the lipstick bandit

Oh hai, I’m a Lipstick Bandit now. Having this crazy lipstick addiction was getting out of hand and I spend all my moniez on all the lipstick and now I’m broke. I guess the dark side lured me in. They have cookies! And more importantly, they have lipsticks!

lipstick bandits 2

I like to play dress up and go to fancy parties. We’ll have fun, have a nice time. You charm the people and we dance together. Sounds like a perfect evening. And then BAM! Every women that arrives home suddenly realises that their favourite lipstick is gone out of their handbag. Just vanished! Well I don’t have anything to do with that at all! That growing pile of lipsticks? Well uh, that’s all mine of course!

lipstick bandit noob

Meet my two sidekicks: we have Nubis on one hand. You see that? He is wearing a little mask, ahahaha! Well I tried to convince him to join the gang but I’m not really sure if he is motivated enough. Lipsticks are just not his thing, dog treats on the other hand… He looks very nervous if you ask me. And he has this annoying urge to bark at people which blows our cover. I guess he needs more training.

the girl bandits

My other sidekick is Noodles. Yes, she is a girl too and lipsticks are fun…to play with. She is still a rookie like Nubis, jumping on high things is not her strongest point and she often tends to sleep on the job, amateur!

sleeping on the job

Oh no, Noodles fell asleep mid heist! You little slacker kitty!

Well I guess I’m mostly on my own here but luckily I have other lipstick bandits all over the world!

lipstick bandits 3

So what does this mean? I’m part of the gang now and this is my initiation post. We wear our mask and rock some sexy red lipstick and give a good first impression of ourself. I hope I’m nailing it :p. From now on you can expect a monthly post with a theme all about lipsticks! Which is right up my alley because I’m a lipstick junkie!

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And new to the Lipstick Bandits this time around:

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  1. what a cute look! And your sidekicks are so adorable! keep up the good work, I am enjoying your blog 🙂

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