I love minis! Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of everything mini and small. I liked the very fine and small toys to play with and when I grew older it was still anything cute and small that I’ve been attracted to. It resulted in getting myself two little tiny dogs and being a big fan of the Mini Cooper ofcourse! When it comes to beauty, I’ seriously adore miniature versions of stuff, especially lipsticks, they are freakin adorable! But besides that I also really love samples, they really give you the perfect chance to test something out that you might really love! Now in all honesty, my box with samples is really exploding! I have the tendency to overlook them and especially since I started blogging. You get so many products to test out and well, little samples might get overlooked which is such a shame! I’m thinking of store them in a more obvious way so I will get more use out of it. Anyway, without further redo: here are my favourite/most used samples and minis!



Together with the Urban Decay Naked palette (was it  or two?) there was a mini version of the Urban Decay Primer Potion I think it’s totally cute, I love the design despite it being not the most practical. And th eproduct itself? Well you know the deal, it’s a very popular eye shadow primer and I love it too. I even slightly prefer it over the Too Face Shadow Insurance because it seems to get a bit better with oily eyelids. The bottle next to it is the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash. I’m usually a bigger fan of chemical exfoliaters because it just feels better on the skin but I have been loving myself this little exfoliater too lately. It feels very gentle on the skin, you can feel the little particles but in a softer way. I wouldn’t use it daily but it’s just great for those days that your skin feels a bit rough.



Mini lipsticks! Do I need to say more? They are absolutely adorable and yes I haven’t used them yet because they are just too adorable! I never had a mini lipstick before so when I got these I was absolutely swooning over it. On the right you see a mini Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Coque D’Or, a beautiful warm red with golden shimmers. On the right we have a little Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural in N45, a stunning and intense red lipstick.



My absolute favourite fragrance sample at this moment is the Dior Addict Eau Fraiche. I know it’s a very odd timing to love this scent because it is a very light scent with citrus notes and it smells very fresh yet very feminine. I usually tend to go for warmer scents during fall and winter but this is the odd one in the bunch. I will definitely get a full version of this! Next to it is a little bottle of the Make Up Forever Sens’ Eyes, this is an waterproof sensitive eye cleanser. Now you might now that I absolutely adore my good old Bioderma bottle but the MUFE eye make-up remover is really good at getting rid of more stubborn make-up like waterproof mascara and very stubborn eye liner. It’s very gentle and I think it’s also great for people who wear contact lenses like me. I also really appreciate the fact that it has no fragrance.



As for the hair department, I’ve really been loving the Bumble and bumble thickening hairspray. You just mist it over your hair (not too much) before you start blow drying it and it gives you that little extra volume and texture without getting that ‘dirty’ feeling. I usually dislike using hair products because my hair gets dirty faster but this hairspray seems to not give that feeling.



Let’s end this post with my favourite mini, it’s a very small version of the Guerlain La Petite Noire fragrance. How awesome is this? It is soooo tiny and it’s made so well too. The fragrance itself is actually nice too, it might be not for everyone but if you appreciate scents with berry-like notes in a sophisticated way, well than this is for you! What I really love about this tiny bottle is that it’s made from glass, not plastic, and it’s just so pretty!

So these are my favourite samples lately. Some I will definitely purchase in a full-size version and some are more like a collector item but they are all just really great! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Question of the day: how do you store your sample and do you use them all? Tell me your favourites!

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