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Today is not about make-up or skincare or the like, it’s about something that happened in the city that I currently live in. Now I normally try to keep things separated on the blog but I really feel the need to share this with you because it’s just shocking what just happened. For everyone with common sense and love and compassion for any creature, please read on!

Jan Fabre is a Belgian artist who already stirred up some commotion in the past by glueing kilos and kilos of ham on the pillars of a university auditorium in Ghent. He is also known for making a big chandelier made of half a million of  scarab carapaces in the Royal Palace of Brussels. Queen Paola was the one who asked him to make this.

Now Jan Fabre is making a film about himself. For some very twisted reasons he thought it was needed to involve cruelty against cats in this. A few days ago they were filming for him in the city hall of Antwerp. Basically what happend is the following: they were throwing cats high up in the air on the stairs. They were given some tranquillizers but people could hear them screaming. They got smacked on the ground and it’s just very upsetting to see. This was all done without permission.

Jan Fabre gets  his money from us, the tax payers. Yes he gets his work paid by the government and thus indirectly us. So today I want to raise awareness on this subject because this feels horribly wrong. The worst part? Jan Fabre was dancing on the stairs when it happened and he doesn’t understand the commotion. He says they were all tranquillized so it was fine and they were handled by professionals. I don’t think so! Judging from those screams it was anything but a pleasant thing!  Jan Fabre said it was like throwing a child up in the air, they might laugh or cry, it’s all normal. The cats who got smacked on the ground was not on purpose, that was a ‘mistake’. No cats were harmed. Yeah I’m sure that if those cats were kids it would be a whole different story. That’s why this is so wrong people! Cruelty against animals is something you should not get away with. If the same things would be done to a human it would be called a crime, this is also a crime! Jan Fabre sees himself as a animal lover and thinks this is all one big blown up event and I’m so sad that he doesn’t even understand why this is so wrong.

Please sign this petition to stop the money flow to Jan Fabre. We’re almost there , having enough signs to make a change. He was planning on filming in the Zoo of Antwerp using the animals for his film. The people of the Zoo decided to decline his permission to film now that it’s vacation for the school kids, ‘people might get upset when they see this’. Well I sure hope he doesn’t get permission at all! Click here to read more about this and to sing the petition (the English translation is on the bottom). There is also a video about what happened but I warn you, it’s very upsetting!

People are clearly shocked about what happened and I think it’s time to stop this madness. No more funds for Jan Fabre and I hope he stops doing projects like this because art is not about hurting living beings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Note: Because of possible copyright infringement I did not use any Jan Fabre photographs. I used pictures of my fluffy kittens instead.


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