can be perfectly used as a shade colour or bronzer. The Crème Fresh tints can be used for the lips and the cheeks. They come in a round pot containing 5 g of product and they go for around 27 euro. The Crème Fresh tints don’t have any noticeable scent which is for me a very big plus!


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Poppy is a warm light to medium pink coral shade. Looking at Poppy in the pan you can see very tiny shimmers but once swatched or on you don’t really notice it. It adds to the healthy glow it gives and imparts a bit of dimension. On my warm skin tone Poppy looks a bit cooler than I initially thought it would be.It’s a perfect light coral shade on my cheeks and it gives a pretty slight dewy finish. The formula is very interesting. It’s very different from the other cream blushes that I own. It’s very creamy and it practically melts into your skin. At first it has a slightly tacky finish but it dries down and leaves a slight sheen. The pigmentation is outstanding, you don’t need a lot and you can really build up some colour, depending how much you want. I tried different application methods but my favourite way is just to use my fingers and blend it in just like that. The formula is perfect for that and it becomes one with your skin.


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le metier de beaute poppy creme fresh


These Crème Fresh tints are great for various skin types. It’s great for dry skins because this feels really creamy and will not highlight fine lines or dry patches but it also works perfectly well with my oily skin. It stays on really well, it didn’t fade at all and it did not start sliding off my skin. I do have to say that I see these Crème Fresh tints more as a cream blush than a lip cream just because the shades are too light for me on the lips. I’m wearing it both on the cheeks and lips in the pictures but as you can see, Poppy turns out really light on my lips, it looks like a pale cool pink, which is interesting because it’s so different when I swatch it. The formula is very impressive, it will turn your world upside down!


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