A while ago I finally purchased the famous Real Technique brushes. Ever since they came out people seem to really loving them and I got quite curious myself. However, it was not easy to get your hands on these brushes here so I had to wait till it got easier available here. After a while I kind of forgot about it until my boyfriend decided to order something from Amazon. He asked me if I wanted anything and I browsed around a bit in the beauty section (ofcourse it had to be the beauty section!) and saw that they sold the Real Technique brushes. It was actually the perfect timing because I was on the hunt for some new face brushes. Now choosing from the range was not easy, I wanted them all, but after thinking and thinking I made my final decision and bought the Core Collection along with the stippling brush, Expert Face brush and the blush brush. I have been using them for a good while now and thought to share you my thoughts on them.

Real Techniques is created by Samantha Chapman, a You Tube make-up artist. The brushes are all made from cruelty free synthetic hair and the handles are made from aluminium. The brushes come in sets or are sold separately but all for a very fair and cheap price.



The Core Collection consists out of four brushes: a foundation brush, a contour brush, a concealer/lip brush and a buffing brush. The reason why I chose this set was because I really wanted another contour brush and a buffing brush. I wasn’t too sure about the concealer/lip brush and the foundation brush in all honesty because they looked rather small. But Real Techniques brushes really do come cheap, especially considering the quality so it was still interesting enough to buy the whole set. The Core Collection set comes in a brush roll, well it’s not a roll actually, but you can put your brushes in there. What I really love is that you can fold it so it becomes a holder. It’s all very practical and very convenient.



So I told you that I wasn’t too sure about the foundation brush and the concealer/lip brush. Well I was wrong! The little brush is great for applying lipstick! It gets the lip product layered in a slight sheerer way but what I love most about it is that you can do very precise lines with it. it’s amazing for any bold/dark lip colour and it’s my new favourite lip brush nowadays! The brush is really small and has a rounded tip. The bristles are layered and that’s why it’s so great for precise application. The foundation brush is really small. It has a pointy tip and that’s why this brush is really good. You can really go fine with this brush because it’s small and pointed but what I really love it for is for using it under my eyes with concealer. It’s the perfect size for that! You can also use this for liquid highlighters!



Next up is the contour brush. This is a small brush with a rounded tapered top. It’s quite dense and the size of the brush is perfect for contouring. I compared it to my Mac 109 so you can a bit of an idea of the size and differences. The Mac 109 is a lot fluffier at the top. Both brushes are perfect for packing on pigment because they are pretty dense. Another great use for the contour brush is to use it with highlighter, it’s again the perfect size!



Here I compared the buffing brush and the Expert face brush next to each other because they look a bit similar from afar. The Expert Face brush is not included in the Core collection, I bought this separately. The buffing brush is a lot more tapered on the end. Both brushes are dense but the Expert Face brush is very dense, it’s like the Shiseido foundation brush, that dense. The buffing brush is more fluffy at the top, it’s perfect for really buffing the powder into your skin. The top is also more flat while the Expert Face brush has a more rounded top. These two brushes are one of my absolute new favourites! The buffing brush is just everything I wanted from a buffing brush. I don’t know how, but when I powder with this brush over my foundation, well it really makes my pores almost invisible! I am not kidding! The Face Brush is a brush that I haven’t seen before, the shape is really interesting but it works wonders. I use it for foundation, tinted moisturiser and bb cream. It gives a lot more coverage because the bristles are really dense. I also find that this brush works a lot more efficient than the Shiseido Foundation brush, it absorbs less product. I really really recommend both brushes!



Here we have the stippling brush. Now you might now that I’m a very big fan of the Mac 187 stippling brush so it’s very hard to convince me! I compared them next to each other and you can really see that they are not in the closest way dupes. In fact they really are different and they also feel different. The Mac 187 is a lot bigger and longer. The Real Techniques brush is slightly denser and it feels less floppy. I’d say that with the Real Techniques brush you also have a bit more control with the product, it’s smaller and it’s stiffer, but it also feels slightly less soft. You also achieve a bit of a fuller coverage than with the Mac 187. I honestly love both brushes but I tend to prefer the Real Techniques one because it is so much easier to wash!



And finally we have the blush brush. When I got this I didn’t expected it to be this big! You can see it next to Mac 129 and it’s even slightly bigger than that one. The blush brush has a very tapered and rounded tip. The bristles are cut in different lengths. As you can see the blush brush is a lot rounder in comparison. It’s also a lot fluffier. Now I was first a bit worried about this brush, I loved the shape, but the size? It is huge! But I tried it anyway and I instantly loved it. This is the brush that you want to have when you apply very pigmented blushes! Because of the fluffiness it gives you just the right amount of blush. It’s really hard to overdo it and despite the size you can really work quite precise with it too. Another way to use it is as a powder brush all over the face ofcourse, but I tend to use it for blush. I love it so much and I ditched my Mac brush for this one because it’s like a 1000 times softer!



