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Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is the newest addition to their mascara line.  It promises spectacular volume and curl. Now I do think the mascara is mainly about the curl rather than volume or length. I was very lucky to get a sample of this but the real deal is bigger ofcourse! I heard nothing but good reviews on the Iconic Overcurl so I was more than excited to try it myself! Would this be the one? And more importantly: will it hold my curl and not smear after a day? Because that is really my biggest issue with most mascaras, they smudge and they are too heavy to hold my curl. Also, I’m very sceptical when it comes to high-end mascaras, do we really need to pay big bucks for something that we throw away every 4 months? Before I’m ready to do that it must be something really impressive!


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The Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is different from it’s nieces with it’s curved brush. For some reasons brands tend to do this, claim to create curl and have a curved brush. Is this a marketing trick or does it have some nifty technology behind it? All I know it that it’s actually really easy to use because you can get to the smaller lashes easier that way. The full sized tube contains 10 ml and goes for 31 euro.  This mascara comes in three shades: black, blue and brown.

So let’s put this mascara to the test, how did it perform? Well, first of all there is the formula, it’s a bit drier than the average mascara which is a very big plus to me. It means that it won’t weigh your lashes down too much and that means it can actually hold a curl! The brush wand is quite long and curved. I think it’s the first time for me using a curved one but it goes on very naturally. It allows you to get really close to your lashes without getting the wand smeared over your eyelids, what sometimes happens. The brush looks big for doing the lower lashes but it was actually really fine, I managed to do it without getting mascara on places I didn’t want to.


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As for the mascara itself, it’s very buildable without getting clumpy, I could go on and on without making it look like a spidery mess. After the build up it dries down fairly quickly and it feels really light too. Some mascaras feel slightly ‘heavy’ but the Iconic Overcurl is almost weightless when it comes to that. It’s also not crunchy or anything. When it comes to the end result I mainly see volume and definition. What I really like is that it really makes a difference in a pretty natural way. It’s not like you are wearing falsies (or not on me at least) but you have this really defined lash frame. It’s also very smudge proof, it doesn’t make you look like a raccoon at the end of the day and it even stayed on with some water!  Does this curl my lashes? Not even close! I honestly don’t know if there is a mascara on this planet that is up to that impossible task of curling my pin straight stubborn lashes but this one did not do that. So is this my new love of my life? It’s very close and I’m actually scared for my wallet right now. If it wasn’t so expensive I would buy it again in a heartbeat but the price makes me think twice. There is a good chance that I will buy it if I ever need a brand new tube. But in the meanwhile I’m still enjoying my little sample tube!



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