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The L’oreal Color Infallible eye shadows take me back to the beginning of my blog. I remember it was one of my earlier posts featuring Endless Chocolat. Not all Infallible eye shadows are created equal but it didn’t discouraged me to try out more. The shade that I am reviewing today seems to have different names in Europe versus the States. The European name is Flashback Silver 015 and the American name is Liquid Diamond. L’oreal is known for giving their products different names in different places of the world. I have no idea why but it makes it a bit confusing for us bloggers. Nevertheless, it’s the same shade but with a different name, just to clear that out. I also noticed that the look of the lid is a bit different, but that is just details.

loreal liquid diamond flashback silver liquid diamond

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loreal liquid diamond flashback silver first

loreal liquid diamond flashback silver size

L’oreal Color Ifallible eyeshadows are actually some sort of hybrid eye shadows. They are something between a cream shadow and a regular shadow. It feels very similar to the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill eye shadows and that’s probably because they come from the same brand. The shade selection seems to be more extensive in the US while here we only seems to have a choice between 10 shades. The shades are very different from the GA Eyes To Kill eye shadows. They are a lot more straight forward and definitely not as complex. The quality is also a bit different, the L’oreal version seems to perform less longer than it’s h/e sister. But it’s still a good bargain compared to the pricepoint of the ETK shadows. The Infallible eye shadows come in a plastic jar and contains 3.5 gram. You can use them wet or dry.

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loreal liquid diamond flashback silver liquid diamond swatches

Flashback Silver 015/Liquid Diamond 996 is a light  cool silver with a purple tone. The reason that I was attracted to this shade was because it looks like something I don’t have. It’s the blend of silver and purple that makes this shade so interesting to me. I initially thought I had some similar shades to it but nothing comes even remotely close to this!  When I swatch it dry the pigmentation is very close to pan but it allows the warmth of my own skin to peek through. The finish is lightly metallic and it has this pretty shimmery flecks. When I swatched it wet it becomes a lot more denser in terms of pigmentation and it looks cooler toned because the coverage is so much more opaque. The finish becomes a bit more metallic too but both swatches went on very pigmented in just one swipe. It’s a bit of a different story when used on the eyes. When used dry it’s more of a sheerer wash of colour. When used wet it’s a lot more pigmented but it still has that pretty sheerness to it.

l'oreal flashback silver liquid diamond eye look 2

loreal colour infallible fashback silver liquid diamond eye look

In my past experience with the Infallible eye shadows and just hybrid eye shadows in general I found that using them wet extends the wear time almost double the time! That’s why I always use them wet because they wear beautiful when I apply them like this. The way I used it in today’s look was using Shiseido Purple Dawn as a base and add Flashback Silver in the middle. Flashback Silver 015/Liquid Diamond 996 is a lot easier in terms of use compared to Endless Chocolat. It’s easier to blend and it goes on very evenly. What I love about this shade is the depth   I create when layered over another shade. It gives the eyes a lot more dimension and it has this ethereal feel. This eye shadow wears excellent on me when used wet. I was a bit scared of the glitters travelling to my crease but this did not occur at all. I really recommend this shade because it’s one of the more interesting/complex shades that L’oreal has to offer and the quality of this is really good!

l'oreal flashback silver liquid diamond look 3

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  1. Thank you for clarifying the name difference! I discovered this shade playing around with the makeup genius app and fell in love!! But was quickly baffled as to which name it went by! Your post cleared that up 🙂 going to buy this ASAP. I have them in Amber Rush (beautiful!!) forever pink and a dark purple that I can’t remember the name of at the moment. The gold rush one too!! I’m in love w these shadows, another great find..the nudes 1 palette. Love that palette so much!

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