So yes, I think it’s really obvious here, I love these brushes! They are worth every penny and I thank Samantha Chapman for this! Whenever someone comes out with a line of brushes I’m really sceptical. Does it work or will this go horrible wrong? Well, we all know this was a great move for her. I love how the designs are, you can really see that they have thought about this. It’s so convenient that you can put the face brushes up on your desk because of their handles at the bottom. I wished they did that for the Core Collection too though.

Real Techniques is the perfect example of showing you that synthetic brushes can be great and on a budget. The brushes kind of replaced all of my Mac brushes and trust me, I love my Mac brushes a lot! But the Real Techniques are just so much more convenient, they are a lot cheaper and believe it or not but they are amazingly soft! Like really super soft! And lastly but not least: they are so easy to clean! I don’t know the exact difference between these and my other brushes, but you just need minimal amount of product in them and they are clean and looking all new and shiny again! They also haven’t shed any hair yet, so yes yes yes! I absolutely recommend these brushes, they are popular for a reason and this is why! I’m actually going to purchase more in the future because that’s how much I love them!

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  1. When I saw this entry, my heart skipped a beat. My 1st Real Techniques Brush is the Blush Brush. I was so fascinated with the softness of the brush that I placed an order for more brushes w/o first using the blush brush. It’s so soft, it reminds me of a bunny’s tail.
    I also purchased the Expert Face Brush and I must say I’ve been using this for my Liquid foundation. I’ve ditched my MAC187SE brush with the Sigma F80 as back up. I’m contemplating on getting another 1 or 2 more Expert Face Brush! I’m in LOVE with that one!
    I also got the Setting brush which I quite like, the Kabuki Brush which I find rather adorable & the Travel Essentials! I almost want to get The Core Collection for the Lip Brush but I didn’t as I don’t really like the other brushes which comes along with the set. Come to think of it, I might just get it the next time round! I really feel like I’m slapping my face here. Ha!

  2. Ahh so exciting! I think I need to try this the soonest! Many people are raving about this especially the expert face brush. Looks so fluffy!

    • The cheapest RT brush you can get ladies!!!! I got my Real Techniques brush sets from iHerb.com and used a discount code! You can use my discount code JGS688 (no expiration!) and get $10 off your entire purchase! They do ship worldwide for only $4 =)

  3. Owh, they just look so fluffy! :D

  4. i love these brushes too! i’m not so sure about the blush brush still, but i love the buffing and expert face brush :)

  5. I really really reaaaaally want these brushes. They all look so good and fluffy and soft but still dense and I need more brushes, haha!

  6. Wauw deze kwasten zien er er heel mooi uit!:) Ik ga binnenkort maar eens kijken waar ik ze kan bestellen!

  7. Love your thourough review! They made me f

  8. I’m one of the few people that doesn’t like to use a foundation brush, only when i need full coverage. I like to apply with my fingers (most natural) or a moist sponge for a tiny bit more coverage. I will check these brushes out next time i’m in London.

  9. This is such a great review! I really love that you took the time to show comparison photos. All your photos are beautiful, for that matter! :) I have the real techniques brushes and I do think they’re great (although I know everyone has said that a million times by now!) I’ve been planning to do a review of these brushes for my blog – I don’t own the MAC brushes but I think the comparisons you’ve done would be so helpful to many – would it be OK if I linked to your post?

    • Thank you so much Catherine, I loved doing it :).Ofcourse you can link me, that would be just wonderful! Well, now I’m really curious about your review, will read that for sure :)!

  10. Nu ben ik er zeker van overtuigd om eens een paar van deze brushes te bestellen.

  11. Ik lees alleen maar goeds over deze kwasten! Ben er ook wel benieuwd naar geworden! :-)

  12. I really love these brushes, too! The blush brush and the stippling brush, especially. I agree that the stippling brush is not at all like MAC’s version, but I think I prefer the stiffness of the RT brushes for control, like you said.

    • Yeah idd, it’s just two different brushes, love them both tho! I do prefer the ease of washing the Real Techniques brushes over the Mac 187.

  13. Ik denk dat ik real techniques kwasten ga vragen voor mijn verjaardag :-)

  14. They look very pretty, and now that I’ve read this I’m definitely intrigued! (And tempted… :-))

    • Do it! :p No , seriously, they are great for anyone, whatever budget you’re on because they are good, cheap or not!

  15. oooh they look sooo soft!:D Moet ik toch maar eens overwegen om er een paar aan te schaffen:) xoxo

  16. ik vind ze er alleen niet zo mooi uitzien :)

  17. Man now I’ve GOT to try some of these!!! I’m usually more of a fan for natural bristles, but these look so bunny soft :)

    • They are seriously softer than my natural brushes, that’s why I kinda neglect all my Mac brushes nowadays, lol :p.

  18. Ik ben echt superbenieuwd naar de contour en blush brush. Ze zien er op de foto al zacht uit. Toch binnenkort eens kijken waar ik ze kan bestellen!

  19. Ooh these look lovely!

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