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Let’s talk about mascaras today. I find them unmissable in my routine. If I ever skip it in my beauty routine it would just look wonky and weird. Some people are blessed with full luscious lashes but mine are just tiny and barely noticeable so a good mascara is a must-have! When it comes to mascaras I tend to always stick to the same thing, if it works, why not? I also find mascaras a very personal thing, you hear so many different experiences from just one mascara so go find one that works for you! Today I’m reviewing my first high end mascara. I usually go to drugstore mascaras because they have a very short shelf life and you need to throw them away after a few months anyway. So this is a first for me, let’s see how it went.


givenchy noir couture mascara


givenchy noir couture mascara detail


Noir Couture is described as a 4 in 1 mascara and promises to condition, curl, lengthen and volumize. It is formulated with the patented Mister Lash Booster. This will condition and strengthen your lashes over time. Sounds like an impressive mascara already! The mascara comes in two shades: black satin and brown satin. The product holds 8 g and is around 30 euro. What I really like about the mascara is the packaging. It’s black with silver details and very simple. But the materials used for this feels luxurious, this feels hefty and sturdy. When you open it you see the mascara brush, something with an interesting shape. It has the shape of three spiky balls next to each other. It reminded me a bit of the Fairy drops mascara, something with the same idea.


givenchy noir couture mascara brush


The mascara has a very nice creamy formula. It’s definitely not too wet. Make sure to remove excessive product from the mascara wand for a clean application. The brush is something to adjust to a bit and has a slight learning curve. Once used to it you will start to appreciate the shape of the wand though. The formula is very easy and even after several layers it doesn’t start to clump. This is how I use it: first I apply it like with a mascara wand and go through the lashes and wiggle it a bit. Not too much though, this wand works better if you just comb it through with a little wiggle. When you have the mascara on all your lashes you use the ball on the end of the wand for defining the lashes. It’s incredible easy and I love how much control you get over your lashes that way. This way you just simply brush all the clumps out and you have nice defined lashes! It’s also great for the lower lashes because you just use the end of the brush.


givenchy noir couture before 2


givenchy noir couture after


I’ll be honest here, I was a bit scared that this mascara would be a disappointment because 80% of the mascaras don’t work on me. On me it works great but it’s not perfect. What did it do? it’s a great mascara for definition and volume. You will get a very natural effect, if you have longer and thicker lashes this will really enhance your lashes in a great way! It also added some length but just slightly. When it comes to curl, there is no mascara in the world that is able to curl my lashes. For me the formula is just a bit too heavy and it weighs down the curl. However if you use a lash primer it will hold it and the issue is solved. If you have curly lashes already then this will not be an issue but if you are struggling with straight or even downward pointing lashes this will need an extra curl from your lash curler afterwards. The mascara holds for the whole day, which I really appreciate and it does not crumble or anything. So to put it short: great mascara for people with nice lashes!


givenchy noir couture before


givenchy noir couture after 2

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  1. have you tried the mister lash booster, or whatever the primer is called? I heard good things from a coworker, but i’m SO stuck on Diorshow Maximizer – such an amazing primer for really ANY mascara! You should try it! :) anyway, your lashes do look really pretty with this! :)

    • Nope, haven’t tried the lash booster yet and the Dior one either! But I heard some good things about the Dior one so I might check that one out :).

  2. Dit is mijn huidige favoriet, ik ben al aan mijn derde bezig!

  3. For people with great lashes? That is definitely not me :P

  4. Het borsteltje ziet er zo funky uit met die drie bolletjes en mooi natuurlijk resultaat geeft die!

  5. Oh I like how natural looking this mascara is! I’m like you where a lot of mascaras don’t really work on me…so I’m always nervous to try out new ones.

    Glad this one is working out! :D

  6. a really great high end mascara which does wonders for short barely there lashes is CHANEL’s le volume mascara. it has changed the way I look at my eyelashes.

  7. This shape of wand is beyond my understanding. I know what you mean, great mascara for those with great lashes. Mine point downwards and are terrible at holding a curl. Do you have any suggestions for a primer? I’ve never tried one and that sounds like a great idea! Great images :-)

    • My favourite primer is the one from Shiseido, it’s so good! I also heard that Dior’s primer is really good too! Try it out because you will not be able to live without it anymore!

  8. I am not convinced by the result. I think that sometimes the brands take their so-called innovations a bit too far. Sometimes it is just better to keep things simple. I will take a normal mascara brush any day! :-)

  9. We hebben deze ook in huis, maar ik vind het absoluut geen fijne mascara. Het is net zoals je zegt, de formule lijkt heel zwaar en ik kan er absoluut geen lengte mee opbouwen.

  10. We hebben deze ook in huis, maar ik vind het absoluut geen fijne mascara. Het is net zoals je zegt, de formule lijkt heel zwaar en ik kan er absoluut geen lengte mee opbouwen.

  11. I always have to stop myself from zigzagging like mad with a wand like this. It’s a cool shape, but if you zigzag too much it could clump really bad!

  12. I like this mascara. it’s not the best of the best but the effect it gives is amazing still. I also like the brush a lot.

  13. This is my favorite mascara ! Me too I have asian eyes with very little lashes but I fall in love with it even if it’s pricey I think it’s a good investment ! :)

  14. Ik denk dat dat borsteltje zou zorgen voor een disaster bij mij :-) !

  15. Wat een grappig borsteltje! Hij ziet er opzich wel goed uit, maar ik ben niet helemaal blown away. Ik denk dat je voor de helft van de prijs een mascara kan vinden die ongeveer hetzelfde doet. Ik vind de verpakking wel echt prachtig trouwens, met dat zwart en zilver. Heel chique.

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