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Yes people, it’s that time again! Once in a year I might do a post about fashion, just because I can, muahaha! In all seriousness though, I wanted to share a bit of my story with being petite and the struggle for finding good fitting pants because those are the worst! So let me talk a bit about my situation. I’m not the tallest girl here, living amongst all the taller Belgian girls. Let’s say I’m 5’4, or 1m65 and I have the flattest ass you can imagine *cries*. I’m slightly on the skinnier side and that’s the biggest problem, it’s getting better because I gained a lot of weight lately. I know a lot of Asian people tend to be petite and slender and it seems I’m one of them which makes it slightly problematic. The brands available here are ok, there are Western European Brands however and those sizes really run too big for me. I mostly go for brands that are from Spain (Zara, Bershka, Pull&Bear) because it seems like the sizes run a bit smaller but it’s still not perfect. Levi’s launched its Curve ID a good while ago and I was like ‘yeah right, I bet they forgot about the petite ones like me’ and I didn’t really pay any attention to it. Time flies and I hear more and more people giving very positive response to the line. With the sales starting I though ‘heck, why not, let’s try this’ and guys, I’m glad I did!

levis detail front

I know it sounds a bit silly but the reason I don’t enter a Levi’s Store is because they immediately approach you to help you out. Great for most but I’m shy so I kinda feel awkward (anyone has this too? Please tell me I’m not crazy, lol!). So I rarely just browse around but if you are a girl with a mission, it’s a great store! So there I went, browsing the goods on sale and a sales man approached me and helped me out. I wasn’t familiar with the whole Levi’s Curve idea but normally they measure you up. The Curve ID differs from other brands because they work with your curve. They have Slight Curve, Demi Curve, Bold Curve and Supreme Curve. Let’s say that they got flat asses to some serious booty all covered! So the first step is to find out what Curve you are. They measure you up in waist and hips. Then they measure your seat aka your bum. And next they measure the length of your legs. Most brands got the length of your legs covered and the waist but not your hips and your bum and that is the great part of these jeans! So the sales advisor took a good look at me and went straight to Slight Curve. Now it was a bit looking for my waist and after a few fits he says ‘you are a 24’. I was wearing a 25 at that moment and I was very unsure about his choice because it looked so small. But ok, I tried them on and I kinda felt like I was trying to squeeze myself into those jeans. I’m not used to it at all because all jeans are pretty loose on me. He looked at me and said ‘perfect, that’s the one’.

levis on

And he was right! I chose a jeans with an interesting feel. I’m not sure what it is, it’s not the average jeans fabric, it feels a bit more rough but I loved it so much. These jeans had to be worn in a bit, something I never really had. But after one day of wearing them they already fit me like a glove! In the past 1000 years (it sure feels like it) I always had to wear a belt with my pants because they are all waaay too wide in the waist or my bum. And now for the first time ever I can just wear it without a belt. It felt amazing! The jeans feel so incredibly well because they seriously fit me like a glove.

levis curve id final

levis curve id 2

awkwaaaaard! :p

So yes, we can conclude that I’m a believer in the Curve ID. I’m definitely going back for more in the future. No more loose jeans, awkward fittings and all that. They really got the people like me covered. Now I can’t speak for the really petite people because I do have longer legs and I’m not sure how it works when you are really shorter. Levis offers customization so I think they can shorten the jeans if needed. Little side note: it was super awkward to take pictures of me because my boyfriend had to take them (my remote control’s cord is way too short) and he knows nothing about it. So after goofing and giggling around we realised we’re not the best pair. Bad photographer and a very sucky model, haha. DB decided to save the pictures by placing himself in the background and I think he did a good job, lol! TGIF everone! ^^


PS: you know you are a cat lady when you have soooo much cat hair on your clothes! Sorry guys, I had one cuddle session too much it seems! ^^

PPS: Apparantly you can also order your Levi’s jeans in their webshop if you live in Belgium!

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