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Dior nail polishes are not a stranger to me anymore, I’d even say that they are one of my favourite higher-end formulas because they stay on so well and they come in some excellent shades. The permanent line-up consists out of mostly cream shades at the moment so I have some good news for the glitter fans out there because Dior is releasing a line of nail polishes with the prettiest glitters ever. They come in some really sweet yummy colours so what is  not to love about them!


dior spring ball


The packaging remained the same, a square bottle with a cap. It contains 10 ml of product and goes for around 23 euro. I’m also happy to report that the brush stayed the same, it’s wide and it makes painting the nails such a breeze! Dior will be releasing 4 shades, all 4 loaded with the most pretty shimmer ever. The shades are all in the pink, coral and or peachy colour family so this is definitely a very girly line.  Along with those 4 shades there will also be a new gel top coat released which gives these nail polishes a squishy shiny finish.


dior spring ball detail


Spring Ball 343 is a light coral pink with a hint of peach. It has silver, pink and yellow shimmers. Dior does shimmer really well, I have to give them bonus pints for that. The shimmers are just the right size, not too small and definitely not too big. ‘Just another shimmer nail polish’ you say? I’d say no, it’s a bit more than just shimmers. The prettiness of the shimmer lies in the different kind of shimmers. Most nail polishes tend to contain just silver shimmers or just golden shimmers, but Dior added multi-coloured shimmer to the nail polish to give it more dimension. And that is what I love about these. Spring Ball is a perfect mix of pink and coral. It’s not too ‘Barbie’ but it has a nice summery vibe to it instead. It looks really pretty on my skin tone but I think most skin tones will pull this off very well.


dior spring ball nail 2

dior spring ball nail


Spring Ball’s formula was pretty flawless. You can totally get away with just one coat. It applies perfectly even and covers the whole nail in just one swipe. If you want to make Spring Ball even prettier, just add a gel top coat! It will give it a pretty more jelly-like look and you will just want to take a bite of your nails! Bottom line: if you are looking for a perfect glittery nail polish with a flawless formula you might want to look at these. I hope Dior will be releasing more of these soon because they are definitely a hit here.


dior spring ball nails 2

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  1. [...] shades as soon as I spotted them. I have already shared with you my review of Délice. Teri from BellaChique.com has a lovely review of Spring Ball and the manicuator.com has some incredible swatches [...]

  2. Love it! Mooi met die shimmer er in!

  3. Pretty!! Echt mijn favoriete kleurtje! X

  4. Wat een mooie koraalkleur is dit! Super!

  5. I have been looking for THE perfect coral and I think I just found it! Oh my!

  6. Lemming!!! Your swatches against the flowers are beautiful. This color screams spring to me. I wish it had creamy finish though. It’d be more me.

    • Aaw, thanks a lot dear! And the colour oozes spring, idd! There must be a shade in this in a cream finish, right?

  7. Spring Ball is gorgeous! I’m so curious about the Gel Top Coat, your photos are just so beautiful!

    • Thank you so mcuh Taylor! The Gel Top Coat is definitely a hit, It’s super glossy and it does add a nice gel finish to the nails, which I adore!

  8. Mooi! Leuk kleurtje dat makkelijk te combineren is

  9. what a lovely shade!
    the shimmer shimmer balances out this warm color. i guess this is wearable for anyone! :)

    • Yeah, true! The shimmer is not too ott, it’s there but in a nice way so I think a lot of ppl can get away with tis :).

  10. Wat een prachtige kleur!!

  11. TERI, wat maak je mooie foto’s! Ik houd ervan, maakt mij altijd enthousiast in de comments en ook om het product te kopen. De manier hoe jij het altijd presenteert, maakt mij hebberig. :”) Schitterende nagellak van Dior, speciale kleur ook!

  12. I have the same one! And I just took it off after wearing it for 10 days. I used the gel top coat on it and it lasted for 10 days with some wear on the tips. I could see where my nail is growing, but the nail polish is still intact!! I was so impressed… I AM still impressed. Trying the gel top coat with Saint Tropez now, and see how it works!

    • Oh, now that is really impressive! Oh I have Saint Tropez too, I should totally try this too! And Spring Ball is still going strong here, yay! ^^

  13. Wat een prachtige kleur!

  14. This looks stunning on your nails. I got this last week and tried it out, I have to say after reading your review I thought mine was a different one and checked to make sure it was the same! I needed 3 coats and the nail line was still apperantly after three, the formula was no where near breeze to work with and it cracked on one of the fingers on the second day so I removed it. Oh and I have to mention it took over half an hour to try and was still soft the next day.
    I am usually a collector of Dior polishes and I was very disappointed with this one :-(

    • Wow, that sounds like an entire different experience! I’m sorry to hear about that Sara :(.
      I can only honestly say that the nail polish that I tried is nowhere close to the nailpolish that you just described. I think you might have gotten a dud or something?

    • So sorry you experienced this. I have the same nail colour, and it applied fantastically. It stayed on my nails for a whole 5 days without chipping. One coat gave a sheer colour, but not streaky at all. I agree with Tine. You might have bought a dud…

    • Teri, not Tine. Sorry Teri, I was just commenting on Tine’s blog. My mind’s not working properly >.<

    • Did you girls really had a full coverage with just two coats? Maybe I should consider to give mine back and ask for another…

    • Hey Sara, I just asked around to make sure and it looks like the one you have deviates from the ones we have. We all have a perfect coverage with just two coats, no drying problems, no cracks or anything! So Yeah, I think it’s a good idea to ask for another one? Keep us posted! ^^

    • Lol, Tine is a good name too :p

  15. Love this shade! And I like the shimmer in it. It’s very un-Dior, but I think it looks really pretty!

  16. Why do corals ALWAYS look pinker on others??? *ugly crying face*

    Just kidding! Love this shade and it’s really pretty on you!

  17. De kleur is prachtig, maar ik ben minder gek op de finish…

    • Ja, de finish is echt smaak hé, Dior heeft wel naast deze ook nog andere mooie glossy en creme kleurtjes ^^

  18. Super mooi kleurtje! Kleurt ook extra mooi met die bloem op de achtergrond. Mooi gefotografeerd hoor Teri!

  19. Wow dat is een mooi kleurtje met die shimmer!

    • De shimmer hebben ze echt heel mooi gedaan, ik ga Delice binnenkort ook aanschaffen want het is te mooi! ^^

  20. zo’n lief kleurtje :D

  21. Oh my, I seriously need that polish in my life.

  22. Damnnnn, Dior, I love you!

  23. gorgeous met die shimmer er in!

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