clinique chubby stick intense in heftiest hibiscus 2


Chubby Sticks are all the rage but today’s confession is: I never tried one! I think it’s because I prefer a more opaque finish and the Chubby Sticks are more about giving the lips a soft touch of colour. So guess what? This girl was over the moon when she heard that Clinique was coming out with a more intense version! Worst part is that I want them all! Why are Chubby Sticks that popular? I bet because they are so incredibly cute, they moisture the lips and they are so easy to apply because they look like big chubby pencils.


clinique chubby stick intense in heftiest hibiscus 3

clinique chubby stick intense detail


Chubby Stick Intense is actually a lot like the original version in terms of packaging. It’s a big chubby pencil and the genius part is that you don’t need to sharpen them. They come with a twist-up system, and that’s why they are usually preferred over other similar products. You get 3 grams of product and they go for 17 euro. The colour range of the Intense line is really fun! You have some pinks, some reds, some nudes and fuchsia! They are all incredibly wearable even the brown toned shade. These don’t have any noticeable scent and they all have a nice glossy finish.


clinique chubby stick in heftiest hibiscus swatch

clinique chubby stick intense in heftiest hibiscus lip swatch


Heftiest Hibiscus is a medium orange toned coral in a creamy finish. While I saw that this looks quite orange on some it seems to pull more coral on me.  The finish has a nice pretty gloss without being too glossy. The pigmentation is outstanding! I needed just one swipe for some serious colour pay-off so they do live up to my expectations. For people who are a bit scared to go full-on; it’s easy to just sheer it out with your finger. The texture is so comfortable, it’s buttery in a way, has some nice slip without having it sliding all over the lips and it feels pleasant on the lips. Heftiest Hibiscus is a perfect shade for people wanting to try an orange toned shade because this is a great transition shade between coral and orange. Depending on your own lip colour it will be more orange or coral.


clinique chubby stick intense in heftiest hibiscus look 3


What I really love about the Chubby Sticks is how easy they are to apply. Because of the shape of the pencil it allows quite precise application. Another amazing thing was the wear-time! I had a meal when I was wearing this and I kinda expected it to be worn off after but it was actually still there for the most part! They are a bit like the Nars  Glossy Lip Pencils, they stain too but not as crazy to the point that you can’t even remove it with make-up remover. As for the hydrating part, it surely did it’s job, my lips actually felt good after wearing this. I know it’s not the case with everyone, but in my experience it did. The Chubby Stick pencils sure have a certain appeal and now I understand why. The Intense version is very close to being a nice balance of a lipstick and a balm without losing it’s pigmentation. Job well done Clinique!


clinique chubby stick intense in heftiest hibiscus look 2

clinique chubby stick intense 1

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  1. love the review been wanting to try these, thanks. xx

  2. This is gorgeous on you!

  3. Hi Teri,
    I was looking for an orangy red glossy lipstick and after reading your post I think I have found an interesting one. Thanks

  4. Wat a beautiful color, you look lovely! Definitely smering worth buying, I think.

  5. Mooie kleur! Ik heb er ook nog steeds geen getest… Toch maar is gaan bekijken :-)

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  7. Ik heb ook een chubby stick liggen en ik zou echt niet meer zonder kunnen! De mijne is Plushest Punch geloof ik, heel erg knalroze

  8. Wow this shade is SO perfect for you, Teri!! I don’t know if I’m quite ready for these Intense versions, but I still definitely plan on getting a few of the original ones :P

    • Oh really? I love me some intense colours but yeah, go for the original if you want something more subtle ;). They are so nice on the lips too ^^

  9. Gotta love a lippie that hangs around through a meal! This color is very flattering on you!

  10. No one wears reds like you do Teri! Stunning color! I have only tried a deluxe sample as a GWP. It was sheer, natural and very much like my Dior Casual Beige high shine lipstick from a few years back. Perfect as a balm too. I need to check all the color next time at Sephora.

    • Gosh, I really hope they do those GWP here too, would love some more! ^^ You should swatch some, they really have a nice and fun shade selection! ^^

  11. Cupcakes! I’m so distracted by them. MOAR! LOL :-)
    The only intense version I have is Curviest Caramel. It’s really natural, and goes with nearly everything. I was gifted a pack (holiday item) of their original chubby sticks, and while they’re really comfortable, I find them very sheer too. That said, I love this colour on you! Bright and cheerful.
    Now, the cupcakes….

    • Lol! Yeah those cupcakes eh :p. They were super yum! Curviest Caramel was a real nice surprise because its not too brown, love it! I actually really like all the Intense shades! ^^

  12. Ok I’m in! I’ve never picked up a chubby stick either and now that they are ‘intense’ I’m very interested. I love this color also, it’s perfect on you! Can we please talk about those cupcakes!!!

    • I found those cupcakes for a real nice price at my supermarket! They are apparently from some cupcake company and they were yum!^^ Still need to make some myself but I always do the frosting wrong :(. Oh and the chubby sticks are awesome! ^^

  13. Oh yay, Heftiest Hibiscus is my favorite Chubby Stick! :-D So yeah, I obviously adore this color.

  14. Ziet er erg mooi uit ! Ik heb de chubby sticks ook nog altijd niet geprobeerd. Shame on me.

  15. This coral is GORGEOUS on you, Teri, and I really love the soft effect of the rest of your makeup in this look, too. I wasn’t a fan of the original Clinique Chubby Stick, but I think I will like these better, too.

    Also, cupcakes. I want one, now.

    • Lol! I had a bit of a cupcake overload this week but yeah, I love me some any day! ^^ The Intense version is so awesome, you should try it! The original ones are sheer idd, I had the same thing like you, but these are a different story!

  16. Deze kende ik nog niet, maar ziet er echt mooi uit. Die kleur staat je ook prachtig!

    • Dank je Eline! De Intense versie is nog maar pas uitgekomen hier dus het klopt dat je het idd mss nog niet hebt gezien :). Ze zijn echt super!

  17. I’m just guessing this will pull really orange on me (that’s usually the rule with corals on my skin tone). It’s sooo beautiful on you! I still don’t own a Chubby Stick. To be honest I have no idea why lipsticks just seem the most natural thing for me to apply, and the crayon type of packaging puts me off a little. Still, if you’re recommending the formula, I’ll have to look into it :)

    • yeah, it will be probably more orange on you, which is really lovely! I kinda like they crayon type, it has a really cute factor, lol! ^^

  18. Pretty!!! Al zou ik voor mezelf wel een ander kleurtje kiezen :)

    • Er zijn genoeg andere kleurtjes! Ik ben momenteel heel tempted om één van de hot pinks te kopen! ^^

  19. ik heb geen chubby stick :)

  20. I only have a mini of one of the original, sheerer shades but I really like it. But this one is SO PRETTY on you, Teri! It seems like the perfect shade for summer too :)

    • You have a mini-version, omg, how cute is that! Yeah, I do prefer more opaque finishes although I might try a sheer one too now! Totally loving it!

  21. Ziet er goed uit. En wat zijn je foto’s toch mooi!

    • Aaaw, dank je Yasmine, het is echt zo’n leuk product! Het smeert heel fijn op je lippen en de kleur is zo leuk! ^^

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