I finally got my hands on an amazing Illamasqua blush and let me tell you, why did I not get into this sooner? Illamasqua is a rather young British brand launched in 2008. It has a very edgy, vampy and a bit of a gothic dark vibe. Don’t be scared of the strong image they have though because besides that they offer a wide range of amazing products.  Another thing that I absolutely love are their amazing promotional images. They are just fierce and I love them for that: being different and successful at it!



One of their really great products that you have to try are their blushes. They are amazingly pigmented and they last for ages. The powder blushes come in an interesting black square- like packaging with a clear lid. It’s easy to see what colour you are looking for. The lid is easy to open and close and you don’t have to be afraid that it just suddenly opens in your bag. A blush contains 4.5 gram and goes for 18 British pounds. Illamasqua comes with a wide range of colours and finishes ranging from a wearable soft beige to a full-on deep magenta.



Tweak is a medium bright hot pink with a matte finish. It’s incredibly well pigmented so you really have to barely touch the shade with a brush. The reason why I went for a bright pink shade like Tweak is because it’s very versatile. The pink leans a bit to the red side and when you put it on you really get a very natural looking flush on the cheeks. It’s slightly leaning to the warm side but for me this shade is more like a no-brainer. When I can’t decide on what blush to wear I just go for Tweak. The powder blush feels a bit drier because of the matte finish, but it goes on very pigmented and even. The way I use it is with a rather bigger brush like the blush brush from Real Techniques. This way you don’t get too much pigment on the cheeks and you’ll achieve soft rosy cheeks!



I’m showing you two ways to wear this blush here, just so you can see how versatile it is. The wear time of this blush is just perfect. It stays on all day and it doesn’t fade away or go uneven after a while. I absolutely recommend this blush to anyone really, the colour is just so easy. Be sure to use a light hand though, this stuff is pigmented! On the other hand, it will last forever! I’ve been wearing Tweak non-stop lately, that’s how much I’m loving it. Anyone looking for a great blush should really give Illamasqua a try. I also really recommend their nail polishes!



The Illamasqua webshop is currently having free shipping until Christmas when you order over 35£!

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