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Today’s post is for my Asian based readers. Let me introduce you to my first Guerlain meteorites ever: Blanc De Perle. This is an Asia exclusive edition of the famous Guerlain Meteorites and is not available here in Europe as far as I know. So how did I get my hands on this? Well I was lucky enough to get this as a gift from the Guerlain PR and that’s how it made it’s way here. Blanc de Perle meteorites is part of  Blanc de Perle range, a collection that is all about brightening and whitening, something that is really big in Asia. That’s why they released it there and not here because people tend to go for the opposite of whitening instead of getting actually paler.

guerlain meteorites blanc de perle back

guerlain meteorites blanc de perle detail

If you are not familiar with the Guerlain Meteorites yet, well you must live under a stone I guess, lol! They have quite a big following and some people really collect them like Pokémons, lol! In the make-up community people refer to them as ‘ballz’. Guerlain has it’s permanent Meteorites and they often come with limited edition versions as well. So what is it actually? It’s basically a tin filled with little balls of powder. They idea is to swirl around with your puff or brush and you apply it on the face. Depending on the shade you can use it all over or as a highlight and maybe even a bronzer or a blush if it’s pigmented enough. The meteorites come in various shades so I bet you can find something you like!

guerlain blanc de perle

guerlain meteorites le blanc perle

Meteorites come mostly in a pretty tin which you can open. There on the inside you see a puff and under that you can see all the pretty balls! You can use the puff or a brush. I personally prefer a brush, it makes things a bit easier but that’s up to you ofcourse! The meteorites have the amazing scent of violets, it’s incredibly well done and I just love the scent. Blanc de Perle carries 30 g of product. I have no idea about the price of meteorites in Asia but here it’s around 44 euro.


guerlain meteorites le blanc perle detail


Blanc de Perle 00 contains white balls. At a first sight you think you see all the same coloured balls but when you look closer you can actually see that there are different versions. Some are matte and others have shimmer. You can also see white balls and ivory balls. The ivory balls have a beautiful ethereal glow which looks amazing on the skin. They have this pink pearl in them that gives that effect. If you swirl them all together you get a soft, slightly brighter effect with glow. You can see some shimmers too but it’s in a very subtle way. It does not make you look oily or greasy and the shimmers do not travel around.

guerlain le blanc

it’s nearly impossible for me to make this show up on my skin, but here you go

guerlain le blanc de perle fotd

These balls are definitely brightening and whitening. They are perfect for fair to light /medium skin tones but if you go darker than let’s say NC/NW 30 it might look ashy. It really does lit up the skin, so don’t use too much because you might get a white cast. I was really impressed with the meteorites because honestly I didn’t really understood the whole fuss about these. They looked like a shimmery product to me in the tin and it scared me a little.  I don’t know how they do it but once you apply it on the skin you don’t see any of that. It’s really amazing if you want to look extra good because it flatters the skin in such a good way. As for the Blanc de Perle version, I’m really happy with this because I like the brightening effect. Another thing that I did not expect was how well it is at controlling the oil. I didn’t expect something like that at all but my face was actually still pretty good at the end of the day. I do think it depends on the foundation/base you wear under it, but still, it’s another great thing about it!

guerlain meteorites blanc fotd 2

So yes, this might look like your average white pearls at first glance but it’s not even close!

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