Guerlain rouge g l'extrait orgueil


If I could and it sure looks like it, I would have the complete line of Guerlain’s Rouge G L’Extraits and the Rouge G lipsticks because I love them so much! Today I’m sharing a passionate red with you, it’s not just a red but a berry red with the prettiest finish ever! It’s almost Valentine so for anyone looking for an amazing lippie, read on!


guerlain rouge g L'extrait

guerlain rouge g l'extrait applicators


I really have a bit of a love/hate thing with the Rouge G line. They are amazingly pretty looking, the quality of the product itself is outstanding but it’s also heavy and bulky. Let’s sum up some facts for anyone new to the L’Extraits: these are matte liquid lipsticks, they contain 6 ml of product and go around for 30 euro here. These come in 12 shades and I want them all! You have the reds, orange, coral and even a very pretty nude shade. The packaging itself is a bit like a lipgloss but with a mirror. You also apply it like a lipgloss and it’s quite easy to create nice lines with the applicator. They have the light scent of violets but I barely notice it. Fun fact: the names of the L’Extrait lipsticks are based on the seven sins!


guerlain rouge g l'extrait orgueil swatch

guerlain orgueil lipswatch


Orgueil M69 is a deep berry red with micro shimmers. It’s not overly cool but rather neutral on me. The micro shimmers are amazingly pretty with this shade, they have a red colour and makes the whole look of this shade look even more intense! The finish of Orgueil depends a bit on how much product you apply. When you apply it generously it actually has a nice satin sheen. This way you get to see the shimmers in all its glory. When you use a lipbrush you get a more matte effect and the shimmers will still be there but in a much more subtle way. I like both options and it depends on what you want.

guerlain orgueil fotd


I know that this shade is quite out there and maybe not for everyone because you do need a bit of confidence yo pull this off. If you are lighter in skin tone than me this might look even more intense and darker but I really do think that it’s great for a wide variety of skin tones. The way I like to wear this is with minimal eye make-up. This way your face will be more balanced and it will not feel like your eyes and lips are competing for attention! Another more wearable way to wear this is to apply it like usual and blot it down with a tissue. This way you get to see the stain which is a lot lighter but still very pretty.


guerlain rouge l'extrait orgueil stain

Wearing Orgueil when blotted down

Guerlain Rouge G L’Extraits are currently still my favourite liquid lipsticks, especially when it comes to matte liquid lipsticks. Guerlain made this formula amazing, it’s creamy and comfortable on the lips. I also find them very long wearing. But the best part is that they wear off in a nice way. No awkward ‘O’ lips or anything! I actually can’t say anything bad about them besides being so addictive to have! Creamy, pigmented, long wearing, great colour selection, just awesome and a must have for anyone looking for a liquid lipstick!


guerlain rouge l'extrait orgueil fotd

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  1. Heel mooi! Welke blush draag je erbij? :)

  2. Aww what a beautiful picture! Love that orchid as your background :)
    You look so HOT in red lips Teri! Love your looks to the max!

  3. The stain itself is still really pretty! But you look so good with the full lippie on! Go big or go home right? <3

  4. Ik kan het niet genoeg zeggen, je staat zo prachtig met rode lipstick/gloss/whatever :-) !

  5. Fantastic color! Love how you definitly can pull that shade off!

  6. This color is amazing and suits you so well !

    Love from France,

  7. Deze kleur stat je echt prachtig ! Supermooie kleur.

  8. I haven’t seen any red that doesn’t look gorgeous on you. Or maybe you make them all work. So many wonderful lipglosses of this type. Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, Hourglass, YSL, which one is your fav?

    • Trust me, I can’t wear all reds, I just pick them out smart :p. My favourite one is without a doubt the Guerlain one, it’s the most longwearing, pigmented and comfortable one on me, works amazing!

  9. Mooie kleur! Staat je goed!

  10. So stunning, Teri! I love the orchids, too!

  11. Wat een prachtige kleur, staat je echt beeldig. Je foto’s zijn trouwens ook zo mooi vind ik.

  12. Lots of beautiful! Love the orchids in the photo. Of course this shade looks stunning on you. I’m definitely intrigued by your review.

  13. This shade is on my wishlist – gorgeous on you!

  14. Saw the color and immediately knew you’d look amazing in it, without even scrolling down. And lo and behold, you do! :-)

  15. Every time I want a red lip, I reach for my Luxure, without fail! I have to get this one. It’s been on my hit list. LOL! Looking super sexy there, Teri. *loves*

  16. I really hope Guerlain will bring out new shades, because this remains my favorite liquid lipstick formula! Everything else falls REALLY short in comparison!

  17. Wow, wat een prachtige kleur!

  18. Staat je heel mooi. Ik raak maar niet gewend aan donkere lipkleuren bij mezelf.

    • Het is idd iets waar je aan moet wennen. Ik begon eerst met eerder sheerer formules en ging zo steeds naar meer opaquer lipsticks. Wat ook helpt is het met je vinger opbrengen, op deze manier is de kleur van de lipstick iets lichter :).

  19. je zou echt model moeten worden :)

  20. echt een gorgeous classy tint :D

  21. Die kleur staat je goed.

  22. Ik vind hem echt super! Hij staat je echt zo goed :)

  23. Love that colour!! After getting Gourmandise and Colere, I thought I don’t need more but I got some more :P I think those deep colours look very pretty on you and this particular shade suits your complexion so well Teri. The best liquid lipsticks ever!

    • Yes Claire, totally agree with you on them being the best liquid lipsticks. I would love to have them all, lol! Oh gosh, Colere is a hot shade! Would love seeing that on you! ^^

  24. Orgueil is my first l’extrait and it’s still my favorite :D I didn’t know they have 12 shades now!

  25. What a pretty color! I have Avarice and I really enjoy the formula.

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