‘Winter is coming’ like the Starks say. Luckily for us a winter is a few months instead of years but it’s not my favourite season at all. I really felt the need to write this article although it’s not directly beauty related. It’s important to know you’re not alone out there, winter depression is something that can happen to a lot of people and I am one of those people. It mostly starts in the autumn and becomes really strong in the winter. The winter here in Belgium are basically endless days of cold, greyness and some rain although it’s not too bad lately. If there is something that I have trouble with it’s greyness and cold and I’m always counting the days till the long awaited spring starts. I have had years that I really struggled to get through the winter but it got better. Today I’m sharing you a few tips that can help you a bit.



First of all it is very important to get enough light. The days become shorter and darker so getting some light in your life is really very important. Now I know it’s not always possible with some jobs (my bf works inside in a building with no windows) but try! I think a lot of people underestimate the power of sunlight, sure the UV rays are bad but besides that we need it to live. Because of the limited light it can be very useful to take extra vitamin D. For me it really helps a lot with my immunity system.



It’s also very important to be busy. Try to hold on to a schedule. People with too little to do with their life are very prone to winter depression because they get the chance to think too much. I had that problem before, there were too many empty holes in my day. And you know what helped for me? Yes, starting a blog. It sounds silly, but try to find something that keeps you busy, something that you really love. It might take some time before you find it and maybe even some courage (I was so scared when I started blogging and it took me two years before I really dared to make that step) but remember this: it’s better to try and fail than to do nothing at all. You can always stop, you’re not obliged to anything. And it might be your new favourite thing to do!

Another thing is: don’t forget the people around you. You are not alone in this. I know the urge to crawl back into your safe and comfy bed is really big on days but try to resist it. Surround yourself with positive people, go out and do something, talk, watch a movie together. Also don’t be ashamed to tell you have a problem. Good friends will understand and they will try and cheer you up. Just don’t go isolate yourself, it only becomes worse and before you know it you are really depressed.



Give some colour to your life! Colours really have an impact on us. I know you might be tempted to wear darker colours in the winter (I know I do) but it doesn’t hurt to infuse yourself with some colours every now and then. Wear a bright yellow scarf or go for orange nail polish. It doesn’t matter if it seems a bit odd to others, you need that colour! I know it really lifts me up when I wear some crazy bright pants or a cardigan, it just really makes me a bit happier.

Now this is not for everyone because it’s not always possible but what really helped me is to plan a vacation in the late fall/begin winter to somewhere sunny. It really helped me a lot to just go, forget everything, walk around in short shorts for a few days and enjoy the good weather. I feel fully charged when I come back and I’m just ready to take on the winter. So now we try to plan our vacations around that period because it helps so much.



And lastly, take care of yourself. Don’t let yourself go. Just really try to force yourself because it will come to that point. Say ‘come on, let’s do this’, whether if it”s taking a shower, eat something or go somewhere. You really need to push yourself because nobody can do it for you. The thing is, everyone can be as understanding as they can but sometimes you need to just really kick yourself in the butt, try to find that power in yourself to stand up and do it! It’s hard, but you need to believe in yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, well, that’s just the start of bad things. Treat yourself to something good, something that will give you some positive energy, like some good hot coco with whipped cream, a manicure, a relaxing bath, whatever you like.



So you are not alone in this, this period is not easy on everyone but you will get through it. Try to see the good things, learn to think positive because this helps so much! We can get through another winter!

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