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Guys, I’m doing a tag today! Haven’t done one for decades and I always enjoy reading other tags and this one kinda got stuck in my head. So how much of stuff do I smear on my face on a regular base? It’s a bit tricky because I often change blushes and eyeshadow, so I took my recently most used products. I’m going to do a rough guess now and I think it’s around 180 euro? Let’s see!


tag products



Daily Face Products:

Estée Lauder Daywear BB Cream: 31.05 Euro

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer: 18 euro

Mac Cremeblend Blush in Something Special: 21 euro

Mac Cream Colour Base In Hush: 18,50 euro

Mac Pro Sculpting Powder in Bone Beige: 21 euro

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in Clair: 42 euro


daily products detail 2



Daily Eye Products:

Urban Decay Primer Potion: was with the Naked 1 palette so I’m not sure if I have to count that in

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette: 44 euro

Maybelline Gel Liner: 14 euro

Shiseido Nourishing Base: 23 euro

Mac Eye Shadows in Concrete, Naked Lunch: 12 euro each (refills) so total of 24 euro

Max Factor False Lash Effect: normal price is 17 euro but I only buy them when on sale for 10 euro

Gosh Brow Gel: 8 euro


daily products detail


Daily Lip Products:

L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Shine: 14 euro


daily face


this is how it looks on

Okay, now the moment of truth! *Faints* Holy cow, that’s like 288.55 euro!!! Okay I’m truly shocked now, lol! The worst thing about this is that I used fairly reasonable priced products because you know I like to change it up a bit with Guerlain or Dior. I don’t want to even know how much of money my little collection is worth. My boyfriend would die! But then again he has his useless game and cartoon collection, muahaha! Anyway, this is definitely a good tag to be more aware of the stuff that you use on a daily/weekly base because it’s such an eye opener! It really got me thinking ‘do I really need much more of make-up?’. Probably not, but can I resist it? Hardly but we’re working on it!

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  1. Love you hair!! Great post!

  2. i used to keep my collection in a spreadsheet w prices and everything, and it was appalling lol. Like… $1500 a few years ago lol. But anyways, pretty picks for everyday makeup! :) I’m scared to do this tag, but you are definitely making me think about it!

  3. Ik durf niet te berekenen hoeveel mijn make-upcollectie waard is, minstens een half maandloon als je het mij vraagt. In dit geval wil ik het niet weten, hihi

  4. Je reactie is veel gedeeld denk ik. Maarja, wie kan nu echt letterlijk niet leven zonder make-up-waarschijnlijk niemand, toch dragen we (-> veel mensen) toch elke dag wat op het gezicht.

  5. haha funny one!

    specially love ur photography skills :)

  6. Oookay–I just calculated my “daily” (lately, at least) face and it came to $359.29. Eeps! I really did NOT think it would be that much! And i didn’t even count 2 palettes because I was given them free of charge. Oy…this was fun but also a tiny bit disturbing :P haha

  7. Hi Teri, I dare not to calculate how much $ I put on my face. I’ll be very very guilty. The least guilty part is my EOS lip balm, about $2 from Ulta. Use it everyday and love it. Really fund post xx

  8. Jeetje! Daar sta je helemaal niet bij stil he? Je hebt wel prachtige producten moet ik zeggen!

  9. Ik had iets van 220 euro denk ik, dus op zicht valt dit dan ook nog goed mee :D

  10. This is a great tag. It really got me to start thinking how much makeup I own. I’ll probably have a heart attack too.

  11. Deze tag wil ik ook nog eens doen! Ik denk dat ik ook wel enorm ga schrikken, haha. Mijn vriend zal ook wel doodvallen bij het horen van dat bedrag. :D

  12. Ik durf het mijne niet uittellen. Want eigenlijk zou ik dan ook mijn crème en serum moeten tellen. Auch… :)

  13. Haha there is a reason why I don’t want to do this tag: the number will give me a heart attack for sure! I like how flawless your skin looks here. Very smooth and so so clean!

  14. Duidelijk geen girl on a budget :-)

  15. I like to think of ‘cost per wear’ in regards to higher priced items, If its something you use everyday and it was an expensive product then you dont need to feel guilty.
    I switch up my makeup products pretty much everyday so the price would vary for me!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    • Yeah I know :). Cost per wear is so hard to calculate tho :p. Gosh, wearing literally that much of money in make-up on my face would make me feel uncomfortable!

  16. I just did this tag–looks like our numbers are similar lol!! I felt kinda guilty after seeing how much everything costs together though it will certainly give me the motivation I need to finish products before buying!

    • Oh fun! I love to see other ppl’s tags :). And yes, it really makes you wanting to finish up that big pile of untouched products!

  17. It’s shocking isn’t it? On the other hand, how crazynis it to ask us 17€ for a drugstore mascara!? Makeup is so expensive here! That’s why I almost don’t shop drugstore, it’s almost the price of Mac and you don’t have as much choice!

    • Yeah I know! Drugstore mascaras are really pricey for the past years! I always wait till some kind of promo is going on because I do love my MF mascara :p

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