Let me introduce you to a gorgeous beauty today. Her name is Liu, she loves herself a good red lip with some classy golden eye shadows. Liu is part of the Guerlain holiday 2012 collection and like I already previously said, it’s one of my absolute favourite collections this year. You’ve got your reds, golds, shimmer in a sophisticated way and all this is packaged in some very pretty looking packaging. Liu is an eye shadow and lip palette and normally I stay away from such palettes because the lip products tend to get dirty and I just don’t enjoy that. But Liu is a rare beauty so I made an exception. Was she worth it?



Liu comes in a black case with ‘Liu’ written in golden letters. It’s bigger than I expected to be. The case is easy to open and inside you’ll see four eye shadow shades and two lip colours. You also get two applicators. The palette also has a mirror inside. There is 5.6 gram of eye shadows and 4.6 grams of lip product. Now you do pay for the packaging too so Liu does not come cheap, it goes for around 70 euro here. Let’s see if it’s worth that kind of money.



I’ll start with the eye shadows, there are four shades.The first shade is a light white gold with golden shimmer. The finish is shimmery and not overly frosty. The pigmentation is very nice, you get a pretty highlight out of this. The yellow golden shimmer makes it look rather warmer toned. The second shade is an medium orange coppery shade. The finish is frosty and it’s very pigmented. Then we have the third shade which is a medium taupe with a strong grey tint to it. It also has a golden sheen to it which makes it very pretty. I think that this shade might even look rather green on some people, it’s a very interesting shade. The finish is shimmery with a bit of frostiness to it. Again a very good pigmented shade. The last shade is an almost black shade but it has a slight brown tint to it. It also seems to contain a bit of shimmer but overall it looks matte. The texture feels like a matte eyeshadow, it feels drier. This shades can be used as an eye liner shade, you wet your brush and you use it as a liner. This shade was surprisingly pigmented when used both dry or wet. You get a softer look because it’s not a stark black shade.



There are two lip colours in this palette. The first one is a medium cool toned berry red. It has very pink tones to it. If you use this with a lighter hand you’ll see the pink very apparent. It has a matte finish and goes on perfectly pigmented. The second shade is a medium red with slightly warmer undertones. On me it looks rather neutral though.  I think this shade will look very differently on everyone. Again, this also has a matte finish. The texture and feel of these lipsticks are quite interesting. They don’t feel like a lipstick, they feel lighter and they really hug the lips. I recommend using a lip brush, really work it into the lips and they stay on just great! The lipsticks are pretty much full on coverage and they don’t feel drying at all.



Guerlain also included two looks that you can create with this palette and I decided to do the left look. Now this look is kind of dependable on your eye shape, it can look great but if you have rather hooded lids I can see that this might be less flattering on you. I was just ok with the look, it’s interesting but I would’ve personally used it in a different way.



I’m very impressed with this palette, each shade performs great so you really do get value for your money. This is all encased in a stunning palette and it looks just amazing. Now there is no denying that this palette is dupeable,  so if you are on a budget this is not for you. Fans of Guerlain, chic packaging, red matte lipsticks and/or stunning eye shadows will love this though! I find it a very interesting combination of the very warm coppery shade and the rather cooler toned grey taupe but this is definitely very wearable. The red lips give it that extra Va-Va-Voom!  This is just great for anyone or as a gift for ladies with class!

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  1. Wat een geweldig palette is dit zeg! De lipglosses zijn ook zo goed gepigmenteerd, dat zie je niet vaak in palettes. Favoriet! (:

  2. *swoon* Not only is this palette beautiful in itself, on you … it’s phenomenal. The way you wear the shadows is so gorgeous, and the lip colors look amazing on you, particularly that smashing red!

  3. Hi, this palette is so beautiful and I love the looks you created. I wish the lipsticks were separate from the shadows, never been a fan of the. Bit gorgeous!

  4. I love this palette, it was love at first sight :) You have use so beautifully, love your eye make up! Those red shades in this palette is absolutely stunning too. Indeed an excellent palette!

  5. The packaging is absolutely stunning, so this would be a great product to add to my wishlist for Christmas. This is one of those complete on-the-go palettes you carry along with you to work to add some drama to your look when you have something planned in the evening but can’t make a quick stop home.. Love the look you did! :)

  6. I don’t think the shades in this palette are particularly unique, but that packaging is *gorgeous*!!

  7. ah, so gorgeous!
    i’ve seeing a lot more posts about this palette but still reading all these “liu” posts make me happy.
    i really love the eye makeup look you created!

  8. Beautifull palet and the lipcolours are really pretty!

  9. I totally dig this palette! Beautiful! En wat heb je je mooi opgemaakt ermee! Jij week echt how to strike a pose!

  10. Hi Teri, the packaging is beautiful! I love how the pan is organized. I was surprised by the inclusion of an orange-gold in the mix, though it does look beautiful on you! The lippies look perfect for a bold lip lover.

  11. I looove Guerlain palettes!!


  12. Prachtig palette en een prachtige look!

  13. Oh waauw, wat een prachtig pallette (en foto’s!) Deze zou ik wel aan mijn stash willen toevoegen!

  14. De kleuren van de lipsticks zijn echt incredible om te zien! Ik vind je kwaliteit van je foto’s lovely. Blijf het zeggen!

  15. Ik verschiet van de kwaliteit van de lipkleuren, meestal zijn die in zo’n paletje toch iets minder maar deze precies niet ! Staat je echt prachtig !

  16. The colours are absolutely stunning! I think they are quite flattering on almost every skintone. Gorgeous looks, lespecially ove the pinky red lip on you!

  17. I absolutely love this palette! Even though I normally wouldn’t buy anything with cream and powder in the same palette, this one is too gorgeous to pass. Love both the looks you did!

  18. That’s one good-looking palette! And I love the looks you did.

  19. super mooie liptinten :D

  20. Love the lip colors! <3

  21. Oh yay, team Liu for the win! I wouldn’t normally go for a palette like this, but since the lipsticks are so long-lasting and I don’t have to touch up anyways, I’m fine with it! I haven’t had any powder fallout mixed in either :)

  22. ik ben echt zot van die rode lipstick :D

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