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Time flies even faster when the month only counts 28 days! Yes, we’re already leaving February tomorrow! I don’t mind it though because that means Spring is just coming a little closer every day. I even bought some fun bright coloured new clothes and now I’m aching to wear them out. We had snow this past weekend so we’re not quite there yet, haha. I also really want to say a big ‘Thank You’ for all those lovely nice comments on the new lay-out, I’m so happy with it, you have no idea! So what did I love this past month? I’m trying to exclude my recent reviews because it can get a bit too predictable. So here are the other things that I really loved too!


favourites feb dior le vernis, essie grow stronger



I haven’t been wearing a lot of nail polishes lately, I think I just tend to forget to do my nails, oops! But my absolute favourite ones are the cute little Dior Le Vernis nail polishes in Rouge Garconne and Ivory. They should sell them in stores because both are classic shades that every one should own. The formula is outstanding and just look at how cute they are! I’ve been wearing nail polishes since my teens but I never wore a base coat, oops. I kinda had to wear one after I stained my nails yet again. The one that I really love is Essie’s Grow Richer base coat. It dries really fast and it protects your nails against the staining of darker nail polishes. Just what I needed.


favourites feb erborian light bb cream



Something that I didn’t really had high hopes of was the Erborian BB Cream Light. There are so many BB Creams out already, is this really that special? It actually works really nice. Despite being described as a light BB cream it has actually really decent coverage. The shade runs very neutral and is a bit too light for my skin tone but it’s okay. What I like most about this is that it has a nice matte finish and it seems to work really well with my oily skin. I tend to use this almost every week now, it’s a very nice BB Cream.


feb favourites aesop



When I went to Senteurs D’Ailleurs in Brussels I decided to purchase a hair oil against itchy scalp. You really have some great service there and when I went to the register to pay I just hit the motherload of samples! The sales advisor was super nice and gave me an impressive amount of samples to try and the worst part is that I’m loving it! If you ever want to try an organic natural skin care line you might want to consider Aésop. Their products also really smell divine.


Favourites feb Tarina Tarantino and Revlon



I already blogged about the amazing Tarina Tarantino Jewel Shadow Palette. I’ve been especially loving the two lightest shades because they are both great for highlighting the eyes and for using under my brows. I think it’s because you can use just a very soft wash of colour that gives a very subtle amazing highlight to the skin. And we also have the Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Coral Reef. I’m not a biggest fan of lipgloss but I’m really loving this shade for layering over other lipsticks. If you put it on top of a pink lipstick you get a more coral shade and you know how I think about corals, right? ;)

I hope you all had a great February, let’s make March even better! ^^

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  1. Die revlon ziet er echt mooi uit!! En die bb cream staat al even op mijn wishlist, moet hem dringend toch eens gaan halen!

  2. The Erborian BB Cream Light sounds lovely. I love using Korean bb creams and haven’t found a decent western one.

  3. Lovely picks as usual, Teri! I love Essie–I don’t use this exact base coat but I do have another one and I love it. I also love their fast-drying top coat–soooo much better than Seche Vite in my opinion (mainly because it doesn’t get goopy towards the end of the bottle, it dries faster, and the chemically smell doesn’t knock me off my feet everytime I use it!! :P). I’ve had that Coral Reef gloss for months and months now but for some reason, I still have yet to use it! :/ Your post is inspiring me to dig it out and finally play with it, though :) Oh, and as for Tarina Tarantino shadows, I’ve heard a lot of really good things (and about their liners and especially blushes too!) and I definitely plan on getting a few things from the brand very soon! I am bummed that I missed out on buying the items when they were on clearance at Sephora but eh, what can you do :P

    • Oooh, thanks for the Essie tip, I’m going to get that one too now, hehe. Tarina Tarantino does great eye shadows, I would love to try out their blushes and pencils too! ^^

  4. Those Dior polishes are stunning! Two great classics… I’m very curious to try Aesop, I hear wonderful things.

    • Yeah, you should try! Definitely try something for the face, it’s amazing and I love how their products smell, very natural :).

  5. Ja die Aésop toch he, waarom ruiken die zo lekker allemaal.

  6. De BBcream klinkt interessant en verder natuurlijk je Dior rouge Garconne, mooi!

    • Er zijn echt zoveel BB creams tegenwoordig hé, je hebt te kiezen uit een groot aanbod! Maar deze is echt fijn omdat hij vrij mat is en dat is een groot pluspunt voor mij dan toch :).

  7. That Essie base coat has become a favorite of mine too. I only started using about two weeks ago, actually, but I already notice improvement. It’s a keeper!

    • So glad to hear that! I had one that made bubbles before but this one is just fine! It really helps a lot with getting my nails done ^^.

  8. Wat een leuke favorieten! Ik ben best benieuwd naar de Erborian BB cream:)



  9. Fijne favorieten had je deze maand!

  10. Mwahaha I’m so proud I got you hooked on Aesop! I’m seeing products I haven’t tried in your pile of samples. Must investigate ;)

  11. Oeh gorgeous dior lakjes!

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