Burberry Lip Velvet Honey Suckle


There is a hint of spring on today’s post. Everyone already moved onto all the spring collections and I thought ‘let’s say goodbye to winter and move on’. And this is the perfect opportunity to share my thoughts on Burberry’s Lip Velvet in a light, fun and very spring appropriate shade! I tend to hold a bit back when it comes to lighter matte lipsticks. They seem to be harder to be done right. Most of them look flaky and uneven and just uncomfortably dry on the lips which is such a pity because matte lipsticks are pretty in every colour in my opinion. I took the plunge with Burberry’s Lip Velvet and went for a lighter shade. I knew that Military Red was amazing so what about Honey Suckle?


Burberry Honeysuckle Velvet Lip

Burberry Lip Velvet Honey Suckle detail


Burberry Lip Velvet lipsticks come in a matte velvet finish. They are supposed to give a dense, luminous finish while the gel technology gives that light-weight feel on the lips. The Lip Velvets are made to last and hydrate the lips. The line contains various shades like nudes, rosey toned lipsticks, reds and pinks. The lipsticks come in square tubes. It seems like Burberry went for a strong square line in their cosmetic range because I can’t recall seeing anything round. The material is made from plastic but it still feels and looks like a high end lipstick. The way the lipstick opens and closes is with a magnetic system (like the Giorgio Armani lipsticks) which is neat because it closes really well. And then we have the lipstick itself. Behold: utter checkered perfection! Yes people, it has the famous checkers engraved in the lipstick itself and it feels like bliss to me! The first time I had to use it was actually a bit heartbreaking, lol! The lipstick itself has a faint smell of flowers.


Burberry Lip Velvet Honey Suckle Swatch

Burberry Lip Velvet Honey Suckle lipswatch


Honey Suckle 305 is a medium brightened warm coral. On me it leans more orange than pink but I think the pink shade will come out on the more cooler toned skins. The finish is definitely matte, and the interesting thing about Honey Suckle is that it contains micro shimmer. You can barely see it but there are little flacks of the tiniest shimmer ever. The formula is very easy to work with. The way I like to use it is just apply it straight from the bullet onto the lips, press firmly together and blend everything out with you finger. What I love about the formula is that it still stays quite pigmented when blending out but you do get a softer look. The lipstick did not settle into lines on me and it goes on very evenly.


Burberry Lip Velvet Honey Suckel Look


Now this is a bit of a different matte lipstick than I’m used to. It’s very lightweight on me, at one point I was wondering if it maybe had worn off but no, it was still doing it’s thing! The formula is not drying on me but in all honesty it did not feel that moisturising either. It does feel amazing for being a matte lipstick and it’s probably one of the more comfortable formulas that I tried out. A very lovely extra bonus is that it wears of slowly, leaving a soft light stain. Now that was something I did not expect from a shade like Honey Suckle. It survived a big dinner at my parents (you know how moms like to stuff you with all the food in the world, right?) and it was still there when I took off my make-up at night!


Burberry Lip Velvet Honey Suckle Look


So to sum it up: I’m quite impressed and aching for more of them! They are amazingly well pigmented, they are long lasting like nobody’s business, even a lighter shade like Honey Suckle looks good and pigmented on the lips and it feels great on the lips. The only little point of critique for me personally is the hydrating claim, it didn’t really do that on me. Now where is that Burberry counter again?

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  1. So pretty, might have to order one of these soon.

  2. Looks gorgeous on you ! And the pattern on the lipstick, luv it !

  3. Oh I am loving this color! As I go through more and more of your posts…I think we have really similar tastes :D With that said…I think I need this color in my life! :DD

  4. Oh my.. You could seriously sell me any shade of lipstick no matter how bad it looked on me! I adore this on you!

    • Lol, not sure if I can rock the black lipstick look, haha. I have the same thing with you and anything on your skin <3

  5. Very beautiful color!

  6. This color looks gorgeous. I especially love the matte finish. It’s matte but not flat.

  7. So pretty! I like the idea of a coral/pink for spring!

  8. Mooie kleur en prachtige foto’s !

  9. I have this one too! I love the texture! Maar helaas is deze kleur net iets te donker voor mij…

  10. WAUW! De verpakking, de kleur! Gorgeous <3 En je hebt een heel mooi kleedje/shirtje aan!

  11. Wauw, hij staat je echt prachtig!

  12. Wat mooi zeg! Alleen de print op de lipstick vind ik al erg mooi. Staat jou ook mooi die kleur :)

  13. Looks fabulous! And again, you just make the best pictures :-)

  14. I nearly bought this… NEARLY! Then I chose Sepia Pink instead :-)

  15. Oh my, I was swatching this shade back and forth, now I have to swatch it again! I love the idea of the soft mix of yellow and beige in this shade, along with orange and terracotta with some pink … love it! It suits your complexion so well Teri! This post kinda brightened up my mood a little, such a sunny shade :D and of course your beautiful smile ;)

    • Thanks a lot Claire, it sure made me happy too! I had such a hard time picking just one shade because they have a lot of awesome shades so I get you, lol!

  16. Whoaaa soooo pretty! I’m going to test the formula out with the baby Antique Pink I got, and then maybe get something else ;)

  17. leuk kleurtje en tof patroon :)

  18. Heeeel mooi en staat echt super bij je leuke topje!

  19. Ooh, that’s a very pretty colour on you! Plus, I love the bright top. It suits you very well!

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