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Yep guys, it’s that time of year again that I felt the need to change my lay-out. If I could I would change it as much I like to change lipsticks but to keep my dear boyfriend a bit sane I try to limit it to once a year. I wanted to go for something slightly more grown up and just a bit more simple. My boyfriend worked really hard to understand my wishes and he did a great job in my opinion! I really hope you like it as much as I do, it was not as easy as I thought it would be because this time I was a bit more involved in the little details whilst last time I kinda gave my boyfriend a blanc card. Who knew that picking a font was that hard?


old lay out


Good bye old lay-out, it was great having you but it’s time to move on! ^^


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  1. Tell me about it! A font is so important! It sets the mood and each font conveys a different story. Great job, Teri!

  2. Tell me about it! A font is so important! It sets the mood and each font conveys a different story. Great job Teri!

  3. Heel mooi hoor je nieuwe lay-out! De foto is ook super!

  4. Mooie layout Teri! Fris en overzichtelijk ook!

  5. Woehoee, mooi! Mooie foto ook in de header/zijkant!

  6. Mooi, ik houd van strak & proper :)

  7. Oh wauw, it’s beautiful!

  8. Love the new layout…I esp love the display of pretty cosmetics on the right side!!

  9. I love the photo you have as the background, it fits you perfectly!

  10. Picking a font is indeed really hard! On my new website I didn’t have many options so that made the choice easy, but I spent DAYS researching font for my business website!
    Anyway, I really like the new lay out. I think you managed to create a classy and grown-up feel, well done! And kudos to the boyfriend :-)

    • Thanks a lot dear! Presentation is everything and things like fonts kinda do a big deal when it comes to looks, no? I kept changing my mind about it, lol. Oh well, we eventually get there, hehe ^^.

  11. Teri, this layout is perfect, I LOVE it!! I am working on my header and seem to be blah about ot everytime I see my new creation, haha. I bet it was a lot of hard work, ideas and time put into it, love it!

    • Yay, thanks a lot Claire! And yes, a new lay -out requires quite some thinking. That’s why I really took my time with it. I love your current look tho, but I do get why you feel the need for a change. It’s part of the blog :).

  12. OOO me likey! It’s really fancy! Picking a font is the easier part for me. It’s the other visual aspects that drive me a bit insane.

  13. It looks very fancy :p I like!

  14. It looks very fancy :p I like!

  15. Moooooi! Echt heel erg leuk gedaan! Misschien nog een klein iets, bij de comments kan ik op sommige plekken de tekst niet lezen omdat die niet in een `witte blog` zijn, maar doorschijnend. Misschien die iets minder doorschijnend maken? Maar ziet er echt héél erg tof uit Teri!

    • Thanks om dat te zeggen ERmma! Er zijn nog kleine foutjes maar mijn vriend had tot laat door gewerkt en ik wou het persé al on line ^^. De laatste foutjes zullen er hopelijk uit gaan tegen het weekend! :)

  16. nice! ziet er goed uit ;D

  17. Love this new layout. It’s really simple but beautiful.

  18. Ziet er mooi uit ! Ik hou wel van een wat strakker design.

  19. Love the new layout, Teri! Looks great :)

  20. Nice fresh change, Teri :) I am forever tweaking my layout but in small little tweaks here and there. Big changes are quite scary because so much can go wrong but I especially like the font used in your header!

    • Thanks a lot Paris! I’m lucky to have my boyfriend willing to do all the work, I just need to say what I want, lol! I really love your design tho, it’s super classy!

  21. Hi Teri,

    Congrats on the new layout!! I liked both old and new; I think you’re right that sometimes a change is in order! I like how you kept the same color in your font as from your previous layout — I really liked that blush pink :-)

    • Thanks Dovey! I like change a lot, lol. It’s hard tho because I tend to change my mind every minute. I love how you saw that detail with the font being the same colour, good eye!

  22. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who would like to “change [their layout] as much I like to change lipsticks”. I’m the exact same way… Just changed mine up recently because of that in fact! I’m loving this one though. I do like it more than the former!

    • Haha, great! I think because we change over the year as well, right? I’ve been blogging for a good year and it’s crazy how much changed in just those months! Thank you so much for liking it dear! ^^

  23. You guys did a great job, Teri! I love it! I am having SUCH a hard time figuring out what I want. Poor bf doesn’t know much design-wise, he just knows how to create what I tell him I want…but I have a hard time explaining exactly what I’m looking for :/ So, so far my layout is not exactly what I would like it to be. Maybe in a little while if I save some $, I can have a professional help me!

    • You’ll get there hon! I really took my time with this one because I know I change my mind too often, lol. Did you try to look at other lay-outs, fonts, stock images? That’s what I did and slowly there came an image in my mind and voila, that’s it! Good luck! ^^

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