tarina tarantino dreamy palette


Want to go for a dreamy look? When I think about dream, I would think light sheer washes of colour but today I’m showing you Tarina Taratino‘s version of her dreamy eye shadow look. For all those not familiar with Tarina Tarantino, she is a very colourful artist with quite an interesting background. She started out as a model venturing into the work of jewellery. Her designs are quite unique and cute and quirky. She also worked as a make-up artist and has her own beauty line. The first thing that got my attention was the packaging, it’s definitely something that is very ‘Tarina Tarantino’. You see hearts, skulls, roses and ribbons in the design but all in a very nice, not too overly cute way. The brand used to be carried by Sephora in the US but it got recently pulled out of there and now it’s sold on line on the Tarina Tarantino webshop.


tarina tarantino jewel shadow box

tarina tarantino jewel shadow palette

tarina tarantino size of palette


Something that I’ve been dying to try were her Jewel Shadow palettes. They come in six variations, ranging from greens to purples to neutrals. Each palette contains 5 shades with a total of 9 gram. They are priced at 32$ which is really reasonable, especially for the quality. A palette comes in an oval shape made from sturdy plastic. You can see little skulls and butterflies and hearts with a cool holographic finish. Once you open it you get to see five shades. This compact holds no brushes, which is great in my opinion, I never use it anyway and it’s just extra weight to carry around. Some might find this not the case. There is also a mirror in the case.


tarina tarantino dreamy close up

tarina tarantino swatches dreamy

tarina tarantino dreamy swatches


Dreamy is a palette with rather neutral shades. I’m going from lightest to darkest shade. First we have the lightest shade on the left. This is a frosty white shade with an almost silvery tone to it. It’s incredibly buttery and pigmented. It’s described as a white golden shade but on me it’s rather silver for some reason. In the middle we have a slightly darker shade. This is a pearly very pale golden shade. It has a very slight pink tone to it too. Again, smooth and well pigmented, I love using this as a highlighter! Than we have the shade on top, this is a warm coppery frosted shade with a strong orange tone to it. This is one of the most pigmented shade in the palette, together with the lightest shade. Going clockwise we have a medium to dark brown. This has a golden pearl in it which makes the colour look warmer toned. And on the bottom we have a blackened deep brown with the most amazing coppery glitters. What I love about this shade is the combination but also the glitters going in evenly on the skin.


tarina tarantino eye look 2

tarina tarantino eye look


Now when I first looked at this pretty little palette my eye was mainly looking at that copper. Some might think ‘oh help me, this is way too warm toned and scary for me’. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s completely fine. The way I used the palette was using the warm brown all over. Then I used the copper shade in my crease and blended it out. You get a bit of a mix of the two colours and it makes it look a lot more wearable that way. I used the white as a high lighter on my inner corners of my eyes. The middle shade I used on the brow bone and as a highlight on the middle of my eyelid. The darkest shimmery shade I used as a liner. And there you have it, quite a dreamy look in a different way. I think it’s all about the copper actually, it makes you get that hazy look.


tarina tarantino look


The quality of the eye shadows are outstanding. They are so buttery, smooth and pigmented and just a dream to work with. The first time I dipped my finger into the pans I was all ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’, just like any good eye shadow does to me. There is one big downfall to this and that’s that I really want to try out more!


tarina tarantino dreamy look

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  1. Ooh this looks so lovely. I absolutely love the inclusion of the coppery red shade. It’s unexpected and I think works so well with these sorts of grey-ish colors

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest that they look muddy on you, only that that was what happened on me. Something about the base of shadows like these and BM’a made the colors less vibrant and meld together in an unflattering fashion once worn on the eyes, which was sad because I had had such high hopes.

    • Hey Moena, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I guess I thought you were talking about my look yes, but I get your point now ^^. Have you tried using a different eye primer? It sometimes makes a difference?

  3. This is a brand I’ve been wanting to try. I’ve been reading a lot of good things about it! However, I’m more distracted by the gorgeous red lip you’re wearing :-P

  4. I love the last picture of you!This palette looks so smooth and buttery, I love the sparkles in the black shade a lot, I also like how you did that black flick in your eye makeup :)

  5. Hi Teri, wow, great combo of the coppery orange and cool brown! (I also really love the shade of red you’re wearing in the photos)

  6. It’s really smooth, buttery, and pigmented and looks great in swatches, but on the eyes, the shadows become a lot muddier, IMO. I cannot tolerate formulas like this and the pressed BareMinerals due to muddiness.

    • It’s not muddy tbh, it’s just the way I used it, I blended the two shades together to make the copper a bit more wearable ^^. If you blend it less like I did they still keep their own vibrancy :). I never tried any BM tho so I can’t say anything about that.

  7. Staat je mega goed die kleuren! Wauw! Supermooie look.

  8. You look so good with that coppery shade! Your makeup sold that palette better than actual photos of the palette! LOL <3

  9. I have to say that your makeup looks is what sold me the palette. Looks gorgeous. Is this part of the relaunch of her makeup line?

    • Yep, it’s all part of her make-up line ^^. Thanks a lot Angela, it was actually really easu to create this look :).

  10. I didn’t know this brand, thank you so much for this update, you’re so beautiful!!

    • It’s a bit of a niche brand, it has mostly it’s own audience especially now it’s not available in Sephora anymore. Neverhteless, it’s an amazing brand with high quality products!

  11. beautiful packaging I love those colours, you have an awesome blog.

    xo Meg

  12. Girl, you look dang amazing with that copper shade! It’s a shade that I definitely don’t wear with as much ease! Goooooorgeous!

  13. WOW! to the dark brown with the cooper glitter.
    I’m always impressed by the quality and rave reviews but I haven’t picked anything up from this brand….yet!

  14. They really are gorgeous – I have the green one. The copper shade is extraordinary, I agree! I kind of want more…and she usually makes beautiful holiday ones, so I’m excited about that, as well!

  15. This palette looks gorgeous! I have one Tarina Tarantino palette, and I was super impressed with the quality of the shadows too. Definitely need to try out more from the brand :)

  16. The copper looks beautiful on you! I’m loving all the shades in this palette..

  17. Looks great. I really like the look you have created. Looks perfect with your hair up.

  18. Vreselijke downfall =]! Ziet er zo classy uit met je haar up en lief palette.

  19. Wat een prachtig doosje zeg! Mooie look :)

  20. Ziet er super goed uit!

  21. de vorm doet me denken aan een spinneweb :)

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