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I know all the blogs are flooded with swatches and reviews of all the lovely spring collections but let’s not forget the good old permanent ones. I like a bit of both, if anything from a collection catches my eye I go for it and in between the releases of those I usually save up for products that I’ve been eyeing for a while. I received Rouge G Grenade together with some other goodies which I will review soon but I fell hard for Grenade. It’s no secret that Guerlain’s Rouge G lipsticks are one of my all time favourites and I tend to collect them like crazy. However these don’t come cheap so I was over the moon when I received two of them!


guerlain grenade


Guerlain rouge g grenade detail


For the ones who aren’t familiar with Rouge G lipsticks, here is the deal: They come in a very pretty but slightly bulky packaging with beautiful details. When you slide out the lipstick you get to see a little mirror which is actually useful! The lipsticks are quite hefty though, the quality is there but it’s not the most favourite lipstick to carry around when you tend to hamster products in your handbag like me. A Rouge G lipstick goes for around 38 euro here which places it in the higher price range, but it’s worth it. Rouge G lipsticks are overall creamy, very pigmented and come in a wide range of shades. The finishes are mostly creamy.


guerlain grenade swatch

guerlain grenade lip swatch


Grenade 65 is a medium pink red shade that slightly leans to the warm side. It has very fine shimmers in it. Now don’t be fooled with this shade because when you see the lipstick itself it looks a bit darker and more muted. On the lips however it turns into a pretty pink lip leaning to red. It has a subtle brightness going on, enough to grab your attention but not too much that it becomes really bright.I really appreciate the perfect balance of this shade because it works well with a lot of looks. You can still wear this with heavier eye looks but it’s also great for making a natural look a bit more interesting. The pigmentation is outstanding as always. The finish is slightly because of the glitter, I guess it gives a bit more dimension. The glitters are very fine and subtle and do not travel around.


guerlain rouge g grenade fotd


I bet that this is going to be my new favourite colour! It’s perfect for the transition of winter and spring. It’s not too bright and pink but it’s not dark either. It’s the type of shade that you could where any time really. The formulation was slightly different, it seems to have a bit more slip. To make sure it didn’t travel around I set it with a bit of powder but it wasn’t really an issue. The formula is very easy to work with too. As for wear time, it’s slightly shorter than the ones without shimmer, but it’s very close. I would love to see this shade on warmer skin tones because it would lean more coral on them which is stunning too. It’s a very universal shade though so overall I think it’s one of those colours you really want to check out!


guerlain rouge g grenade fotd 2

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  1. Wow I think thishas to be put on my wishlist! gorgeous xx

  2. I can see why you love this. You wear reds and rich pink so well, better than anyone. Stunning!

  3. I don’t need another lemming, Teri. I love the formula of these lipsticks, I’ve been trying so hard not to cave. Looks gorgeous on you darl!!

  4. Love it Teri! I think I have found yet another Guerlain buddy :D :*

  5. Wowww! zo mooi! Ik heb nu ook zo’n Guerlain lipstick en hoewel ‘ie super zwaar aanvoelt geeft ‘ie me ook een enorm luxe gevoel haha. love it <3

  6. Looks great on you! I wasn’t too sure about the color when I saw the swatch, but it turned out to be very pretty.

  7. Mooie kleur, staat je mooi!

  8. I love this color on you :) x

  9. Prachtige kleur ! Inderdaad een mooie tussenseizoenskleur.

  10. Love the color~~ Your hair’s really nice on these pictures :D

    • Thanks! I just did a blow dry when I took the pics ;). It’s the only moment when my hair looks actually nice, lol!

  11. Sexy lips! Guerlain Rouge G is one of the best packaging and the texture makes my lip looks juicy!

  12. OOOO yeah this one is the bomb!

  13. Wat een mooie kleur, niet te opvallend maar geeft toch net dat beetje extra. Love it!

  14. Mooie kleur en staat je goed! Geeft me een beetje “my lips but better” gevoel.

  15. Zo’n mooie kleur, en dan nog de lipstick zelf, Pretty!

  16. jij staat echt met alle kleuren hé :)

  17. Deze kleur is supe mooi en erg draagbaar, ik snap wat je bedoelt!

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