bobbi brown gel liner black ink and eye liner brush


Today we’re going back to basics, let’s talk about something we can’t miss…eyeliner! Ding ding! That’s right, this girl can’t live without it. My favourites are the ones with a felt tip and the gel liners. They are both different so that’s why I have both. My very first gel liner  was Mac Black Track, oooh that thing lasted aaages! The Bobbi Brown gel liner seems to have quite a fan base too and I got really lucky when I received a sample of this together with the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner brush. I had quite some expectations when it came to the gel liner, so read on to hear the verdict!


bobbi brown gel liner black ink 2


The Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liners come in a little glass jar with a black cap. It’s like most gel liner packaging but the cap is sturdy, it doesn’t let air through and you can really close it off like it’s supposed to. This is a big deal since some of the cheaper gel liner versions dry out because of the packaging. You get 3 g of product and I think it’s around 23-25 euro here but I’m not entirely sure. The great thing about Bobbi Brown gel liners and actually a lot of their products is that they offer a nice variety of shades. It’s a bit harder to find coloured gel liners, especially in shades like violet, blue and green. These gel liners are described as long wearing with the look of fluid liner and apparantly they are supposed to be water resistant too!


bobbi brown gel liner black ink

bobbi brown gel pot


Black Ink 1 is described s a jet black liner. To me it’s black but with a slight hint of greyness to it. What I really like about the gel liner is that it’s mat! You don’t really see that often, they mostly have a sheen going on, but this one is really matte. Now here is my issue with the Bobbi Brown gel liner: it swatches very easily and smooth, looking perfectly black. But once I use it on my eyes it’s a bit of a different story. For some reason I find it hard to apply. The texture is a bit too dry or it’s just not emollient enough? It’s not too bad though, it just requires a bit more work than my usual gel liner. On my eyes it goes on a bit grey at the start but if you build it up you get a nice black shade. The formula is great for people who want to work slow because it’s easy to correct mistakes.


bobbi brown gel liner black ink swatch

bobbi brown gel liner eye swatch

bobbi brown gel liner eye swatch 2


So once I’m over the process of applying this it get’s better. It wears very well, probably the best of the three gel liners I got. You don’t have to worry about smudging or travelling because this sucker stays put! It’s also really easy to remove, I just use my Bioderma cleanser and that’s enough to get the job done. So when it comes to that it’s a great gel liner. I also want to add that I think that this might be a really great option for people with oily eye lids because the formula is not slippery, creamy but rather dry. So yes, I do understand why this is such a well loved gel liner: it stays on like a boss and it’s easy to remove. However the tricky application is something that I really dislike. It might be one from a bad batch? I’m not sure, but on the other hand gel liners are one of those things that are quite personal, I hear so many different things when it comes to that.


bobbi brown gel liner black ink


The Ultra Fine Eye Liner brush is great for using the gel liner. I think it’s around 24 euro here. I wasn’t too sure about it when I first saw it, it looked so thick and wide. I had to get used to it at first but it’s actually really easy. This brush has a flat pointed tip. This allows to create thin and thicker lines. You can actually create really fine lines with this if you use it right. Another nice thing is that the tip is not too floppy, you can actually really get good control over the brush and that’s a big plus. What I like about Bobbi Brown Brushes is that they very straight forward. They are simple but good. On each handle you can see what they are supposed to get used for so it’s great for people like my mom or sister who get easily confused about the amount of different brushes!


bobbi brown eye liner brush


So to conclude this review: they are both great but you might need to get used to it. I’m still a bit unsure about the tricky formula of the gel liner but maybe it’s me, maybe it’s a bit dried out, who knows?  Still, it doesn’t stop it from  performing great on my eyes and that’s what we want at the end of the day: no raccoon eyes! The brush is great to consider too because it works well with the formula of the  gel liner because it packs a bit more product than the average liner brush. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my conclusion of the famous Bobbi Brown gel liner!

