guerlain champs elysées collage


It seems that spring finally arrived in out little country. After a few days of cold, snow and grey weather it seems that mother nature decided it was time for some sun! And needless to say that I soaked it up! It’s time to bring out those bright colours! The perfect time to review this lovely gem that is called Champs-Elysees. Are you ready?


guerlain champs elysees 2


So here is the deal: the Gurelain Rouge Automatiques are well known for it’s special mechanism. There is no cap or anything, the idea is to slide out the lipstick, easy as that! Rouge Automatiques are slightly cheaper than the Rouge G line but I honestly love them both. They have a bit more of a sheer finish but that is what I really love about the line. The formula is top notch and the colour range is perfect. You can find any shade you want, some have glitters and shimmers and some have a cream finish. They are around 31 euro here, which places them in the higher-end range but they are worth every penny in my opinion!


guerlain champs elysees collage

guerlain champs elysees swatch


Champs-Elysees 165 is a medium neutral toned fuchsia with a cream finish. It does have mocro shimmers but in a very subtle way. The coverage is very buildable, you can go for a sheered out wash of colour to a fully opaque lip, depending on what you want! The way that I prefer this is using it lightly with a lip brush, really working it in. That way it stays on quite long and it brightens up my complexion really beautifully. When I’m going for a bolder look I just apply it straight from the bullet onto my lips. The formula is really creamy and smooth without being too soft or slippery. It feel comfortable on the lips, perhaps a touch less hydrating as the Rouge G lipsticks, but still very pleasant to wear on the lips.




guerlain sneak peekworn in one opaque layer

guerlain attrape coeur look 2

 worn as a light layer

Like I previously said, I love both Rouge Automatiques and Rouge G’s but I often tend to chose the Rouge Automatiques over the Rouge G’s when I want to carry it around in my bag. Champs-Elyees stains the lips in a soft way, which extends the wear time a lot! I can wear this easily for 6 hours without having to worry about it. It’s great in combination with soft pastel shades, hues of purples and a subtle eye-look. Another great thing to do is layer it under a lip gloss, you can warm it up with a coral or make it cooler toned with a blue-toned pink or fuchsia. And great news for the Champs-Elysees fans out there because Guerlain will be bringing out a nail polish version of this! It’s the one I’m wearing in the pictures!


guerlain champs elysees

 worn under Revlon Coral Reef

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  1. the lipstick color is gorgeous! :)

  2. wow it looks marvelous on you! and you make me want it!

  3. You are so beautiful! I love your photography and the flowers in the pictures go perfectly with this post.

  4. Amazing color on you Teri!
    Spring has finally arrived in Switzerland as well… Can’t wait to wear brighter colors!
    Thanks for sharing! Good night! ❤

    • Thanks for reading Anne! Today was a bit cloudier but it still is so much better than all the snow, lol! I hope you have a good week! ^^

  5. I love it! Got to love that name also! The lipstick looks perfect with that nail shade. So much pretty :-)

  6. Erg mooie kleur en wat een prachtige foto’s weer !

  7. Oh wat is ‘ie mooi !

  8. Prachtige kleur! Staat je goed!

  9. Teri,
    That color is really pretty on you. I haven’t had much luck finding an RA color I’m totally in love with yet, but I may need to try out Champs Elysee. RAs have such a nice feel on the lips.

    • Thank you so muc dear! ^^ You really have a hard time finding a shade? Giirl, I want them all, lol! Do you already own one tho?

  10. I love how you rock pinks. I always think I look funny in pink lipsticks or pink eye shadows. I like pink blushes though :-)

    • Lol! It’s definitely a bit out of my comfor zone, but hey, if you add some good eye liner you can actually get away with a lot! :p

  11. This is a lovely shade on you! I love the RA formula :)

  12. Looks incredible! I could probably say this about many lipsticks because I think you were born to wear them, but this shade looks like it was made for you.

    • Aaaaw thank you so much dear! I have a weak spot for fuchsia lipsticks, they just really brighten up the complexion in just one swipe!

  13. Die kleur staat je heel erg mooi, wauw! :) Vooral in combinatie met je ooglook vind ik ‘m geweldig! Good job <3

  14. OK, I think you have just decided what my next Rouge Automatique is for me! I LOVE fuchsia on you. Actually I like fuchsia on myself too, but for some reason I’m just more obsessed with coral. Maybe I can trade Nahema for Champs-Elysees for like a week or two? ;)

  15. Hoewel dit artikel over de lipstick gaat, ben ik gek op je ooglook :D

  16. Zeer mooi! Ik heb zo’n zin in de lente!!

  17. Staat je super leuk :)

  18. Such a stunner, it looks amazing on you!

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