Diorling my Diorling!

Another amazingly beautiful collection is the Dior holiday collection featuring some stunning eye shadow quints with gold, stunning nail polishes (those bottles!) and classy red lipsticks. In my opinion you can never ever go wrong with golden eyeshadow and red lips. It’s just a classic and everyone can wear their version of it. Dior came out with 4 stunning red lipsticks from the Diorific line and also 4 shades of Diorific nail polish, both a first for me. What I really love is the packaging, it’s gold, classy with a lot of style. The design is a bit unusual but it works. It’s haute couture but still practical for the everyday woman.



Let’s start with the nail polish. It comes in a round bottle and the cap has golden accents. Together it looks like the most beautiful unique nail polish bottle that I own. A bottle contains 12 ml of nail polish, so you do get a lot of product. These nail polishes are limited edition, they don’t seem to have Diorific nail polish in the permanent line so if you want one go get it now! So despite the bottle being super pretty I was a bit worried about the brush, Is it still practical? Well luckily for us it is! The brush is more like the traditional brush: long and thinner but it’s really easy to use.



Diorling is a pale gold loaded with shimmers and coppery glitters. It has a very slight frosted finish but this is really all about the glitters and the shimmer. On me it’s like the perfect golden nude if that makes any sense at all. It just goes perfect for anyone with a warm skin tone and it will also look great for cooler skin tones as well. The consistency of the nailpolish is somewhat on the sheerer side but the formula itself is just great. You do need to layer up a bit, around 2 or 3 coats. For me this nail polish is very subtle in a way but still with some glam because of the shimmer. It’s just really perfect for Christmas! Besides Christmas I’d wear it any time when I want the perfect golden nude!




The collection also features two Dior Addict Ultra-Glosses. The Addict glosses come in a square transparent tube with a silver cap. The applicators are little mini brushes which makes application just as easy. They seem to have hardly any scent. When you apply it on the lips you do get a slight tingling sensation. I always love that, it’s always nice to have a slightly fuller lip. The thing that I appreciate the most however is that they are extremely comfortable on the lips. They do not dry out the lips at all, it’s actually really moisturising! A Dior Addict gloss contains 6.3 ml which is the average amount for a lipgloss.



Lamé Gold is a clear gloss loaded with yellow golden shimmers. The golden shimmers lean very warm and they are densely packed together. This is a golden shimmery gloss done right! To me this is the perfect gloss to layer on top of just anything to add that extra intense glam! The gloss feels very comfortable on the lips, I do notice that I wear a gloss, but in a good way. I also really appreciate that the sparkles don’t start travelling around because it’s really unflattering when you got sparkles where you don’t want them. My favourite combination is layering Lamé Gold on top of an intense red, it’s super pretty! This gloss is really the gloss to have for any party!



My first Diorific lipstick. The lipsticks look very classy and chic and it has this very grown-up look. Everything is in gold and the design is really interesting. It’s one of those lipstick cases that you keep after you used it all up, just to show your little daughter later one day (I collect older designs of lipstick cases and make-up in general, don’t ask me why, lol). The biggest surprise of this lipstick is the weight, it’s really light! You’d suspect it to be heavier but it’s not. So good news for the people who like to carry their lipstick with them (I do!).



Diorling is a deep cool toned red with a cream/satin finish. The colour pay off is intense, you really get what you see. It feels creamy, it does not drag the skin and it’s just really perfect. What I didn’t liked was the smell, it reminded me of the typical lipstick smell. It’s not very apparent though and once it on the lips it just disappears. Applying this lipstick is best with a brush but it’s also posibble to just put it on and sheer it out with your fingers. Diorling wears like a real lady, she is patient, does not mind to stay a bit longer and she doesn’t mind drinking and a bit of food either. The lipstick just stays on perfectly, it does not creep in lines or anything. I’d say if you want to go for a lipstick that looks pretty and stays on well during a day, try this formula because it stays on!



I also did a little layering of Lamé Gold over Diorling and the result is just really amazing!I can not capture the prettiness of the sparkling shimmers on top of the red lipstick. You know how sometimes glitter can make something look tacky or just not tasteful? Well Lamé Gold is anything but that because it sparkles in the most pretty and delicate way!



So anyone looking for some make-up to wow everyone at the holiday season, you might want to take a look at this collection. It’s beautiful and classy with really good products that work!


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  1. Mm die lipstick doet het hem echt voor jou, meer dragen! 😀

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