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Yep, everyone is doing it and I just love seeing what everyone liked this past year. It’s incredibly hard to choose because there were a lot of great collections and new products that I discovered. When I look back at 2012 I can see how I had some trends going on in my product buys. Fuchsia lips, blurple nailpolish, red lipsticks, blushes and the perfect rusty red nail polish were definitely my obsessions. Another thing that happened was the switch to more high end brands. Not that I don’t like drug store products any more, but I came at a point that I had everything that I wanted. So now I opt for pretty packaging that holds a great product. So this is my list of what stood out for me!


skin care



Skincare: I decided to not include my facial skincare products, because they are very individual to me. Instead of that I’m presenting you my absolute favourite make-up cleanser: Bioderma Sensibio H2O for sensitive skin. It’s a bit hit among beauty bloggers and You Tubers. I tried other micelles solutions but none of them can live it up to the Bioderma one. It’s very much like water, but with some serious make-up removing power! The other winner is the Caudalie Huile Divine. I keep on raving about this and I will never stop! It’s just amazing for my hair! You can use it any way you want, hair skin, body. It has a great scent and the oil is so rich without being greasy. It’s the perfect dry oil!




Face: this one was rather easy! First I have my absolute favourite foundations from Bourjois Healthy Mix range. They are inexpensive and blend into the skin like a dream. I love the light feeling of it and the scent is so uplifting!. One of my big discoveries of last year was concealer (yeah, I’m slow) and Mac Pro Longwear concealer is still my absolute favourite. I can use it on blemishes and under the eyes and that’s why I like it so much. The finish is rather mat and is quite good for oily skins. One of my newer favourites is the Estee Lauder Daywear BB Cream. It’s the only thing that I wear lately whenever I want to use foundation or tinted moisturiser. It’s amazing for oily skin and keeps you mat all day!




Blush: this is not that easy actually. For some reason I was quite ‘meh’ about blush but I guess I suddenly got the bug or something because now it’s one of the first things that I look for. Illamasqua Tweak is a big winner for me because it’s such an easy colour and very versatile. I know it looks a bit scary but it’s fine! I used it loads and as you can see it still looks like new! My other pick is the Estee Lauder Pure Colour blush in Exotic Pink. The packaging is so pretty and the blush itself is very pigmented and it gives you a very nice understated pink flush. Both blushes last all day long.


urban decay



Eyeshadow: I have to go for Urban Decay. I do have a lot of eye shadows to choose from but Urban Decay is definitely one of my most used brands when it comes to that. They have the Naked palettes, a genius idea and they are just so easy to use! I think most of their palettes are a very nice deal, you get very pigmented buttery eye shadows for a very good price and they often include extras like a brush, an eye shadow pencil, a lipgloss or an eye primer.


eye liners



Eye liner: I couldn’t chose just one, so I went for my three favourites. First we have the great inexpensive Maybelline gel liner. It comes with a little brush, so it’s great for anyone starting with make-up too! What I love most about it is the texture, it’s very creamy and easy to work with. The lasting power is just perfect on me, so yeah, what do you want more!  Then we got the Stila Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. It’s very black, stays on all day and I love the tip. I still use it and it’s just amazing that it still works! Same story with the Dolly Wink eye liner, the point is a bit different and a bit more precise but it rocks my world!


guerlain lip products



Lipstick: this is very predictable I’m sure, haha. Guerlain wins all the way! Still a very big fan of the Rouge G lipsticks and Gracy is one of my favourite lip colours at the moment. When I heard about the Rouge G L’Extrait I was very excited and it did not disappoint! It’s definitely one of my favourite liquid lipsticks. They are so creamy on the lips, they dry down and stay on and I just love the matte finish!





Lipgloss: It’s tie between Mac and Dior. They are very different and I love them for different reasons. The Mac Lipglass lipglosses are the most sticky lipgloss that I ever came across to but they stay on like a true champ! The pigmentation is also really impressive! The Dior Ultra gloss on the other hand is so incredibly comfy on the lips. They really moisturise and they are just a dream on the lips.





Drug store finds: I wanted to add my favourite finds and these are such big winners for me. The Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks by Kate are amazing! I love the mat finish, the feel, the staying power and the colours. Actually the whole Lasting Finish lipstick line is worth to look at because they are just great! Then we got the Maybelline Color Tattoos. We had to wait for them quite a while here but I was hooked the first second I tried them. The staying power is just out of this world and these do not crease despite being a cream eye shadow! I hope they bring out some more shades here soon!


nail polish



Nail polish: impossible to just pick two! A England is my most recent discovery and I am definitely going to order some more shades. If you like darker unique shades, check out that brand! Guerlain Riviera started my whole blurple nail polish obsession so no explanation needed there! Great finish and formula. Opi Germany collection was one of my favourite collections last year and Germanicure was the perfect red that I was looking for! As for more summery colours I pick Dior Saint Tropez, it’s an positively loaded light blue that just lights up your nails. The formula is great too!





And I’m ending this list with my favourite brushes. I can’t believe that I waited so long to try them! The Real Technique brushes are cheap, animal friendly and amazingly soft! I can’t live without the expert face brush and the buffing brush. They are so easy to clean too and I am absolutely going to order some more!

I wish you all the best for 2013! Hope you had a great time celebrating!


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