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  1. Hey, you mentioned in one of your comments that you also use a ultra thin mac brush? Which one do you use? I’m trying to find a good mac brush for gel fluidline….the MUA recommended me the 266 brush but its way too thick for me :( that or I dunno what I’m doing. I was interested in the BB brush, but you said it was tricky to use… and I’m really just a novice at this. But I am so amazed by how thin you lines your upper lids…. wonderful :o

    • It’s the 210 brush. It’s great for very thin lines. The Bobbi Brown one became my favourite though. It takes a bit of time to get used to it but it’s an amazing brush! But if you really want to go for thin lines I’d go for 210! ^^

  2. Vanwaar kom je ! Je hebt hele mooie lange wimpers ! En i Lovee Black ink ! Sepia ink heb ik ook maar persoonlijk gebruik ik geen bruine eyeliner

  3. i had a hard time with the bobbi brown brush too. Weird, huh? You’d think if it was meant for it, it wouldn’t be such a pain? Anyway, i love this liner! :)

  4. Gel and liquid are my faves too. I absolutely love these! I actually think its a breeze to apply with a MAC liner brush. I though the BB brush was awful for making a precise line, it makes a smudge mess. This definitely is the best lasting.

  5. That was a very informative review. It’s great that you described things that you can’t really see in a swatch or picture.

    I think the dryness may just be how the product is — every store sample I’ve ever seen also has been quite “dry.”

    Something else that I was wondering, though, is how well it smudges. For everyday, I usually use a thin smudged line. MAC fluidline has worked great for me, so I’m not really tempted to switch things up…

    • Thanks Vanessa, comments like yours make my day! I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing the dryness, I thought it might be just me ^^. About the smudging, it’s a bit tricky because it seems to dry down quite fast. Mac Fluidline was my gel liner for years! Have you tried Maybelline’s gel liner? I have it and I love it even more!

    • I have been very tempted to try Maybelline’s gel liner! I think I might just have to try it now.

      Thanks for the feedback on smudging ^_^ Much appreciated!

    • It’s my pleasure Vanessa :). I’ve heard stories of Maybelline working great on ppl, but also some stories of it smudging on some. On me it stays on great tho, so I guess you’ll have to find out :). Luckily it’s cheap! ;)

  6. Mijn favoriete gel liner is die van Catrice, deze lijkt me ook erg fijn.

  7. i actually bought this product last week. Anf i’m quite disapointed by the “long lasting” but, it rubs of on my upper lid during the day…

    • Aaaaw, I’m so sad to hear that :(. Make-up is a tricky thing right? What works for one might not be too great on another. I hope you find a gel liner that works for you soon! ^^

  8. Looks fab! It looks great on you.

  9. I’m glad to hear that this one stays put! The Clinique one I’m using now travels all over the place and fades. :( I still think liquid liners are my favorite, but perhaps the next time I need a gel I will give this one a go!

    • Aaaaw, so sorry to hear that Larie! I’m actually pretty lucky with gel liners because they all stay great on me. My current favourite is the Maybelline one, have you tried that one yet?

  10. Ik vind het resultaat er wel goed uitzien op je ogen!

  11. I had a similar “dry” texture issue with a MAC LE gel liner. Frustrated, I scraped away the crumbly top and beneath was a much creamier, smoother product. Not sure it that’ll help – I had just heard so many people say good things about the MAC product, I couldn’t believe my luck! BTW, I love how you do your liner – mine always comes out with an awkward hook shape even though I try to follow the line of my lower lid :( I will live vicariously through you!

    • Great tip Angela, I’m gonna try it next time I use it :). Creating a perfect eye liner is still a very hard thing to do here ;). Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s like a 3 y/o first attempt :p. So hey, you’re not alone!

  12. This is my first ever gel liner and I absolutely loved it! Difficult to use up the little pot though… and I ended up throwing it out because I had it for more than 2 years. No adverse whatsoever, but it just felt like the time’s up :-) I will definitely repurchase if there weren’t so many new things to try! LOL

    • Yeah gel liners seem to last forever right? I had my fluidline for aaages now too and it’s still going strong, but like you said, it might be a pool of icky stuff :p

  13. Oh I swear by that brush! I think I love it so much because I can easily do a thicker line with it. Since I have monolids, if I use a MAC 266 type of brush it’ll just take me FOREVER to do my eyeliner. With this one it’s done in a cinch!

    • True! I think it’s great for monolids, well for a lot of eye types really. Never thought I would love a brush like this!

  14. Ooh klinkt super! Bedankt voor je recensie Teri, was hier al een tijdje benieuwd naar.

    • Graag gedaan Emma :). Ik heb hem echt speciaal een lange tijd uitgetest om er zeker van te zijn wat ik er nu van vond ^^.

  15. Hi Teri,

    Bobbi’s Black Ink liner and ultra fine eyeliner were probably amongst my first ‘real’ makeup products! I think I have a newer pot somewhere in my collection still!

    • Oh yay! I guess I’m really late to the party, haha. It used to be a bit tricky to get to a BB counter but now they have one in town right here, yay!

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