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This post is not only dedicated to Valentine’s Day but to romance, feeling pretty and even spring that is almost there! I’m personally not the biggest fan of Valentine because you should celebrate love more than just once a year (I know this sounds so cheesy) but it might be a nice excuse to do something extra. For all the single people out there, not to worry, you might find a great person one day but it doesn’t hurt to embrace the life of a single person in the mean while, haha. Feel good and you will look good!

Me and my fiancé are almost together for 8 years and that’s a good while I guess. We have our own little dysfunctional family and I couldn’t miss it for a second! It’s not always love and sunshine though, after being together for such a time you get to know each other in a way and it’s not always pretty. There are some challenges to overcome but it made us stronger and life looks good now!

I always like to make myself pretty, not for the boyfriend though but for myself! My mood is really set on spring now, I’m so over winter right now and I’m longing to lighter, brighter shades. My favourite shades for spring are definitely pinks, corals, fuchsia,  so here are my favourite picks! Great for a lovely natural and light look with a pop of soft pink or bright fuchsia!


valentine face products



I’m such a fan of natural dewy and glowing skin. Light coverage, a natural finish with a bit of a sheen, but in a controlled way. The Giorgio Armani Maestro make-up is amazing to achieve the most natural looking skin. It’s not really a foundation, let’s say it’s more like a skin enhancer. It’s very light in both feel and coverage, but it makes your skin looks like perfection! An all time favourite is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I actually like the original version too, they both work on me. These foundation look like sin when you apply them and they give a gorgeous dewy finish. It’s also my absolute favourite foundation to use in photographs.


valentine blushes



As for blush I tend to go for softer shades when the weather gets warmer. My favourite shades are pinky corals. Two Mac blushes that I wear all the time are Dainty: a soft glowing pink and Something Special: a creamy, dewy pink with a slight hint of coral. They both add a nice glowy pop of pink on the cheeks and it’s really hard to overdo it!


valentine eye shadows



For eye shadows I thought of two options. We have Benefit Creaseless Cream in Skinny Jeans. This is great for an instant sexy smokey eye without looking too intense. It’s very easy to build up the shade so you can play around with layers. My other pick is the amazing Burberry Pale Barley. This is great to combine with a bolder lip because the shade is so easy-going and neutral.


katy perry oh honey lashes



Add some flirty falsies if you feel like it. My absolute favourite falsies are the Eylure Katy Perry lashes in Oh Honey! They are natural looking and give fullness and length to your own lashes. You get those pretty wide-eyed Bambi peepers!


valentine lippies


valentine lip products detail



It looks like I fell hard for the glossy stain kinda lip products because I picked three! First we have the L’oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick in Dating Coral. This is great to combine with a slightly heavier eye-look because it’s lighter and softer on the lips. Another great option is the YSL Glossy Stain in 13 Rose Tempura. This is a bold bright fuchsia that goes on like a gloss but stains after it wears off. For the people that prefer matte lips we have Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in Ecstasy 504. It’s also a fuchsia but lighter and in a different finish. It’s the same idea, it stains when it wears off! Last pick is the more affordable L’oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain in Juliet (very appropriate  right?). This is a red pink shade with a glossy finish. The coverage is sheerer than the YSL and Armani version but it’s my current favourite out of all. It’s amazingly comfortable on the lips and again, it stains! You better have some kiss-proof lips!

Those are my favourite picks when it comes to romantic events or pinks. I do have another amazing fuchsia lipstick to share with you but that one will be coming up this week featuring in a look. Don’t forget that I love you too, my dear lovely readers! You make me so happy whenever you stop by and maybe even say hi. ^^ I hope you all have a great week!

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