Matte reds on a budget!

Let me introduce you to two red beauties on a budget! In the past I already expressed my love for the original Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick and now Rimmel came back with new shades in a velvet matte texture. The Lasting Finish lipsticks are one of the better lipstick lines from Rimmel because they offer pigmentation and staying power. Then Rimmel decided to work together with Kate Moss, who was already the face of Rimmel and they came out together with a line of lipsticks with her favourite shades. And now they are at it again.



The¬†Lasting¬†Finish by Kate lipsticks haven’t changed a lot by their previous packaging, it just changed to a red shade. It is still the same sturdy plastic packaging with a slanted top. On the top you can see Kate’s name written on it, a cute little detail. They did improve the click system of the top, now it really ‘clicks’ instead of sliding on and off which may cause lost tops in your handbag and lipstick smeared all over. I really do love the red packaging, it’s just a slight change, but a big enough of difference and it looks more bright and fun! The Lasting Finish lipsticks contain 4 g of lipstick and they come at a very affordable price range. Minor point of critique is that they don’t seem to have names, or just a few of them, I wished they had because it makes it a lot more easier and fun.



111 or Kiss of Life is a medium vibrant rather neutral red. On me it looks a lot more warm because of my skin colour but I’ve seen this on other people and it can look a lot more cool too. I guess because it’s a bit of a lighter red shade that it slightly adjusts to your lip colour (like most lipsticks though). It has a matte finish. Most matte finishes tend to drag a little when applied, but these barely has this problem. It’s very creamy, application was a breeze but I do noticed that 111 goes on a bit lighter than I thought on my lips. I do think this depends on your lip shade. But that is very easily fixed with just an extra layer. For me this is a perfect slightly brighter red and I think it suits a huge range of skin tones because of the rather neutral tone. Must-have for anyone looking for a bright red with a matte finish on a budget!



111 (left), 107 (right)


107 is a deep bordeaux red with cool undertones. This one is definitely my absolute favourite! It’s vampy and so sexy and the matte finish is so perfect for this shade. This is really the colour to have! I know it might look scary for a lot of people, I was a bit scared too. But once on I was just wowed away! Now, it’s not because this lipstick is rather dark that you really need a lip pencil and all that to apply it. The formula is very forgiving and you can just dab it on with your fingers and it will give you that berry stained lips-look. Because of the cool undertones this did not make me look dead. It depends on your skin tone ofcourse, but I can’t wear this if it had a brown tone because that goes very wrong with my skin tone. The shade went on very easily and pigmented and I’m over the moon with this shade!



If you compare the previous Kate lipsticks with these ones there is definitely a difference. The previous ones were a bit more shiny and the finish was more of a satin. The pigmentation was amazing as well but it had a slight sheerer coverage. The new ones are definitely matte and full on! They also smell differently. The previous version had a smell of candy or cool-aid while the new ones smell like something else, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s a lot less sweeter now. I personally liked both scents (and I usually really hate scented lipsticks) but this is a very personal thing. As for the formula of these lipsticks, they are just amazing for the price! They do not go anywhere! Even a greasy meal and they stay put where they belong. The shade goes a bit lighter but you don’t have the dreaded ‘O-lips’. These are definitely lasting! I really recommend these lipsticks for anyone really. If you want to go for the matte trend and want quality, pigmentation and some bold red lips, go look into these!



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