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This blog is suspiciously looking a lot like a lipstick blog lately and I’m the one to blame ofcourse! I can’t help it but I have this strong need of collecting all the lipsticks in the world! And blushes too lately, oh dear… Matte lipsticks are a big hit the last two years and I’m not complaining at all. It’s such a nice change from seeing all the glossy shiny finishes and it gives a very elegant sophisticated look. I felt a bit uninspired lately but a little friend (I’m looking at you Sunny!) gave me the awesome idea to do this post so here we go! What do we have to offer to you today? A nice mix of different brands, ranging from cheap to expensive, but all described as a matte lipstick.

mac and rimmel

rimmel and mac

 top to bottom: Mac Scarlet Ibis, Rimmel Kiss of Life

Let’s start with these two affordable beauties,shall we? We have the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate and the Mac Matte formula in Scarlet Ibis. I find that these are very close in feel and texture. They both have a drier formula but they aren’t overly dry on the lips. They both offer an outstanding pigmentation and they last a good time on the lips.As for the matte finish, I’d say that Mac’s finish is slightly more mat. The biggest difference is the price, Rimmel’s lipstick is around 12 euro and Mac’s lipstick is around 18.50 euro. Mac offers a lot more colours though. You might want to look at Rimmel’s range first :).

armani and guerlain

guerlain and giorgio armani

 from top to bottom: Guerlain Gourmandaise, Giorgio Armani 504

Next up are two liquid lipsticks. We got plenty of liquid lipsticks now a days but matte liquid lipsticks? Those are more unique. The two I own are the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait and Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro. Although I love the Lip Maestro I do love Guerlain’s version a lot better. The packaging is prettier (but bulkier) and the formula seems to work better on me. Lip Maestrois describe as a matte lipstick but I find it more of a satin finish. The lipstick also doesn’t seem to really dry down on the lips while L’Extrait really clings to the lips. Both feel great on the lips and I really like the shades they offer. The Giorgio Armani version is slightly more expensive than the Guerlain one so I do recommend to take a look at Guerlain first.

givenchy and tom ford

tom ford and givenchy

 from top to bottom: Givenchy Carmin Escarpin, Tom Ford Diabolique

Last but not least are Tom Ford’s Diabolique and Givenchy’s new lipstick Le Rouge. I know that Tom Ford’s lipstick is limited edition but I’m sure you can still find it. When we look at the packaging we see a huge contrast, we got  rocker chic on one side and a classic beauty on the other side. They both are amazingly well pigmented but the formulas are very different. Givenchy has a more emollient formula while Tom Ford is drier. Givenchy has a slight sheen to it. I’d say that Tom Ford is longer wearing because it clings to the lips more. It does require a bit of work to apply on the lips while Givenchy’s formula is more forgiving. Tom Ford is a lot more expensive and the regular lipstick line isn’t matte, so if you want this you better act fast!

matte lipstick love

matte lipstick swatches

 top to bottom: Givenchy, Tom Ford, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, Mac and Rimmel

When it comes to the lipstick with the most matte finish I’d say it’s a tie between Mac and Tom Ford. My favourite formula is Guerlain but I also really love the ease of use of Rimmel’s lasting finish. I definitely want some more matte lipsticks though, I just really love the finish. On the wishlist is Hourglass and Burberry, can’t wait to try those! I hope you enjoyed this little round up and would love to hear your favourite matte lipstick!

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