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I’ve got the really beautiful Pretty Naughty collection send to me recently and I can’t wait to share everything with you! Today I’m reviewing my first Estee Lauder nail polish and can I just say that I love the pretty bottle? The Pretty Naughty collection is all about soft spring shades with a pop of shimmer and pretty smooth textures. It was a pleasure to work with, that’s for sure!  Let’s take a look at that lovely nail polish!


estee lauder spring insatiable

estee lauder pure color nail polish brush


The Pure Color Nail Laquers come in a big square glass bottle of 9 ml. The bottle is quite hefty and super pretty but it’s also heavy and maybe not your first choice to travel with. I just really love the chic design of these, the amount of glass used, the logo, the gold details, yeas, I’m a fan! A nail polish is around 20 euro which is quite reasonable to me. Estee Lauder gives you a lot of option to chose from when it comes to colour selection. You have beautiful classic creamy shades, sexy metallics and shimmery shades. The brush is like a classic type of applicator, it’s a bit flat at the end, which makes it a bit easier.


estee lauder insatiable notd 2


Insatiable is a stormy dusty medium lavender with a creamy finish. The formula is slightly on the thicker side but applying went real smooth. The one thing that I noticed was how fast it dried! Now that is always a very pleasant surprise! I used two coats for a good even opaque finish but the nail polish itself is really well-pigmented. I wasn’t too sure about Insatiable when I first saw it, I mostly stay away from dusty colours and especially from such a colour like this. I remember thinking ‘oh dear, this is going to clash with my skintone badly!’ but it’s actually really not the case! It leans slightly to grey in some lightning but this is definitely a beautiful understated colour, perfectly for spring!


estee lauder insatiable notd

estee lauder insatiable notd 3


I’m not sure why it took me so long to try my first Pure Color Nail Laquer because the formula is just great! I’m a very big fan of it’s quick drying formula and the pigmentation. Insatiable is definitely an unique shade in my nail polish collection, I have nothing even close to it. This will do really well on cooler skin tones and neutral to warm. I do suspect it might look a bit muddy on some skin tones, but I guess you’ll have to see that for yourself. You might be even surprised, just like me! Stay tuned for more Estee Lauder Pretty Naughty soon!


estee lauder spring pretty naughty

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  1. it looks gorgeous!!! I’m in love with the nail bottle o.o so chic!

  2. Gorgeous–absolutely gorgeous! :)

  3. Wat een mooi kleurtje zeg, en die glans is echt prachtig!

  4. Interesting how it looks so purple in these pictures, why I mostly see the grey-ish side in the shade! :)

    • I know! In the bottle it looks a lot paler but on my nails it’s actually darker and not that grey! Interesting idd!

  5. Wat een mooi lakje!

  6. Wauw, wat een unieke nagellakkleur! Het is inderdaad een prachtige nagellak voor de lente. :) Hij straalt een bepaalde chic-heid uit. :p

  7. Actually, I really like this shade! It’s different from the usual plums!

  8. Hrmmmm, I don’t like the shade. Not sure why, because obviously there is nothing wrong with it ;-) I guess it’s just not my kind of color.

  9. Mooi kleurtje en wat een glans !

  10. Wauw mooi kleurtje! Maar die blush dat is echt het sterproduct van de collectie!! Zoooo mooi!

  11. i really love the colour!

  12. I wasn’t too sure about this one when I saw it in the bottle, but once on I really appreciate all the nuance! The formula is easy to work with too ;)

  13. Ik ben echt verliefd op die kleur! En op het flesje :D

  14. Oh dit vind ik ook weer een hele mooie kleur :)

  15. I don’t know if it’s the nail polish or your lighting because that purple looks stunning.

  16. oeh super lief kleurtje :D

  17. Such a beautiful color, not a polish I’d immediately reach for, but now I’ve seen how pretty it looks on your nails, I might just go and take a look myself. And we all know how dangerous that is ;)

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