dior vernis 943


I had a bit of a Christmas moment again when I received a big package from the PR of LVMH a few weeks back. It contained so many pretty things. One of them was a little grey box with Dior written on it. So you know it must be something good inside there, right? I opened it and squeeled because what did I see? Two mini  Dior Vernis nail polishes being all cute and pretty! I love the formula of Dior nail polishes and they wear really well on the nails too, so I was a happy little blogger that day! I love how the box has two very different colours, something very soft and natural and a very strong vampy shade.


dior vernis in 108 and 943

dior vernis brush detail

dior vernis mini vs full size

mini version vs full version


Mini versions like these are not for sale but you can find them as a gift with purchase if you are lucky. It’s a great way to experience the formula and the colour. I was quite pleased to see that the mini version contains 7 ml which is actually really good! The full versions come in 10 ml bottles and go for 22 euro. They have a silver cap that you remove and then you’ll see the actual cap. The brush is wide and flat but the minis have a classic brush. It’s a bit trickier to work with, but it works. I’m not sure how I missed out on this but I checked the shade selection and was quite surprised about the amount of colours that they have to offer. I see some really yummy summery shades that I want to pick up!


dior vernis 108

dior vernis ivory


Ivory is a milky pale pink. It kind of reminds me of ballerinas somehow. Like this is what they would wear on their nails. It has a very nice glossy finish. This shade is not really meant to go fully opaque, you can still see some of your own nails peeking though. But for me this is a very nice way to achieve a very easy manicured look. Depending on how many layers you use, you get more opacity or less. I thought it would clash a bit with my warm toned skin but it actually looks really pretty! I love how clean and polished my nails look with Ivory so this is definitely a winner in my book!


dior rouge garconne

dior vernis rouge garconne


Rouge Garconne is very deep wine red. It has a bit of brown to it but the burgundy red dominates. It’s a great balance of the two and great for anyone looking for a darker wine red nail polish. It has a glossy finish, maybe a bit less than ‘Ivory’. It’s really good pigmented and two layers of this is all you need. I do advise to use a topcoat over this to keep the colour clean. This is such a classic shade and a must have in your nail polish collection! It’s great for days like this, or at some evening party. It’s bold but with a lot of style and that’s why I’m really loving this.


dior vernis


I didn’t expect to love Ivory that much. I usually opt for brighter, bolder, glittery nail polishes but Ivory reminded me that understated and simple does the job as well. Rouge Garconne is love but that doesn’t come much as a surprise I guess, haha. I was actually on the hunt for a perfect deep wine red like that so I was so pleased with this. Which one is your¬†favourite?

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