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I got some lovely pieces of the Aveda Art of Nature Spring/Summer collection sent to me. Now I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t familiar with Aveda before. I think because it’s not readily available here?  Aveda is one of those green brands, they try to create awareness of the enviroment by using eco friendly packaging. They have a skincare line, a haircare line and a make-up line. They have a lot to offer and I must say that I was quite impressed and surprised at the same time.  They create their own wind power that they use in their main manufacturer in Minnesota and they work together with non-profit organisations. It definitely sounds promising for anyone looking for a greener alternative in cosmetics!

The Art of Nature is clearly inspired by the soft shades of green, the vibrant shades of flowers and the earthy shades of the earth. It’s quite contrasting, soft with bright, shimmery hues and matte deep shades. Today I’m reviewing two lip pencils, an eye shadow and a lipstick for you. Let’s take a look!

aveda art of nature lemongrass



First we have Lemongrass 980. This is a soft pale pistachio green with shimmers. Lemongrass has a soft texture. It’s not super pigmented but is meant as a sheer hue over the eyelid. It has a very soft shimmer going on which makes the colour really pretty. It gives a pretty subtle glow to the eyes. This comes as an eye shadow single and contains 1.25g and goes for 16 dollar.


aveda art of nature pencils



Next we have three pencils. First we have Barberry Bloom 917, a bright intense orange toned red with even the slightest hint of coral. The finish is matte and the colour pay-off is quite excellent. The pencil itself is very creamy without being slippery. It’s very easy to use and I could draw perfect sharp lines with it. Definitely a winner in my book! The other lipliner is Cocoa Bean 916. This is quite the interesting shade because it’s a dark chocolate brown! The colour pay off is good but the formula is slightly less creamy than Barberry Bloom. However, they both stay on really well. Cocoa Bean is also a matte. Both lip pencils contain 1.14g and go for 16 dollar. It’s worth to note that they both have a minty scent but I’l talk about this later.

The last pencil is an eye definer in Wild Indigo 918. This is a deep inky indigo shade in a matte finish. What I like about this is that it’s not too creamy so the point stays sharp long enough. The pigmentation is good but you do have to slightly work it into your skin for optimal result. The way I used it for the best staying power is to set it with Lemongrass, that way it stays on all day. This pencil also contains 1.14 g and goes for 16 dollar.

aveda art of nature cana


aveda art of nature cana lipswatch


aveda art of nature swatches all


from left to right: wild indigo, barberry bloom, cana, coca bean, lemongrass

Then we have the Smoothing Lip Colour in Cana 913. This is a highly saturated orange toned red. It leans slightly more orange than Barberry Bloom. The finish is creamy with a slight shine to it. Cana is amazingly well pigmented. I also really love thetexture, it’s very smooth and it glides easily on the lips. However, don’t overdo it with applying, if you apply too much product it will start setteling into the lines of your lips. My tip is to give a blot and then you’re ready to go. Cana goes very well with Barberry Bloom. I think they are a perfect match when it comes to that! Cana stays on for hours. It stays put if you don’t really do anything but it fades a bit unevenly when you eat. You might want to touch up later. It leaves a very pretty light red orangey stain behind which you can see in some of the pictures. a lipstick contains 3.4g and goes for 16 dollar.

aveda art of nature eye collage

aveda art of nature eye look


aveda art of nature looks collage

my camera went a bit nuts with the brightness of Cana, look at the pigmentation!

All in all this was a very pleasant introduction to the brand. I love the packaging, the pencils remind me of normal pencils which is really cute. The lipstick and eye shadow can be put into a refillable case which is almost entirely made out of recycled materials. I was really impressed with the lip colours, it’s incredibly bright and vivid. I do want to mention that all the lip products have a minty scent. It smells like toothpaste! Yep, really. I was kinda put off by this because wow, it’s quite a scent but when I put it on my lips it disappeared. It gave a very slight tingly sensation and I had this kind of fresh feeling on my lips. With mint in lip products I’m a bit concerned about it being drying or irritating but somehow they managed to find a way around that because I did not experience any of that. Job well done Aveda!


aveda art of nature look 2 small

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